Is A Canadian Film Frankie And Alice based On Real Story?

Is Frankie and Based on real life story
Is Frankie and Based on real life story

The narrative of a stunning black dancer who consistently manages to win men over with her talent is portrayed in the Canadian thriller drama movie Frankie and Alice, in which she later develops a major mental illness. Aside from criticism, Frankie and Alice, a 2010 movie, received a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

The protagonist of the movie, Halle Berry, gained an abundance of popularity after the blockbuster hit of this movie. Her acting was top notch that she could easily be compared with the real black stripper, the life on whom the story is based.

Fans, after getting to know that Frankie and Alice is a real-life movie and got curious about the real Frankie and started knowing more about her.

Frankie And Alice Movie: The Plot

Frankie and Alice will take you to the realm of a stunning stripper who finds it simple to draw the attention of successful businessmen and wealthy people. She is the one with whom any man would want to engage in sexual activities since she is the most gorgeous of all the strippers who work with her. Because of her work, her supervisors always treat her well, and because she is so attractive, her co-workers envy her.

One day she visits a bar with her friends, who are also strippers, for a girl’s night out. While enjoying and having her own relishing time, a bartender approaches her because of her pretty stripper appearance. They get home to have a casual yet intimate time, but before getting into it, Frankie suddenly attacks the bartender. While not knowing anything that she did, she gets fired from the job.

Frankie and Alice 2010
Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice 2010 film

She consults a counselor, totally unaware of her behavior but knowing that her personality is changing and something may be wrong with her. She is left with no choice but to contact a doctor to confirm this and, if necessary, to begin therapy.

After a thorough analysis of Frankie’s behavior, her therapist Doctor Oz confirms that Frankie has multiple personality disorders, and she switches her personality to two more different persons, Genius, a seven-year-old child, and Alice, a white racist.

Frankie, although knowing the truth, decides and listens to Dr. Oz about undergoing therapy to conquer Genius and Alice, her split personality condition. She confesses her horrific past at each session, which is why she is changing her personality.

Frankie as stripper
Frankies 1970s go-go stripper

Frankie learns a lot about herself while being completely honest with the doctor, which helps her start the healing process. A well-known psychiatrist with an empathetic demeanor, Doctor Oz, is very good at carrying out therapy while making every effort to comprehend each of Frankie’s problems.

The way that Frankie’s background is depicted in the film is so heartbreaking that it gives viewers goosebumps. Frankie and Alice, a 2010 film, shocks viewers and makes them think about those who suffer from severe mental illnesses.

Is Frankie And Alice A Real Story?

While everyone praised the movie a lot when it was first released, the connection of the movie to a real-life person was a shocking truth for every viewer. The people who watched the film got into question how one could go through such a horrifying past.

Frankie and Alice is the 2010 Canadian film based on a real-life story of an African- American, Los Angeles-based go-go dancer, Frankie Murdoch. The Frankie Murdoch story will bring you to the 1970s milieu and describe her true story in such a way that viewers will begin to speculate on what might have happened to the actual Frankie Murdoch.

Is Frankie and Alice based on True Story?
Frankie undergoes therapy to fight her split personality disorder

Overcoming a dissociative personality disorder when she discovers her horrible past, from losing her white partner to losing her own child, all of the past events affect her in such a way that she begins switching between identities, which may appear genuine to her but are not.

Even though the movie was not a big hit in the year 2010, in 2014, when the film was finally released in theatres, it caught viewer’s attention that something like this, if it happened to Frankie in real life, can easily happen to anyone else, if not given proper attention. Frankie and Alice’s story highlights the ongoing mental health awareness issue and the importance of drawing attention to it.

Because of the utmost realness of the movie and is also based on a real person, Frankie and Alice were nominated for many awards and won several.



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