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Everything You Need To Know About Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Ending

Manifest streams on Netflix

If we talk about engrossing sci-fi shows, then Manifest has its own fanbase. This series has been full of twists and turns and managed to keep the audience fully engaged. The popularity of the series is evident from the fact that the series has aired for almost five seasons now. Initially, the show aired on NBC, but due to unknown reasons, it was canceled once season three ended. But fans were not elated with this development. The first three seasons were quite popular and garnered a huge fan following. Consequently, Netflix stepped in and decided to stream the next two seasons. Fans cannot keep calm anymore as both the new seasons are now streaming on Netflix. 

Manifest Season 4, part 1 aired on Netflix on November 4, 2022. The first part comprised ten episodes in total. Viewers thoroughly enjoyed the series, but the ending left many doubts as well as confusion in their minds. If you, too, felt the same, then this article is here to help you understand the ending of Manifest Season 4 Part 1. The Season 4 finale makes for an engaging watch as the Stone family is now hellbent on finding the last remaining piece of the  Omega Sapphire. But they are completely unaware of the fact that the Omega Sapphire they are desperately looking for is actually with Angelina (she didn’t die in the explosion) 

Manifest has gained immense popularity.

What Is The Manifest Series All About?

Before explaining the ending of the series, let us know in brief the plot of Manifest. This sci-fi series is basically about a fictional Flight 828. This flight went missing under suspicious circumstances in 2013, but to the surprise of everyone, the flight remerged out of nowhere around five years later.

The series focuses on the lives of the passengers who have no idea about the events that unfolded. They start living their daily routines as if nothing had happened. But it all takes a drastic turn when these passengers begin to experience weird visions of the future. These disturbing visions, named Callings, provide a clue to the passengers about the day they are going to die. 

The main characters of the story are the members of the Stone family who were on this ill-fated flight. The three main characters that boarded this flight include Michaela, Ben, and his son Cal. The remaining two members of the Stone family- Ben’s wife and Olive, Cal’s twin didn’t board the plane. The series also focuses on another passenger named Angelina, who develops a weird obsession with Eden- the newborn of Ben and Grace. We saw in the finale of Season 3 how her obsession turns into paranoia as she ends up stabbing Grace and fulfilling her evil motive by kidnapping Eden. 

The manifest ending left viewers spellbound.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Recap

Talking about Season four, the story moves two years ahead. Fortunately, Ben is able to trace Eden and get him back. The evil lady Angelina meets her fate by dying in an explosion (later, it is revealed that she didn’t die). But the story takes a tragic turn as it is revealed that Cal’s cancer has relapsed. His cancer is now too aggressive, and unfortunately, he doesn’t have many days. Though  Ben and others did manage to rescue  Eden from the clutches of Angelina (played by Holly Taylor), she continues to remain a major threat looming around the Stone family. 

Amidst this tragic revelation, the story then takes an interesting turn as the suspense around the calling death dates is finally disclosed. It is linked to the apocalypse. But there can be a possible solution. The events related to the disappearance of the passengers were earlier assumed to be related to the traces of Sapphire. But in Season four, the viewers are left in shock to know that the Omega Sapphires could actually put an end to all the mishappenings and the apocalypse. 

Ben gets Grace’s vision.

Angelina  Acquires The Sapphire

Viewers were left in a state of shock and surprise to witness the return of Athena Karkanis as Grace. Ben is suddenly awestruck by Grace’s vision. She tells Ben to bring Eden to her, so he takes Eden to Grace’s grave. A heartbroken and amused Ben goes to Grace’s grave along with Eden. But to his surprise, Angelina is already there.

Due to the Omega Sapphire she now possesses the ability to generate fake callings and thus fooled Ben by creating Grace’s vision. Now here, Eden is asked to make a tough choice- Ben or Angelina; he must choose one. Since Eden remained with Angelina for nearly two years, he now thinks that Angelina is her real mother. But Eden decides to go with his father, thus leaving Angelina enraged and furious. She runs away from there. 

Angelina-The main villain of Manifest

Now, Angelina’s return is quite shocking and terrible for the passengers. Anyone can create fake callings with the help of Omega Sapphire. Hence no one would be able to trust each other, thus creating a situation of utter chaos and confusion. Let us remind the readers that Olive had already mentioned that Omega Sapphire did have some magical powers that could wreak havoc. But no one anticipated that it would be about the creation of fake callings. And the sapphire being in the hands of Angelina spells much bigger trouble for everyone. 

Angelina kidnaps Eden

Zeke’s ultimate sacrifice

The scene later on shifts to Olive, TJ, and Zeke. They are desperately looking for some way to save Cal, who has been handed an unfortunate death sentence due to his cancer remission. All three are able to finalize a plan in order to save Cal, as he is the one who will be useful in avoiding the apocalypse. Now they no longer have the Omega Sapphire, but still, they have Cal, who can save all of them. They ponder upon the initial investigations and realize that Cal is ‘The Dragon’ who can halt the Death Date.

Now you must be wondering how did they arrive at this conclusion? Well, all three tried to connect a dragon’s constellation and an old Egyptian mural and discovered that Cal could tie to the scales easily. He has some hidden powers which can effectively prevent a catastrophic disaster. 

Now we witness an emotional scene here that leaves the viewers heartbroken. Zeke decides to transfer Cal’s cancer to himself through his powers. He passes away soon, leaving a deep impact on the viewers’ minds due to his ultimate sacrifice. Now Cal, who’s all fit and healthy, sets out to fight against Angelina. They both get involved in a head-to-head confrontation in a vision set on the original Flight 828. After some struggle, Cal finally manages to secure the Omega Sapphire from Angelina. The stone ends up breaking into several pieces. In the ending scene, we see Angelina walking away with one of the broken pieces of the Omega Sapphire. It is glowing with sparkle and is stuck into Angelina’s hand. 

Zeke’s death left viewers left heartbroken.

Dr. Gupta’s Betrayal

The next major twist in the finale is in the form of Dr. Gupta. Her character always had negative traits from the very beginning. She would get into regular conflicts with Saanvi. But with time, her character turned into a positive one as she started using her knowledge to dig deep into details about the Callings and help the other people. We thought that she had transformed into a positive character.

But Manifest Season 4 Part 1 ending leaves viewers surprised as Dr. Gupta abandons the passengers and decides to align with the government. Hence Dr. Gupta’s betrayal was a major highlight of Manifest Season 4 Part 1 ends. Now it would be interesting to see how Saanvi and Vance will continue in  Manifest Season 4, part 2, since their base has been hijacked by the government. It would be exciting to see how they contribute to help save the lives of other passengers. 

Dr. Gupta Betrays Saanvi and Vance

What Can We Expect From Manifest Season 4 Part 2?

The finale of Manifest Season 4 Part 1 has left viewers quite engaged, and they are eagerly awaiting the release of the next part. Viewers would be excited to see if Cal manages to prevent the apocalypse or not. But the major hurdle for all of them will be Angelina, who’s still not dead and also has possession of the last remaining shard of the Omega Sapphire. Now only one of the shards of the Sapphire is left unfazed. When Angelina touches it, her hand immediately burns. But we don’t know what exactly happens here.


The best part about the final season of Manifest is that things don’t get dragged at all. The story progresses at quite a fast pace, thus leaving the viewers quite entertained and engaged in the show. The passengers have been able to find out the truth behind the callings finally. They are able to figure out the reason behind the disappearance of the plane and what has to be their next move. The major hurdle they all have to face is the Death Date which is unavoidable. But still, the main focus of the Manifest Season 4 finale remained on Angelina’s clash with the other passengers.

It does seem that the only remaining shard of the Omega Sapphire got absorbed into Angelina’s hand. Probably Angelina would still be wreaking havoc by using the powers of the Omega Sapphire in Manifest season 4, part 2. It might be possible that she will bring the apocalypse early. So it would be quite exciting to witness how the Flight 828 passengers manage to unravel the hidden mysteries, handle Angelina and prevent the apocalypse. Though there are no confirmed reports about the release date of the next season, it is expected to premiere next year.


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