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Equals Ending Explained: Plot And Everything About The Movie

A still from Equals
A still from Equals

Equals is an American film directed by Drake Doremus, who also directed Like Crazy and Douchebag. Equals were his third Movie; it was announced in 2014 at a press conference in Tokyo. This Dystopian Science Fiction romantic Drama film was written by Nathan Parker from a story by Doremus. 

Micheal Pruss, Ann Ruak, Mickeal Schaefer, Chip Diggins, and Jay Stern are the producers of this Movie. It has Kristen Stewart as Nia and Nicholas Hoult as Silas playing the main Character. This Movie also has Guy Pearce playing Jonas, David Selby Playing Leonard, and Jackie Weaver as Bess.

A Still from Equals

A Still from Equals

The film first premiered at 72nd Venice International Film Festival (2015). The North American Premiere was at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was released through DirectTVCinema, a pay-per-view platform, on 26th May 2016.

The Plot Of The Film Equals

This film is set in a futuristic Society. The citizens in this society are known as “Members.” They are governed by a legislative body that controls each and every aspect of their life. Most illnesses known to mankind have been eradicated from this society, and each citizen is mentally stabilized. 

They are devoid of all the emotions that make them human beings, and even conception is done through artificial insemination. Sex is considered a sin as it is the expression of the highest form of emotions. This society considers emotions as a weakness and a danger to the advancement of society; hence all sorts of emotions are numbed to produce a society with maximum productivity.

A Still from Equals

A still from Equals

The main protagonist of this Movie, Silas, is an illustrator working for Atmos, a highly coveted company. He discovers a slight display of emotions from his co-worker Nia. In this society, SOS or Switched-On Syndrome is considered a deadly epidemic that causes the members to feel emotions by restoring their lost emotions. 

Silas Suspects that Nia is affected by this disease. And then, the next day at work, Silas felt tired and fell asleep; he also experienced one of the worst nightmares he had ever had in his life. He goes to the clinic for a check-up and finds out that he was affected with stage one SOS; he also befriends an official called Jonas, who is affected with stage 2 SOS. 

Jonas reveals to him that he is a part of a secret support group who are affected by this disease. He meets them and forms a support system among them. He also catches feelings for Nia. as he suspected, he finds out that she is affected by this disease, but she has been hiding it for the past year. They eventually fall in love, and the story progresses through their love.


Equals Movie Ending Explained

When The Ashby ENI announces a cure for SOS, these two lovebirds are scared that when they get cured, they will no longer be able to love each other. They decide to go to the Peninsula, a primitive section of the land. Jonas helps them to execute the plan by arranging a pilot who could fly them to the Peninsula, while the rest of the support group is shocked by their decision. 

Their plans are almost ruined when Nia gets a conception summons. She goes to the clinic and discovers that she is pregnant. She is then Taken to the Defective Emotional Neuropathy Facility (DEN). After the check-up, she is taken to her room with Beth and Jonas, and they explain to her that there is a patient who recently died of SOS; they planned to swap the position so everyone would think that it was Nia who was dead.

Silas and Nia

Silas and Nia

Their plan was executed, and Nia successfully left the DEN. Meanwhile, Silas finds out that the support group was outed by one of the members, and they were given the cure. Heartbroken, Silas goes to the rooftop to kill himself, but he is rescued and given the cure; he takes it, thinking that Nia is dead. When he comes back, he finds her in the apartment. He was under medication, and the effect of the medicine would kick in within hours, but he still decided to fly with her and escape to the Peninsula. 

We are next cut to the scene where Silas and Nia are sitting apart in an airplane. As expected, the effect of the medication starts to work on him, and he is completely emotionless. When Nia was mourning the loss of her love, Silas came back and sat with her, implying that he eventually recovered from the effect of medicine and got back his emotions. 


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