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Why Did Kelsey Get Fired From Siesta Key?


Siesta Key, an MTV seaside reality series, made its premiere on July 31, 2017, and viewers have continued to support the Florida-based undertaking. At the same time, many people contrast the series with earlier Network programs like Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.

However, throughout the course of its seasons, Siesta Key has distinguished itself from its forebears by introducing a fresh ensemble of friends from Generation Z, each with its own set of loves, friendships, and drama.


One cast member, Kelsey Owens, unquestionably contributed to some of Siesta Key’s most memorable moments. Since she debuted on the program in 2017, Kelsey has been candid about her troubled relationship with Garrett Miller, her ascent to the top of the modeling world, and the multiple sclerosis diagnosis of her mother.

Kelsey signed up for Siesta Key: Miami Moves in August 2022 with the intention of sticking with her fellow cast members. However, it appeared that her most recent season might be her last. Why did Kelsey get fired from Siesta Key, or she left the show on her own? Find out if she really did leave the show or if there was more to it.


Siesta Key Cast (Credits: Variety)

Why Did Kelsey Get Fired From Siesta Key?

The 25-year-old Florida native said on Instagram on Friday, August 5, that she was on her way to a “strip club” to film a scene when she learned she had been fired from the series with “absolutely no notice.”

It was staggering and genuinely nauseating that subsequent to chipping away at a show since she was 19 years of age where she shared things about her own life she wasn’t generally comfortable with, rotated for what seems like forever around and invested such a lot of energy into could reach a conclusion in such an impolite and abrupt way, the reality diva wrote in her post. Not even the most basic: “Thank you for sharing the past five years of your existence with us.” 


Kelsey Owens

Despite having “cried her eyes out,” Kelsey said she managed to film her final scene as well as she could with her head held high. The model continued in her statement, saying that she wanted to “hug” all of her followers. Despite the way things were handled, she said she was so thankful for the friends she met, the once-in-a-lifetime chances that have been given to her, and most of all, the fans.

She wrote, “You have no clue how much I appreciated your support and nice words, and how much they helped me get through some of my worst days,” she continued in her post. “Sincerely, I am a better person as a result of you all.” She is prepared to “strut” into the “next chapter,” the influencer said, and this is “only the beginning” for her. In the comments area, Kelsey’s coworkers lavished her with praise and acknowledged that the way the producers handled the matter was improper.


Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens

Another prominent star from Siesta Key, Juliette Porter, speculates that Kelsey Owens may not have been let go from the resort as she claims. After being dismissed by the MTV reality series’ producers just before recording her last scene, Kelsey wrote a lengthy Instagram post in August announcing that she would no longer be participating in it.

Kelsey’s statements could be more accurate, according to Juliette. Kelsey’s departure is more complicated than Juliette revealed in her well-liked Instagram post, according to an interview with People magazine. She asserted that every story has two sides and insisted that she was not fired. According to Juliette, the entire incident was the result of misunderstandings on both sides, and Kelsey shouldn’t have posted what she did.


Siesta Key Season 2

Will Kelsey Ever Return To Siesta Key?

To make apologies to the producers and return to the Siesta Key cast, Kelsey has no plans to do so. The actress celebrated the fact that she no longer had to participate in that in an Instagram post in which she claimed some of her cast members fabricate romantic issues for the program. Some of her co-stars thought it was rude because she shared it on the same day the Siesta Key: Miami Moves trailer was published. The conflict soon escalated to Twitter as Chloe Long called the actress out on her Instagram story. Juliette joined her as well.


They both emphasized how the entire crew puts in a lot of effort to record their daily activities and how thrilling it is to witness the results of their labor when the program eventually airs. They believed Kelsey’s post was self-serving and diminished their enthusiasm. Kelsey’s Instagram post was her method of dealing with the issue because it was obvious that she was quite angry with how producers treated her. Even though there had been a miscommunication, Kelsey had to vent her rage in some way, and she decided to do it in front of others.

What was the real reason why Kelsey got fired from Siesta Key is still unknown. She didn’t appear to like having her interpersonal problems exposed on television, so she could have still decided to quit the program at the end of the season. Fans may still watch Siesta Key: Miami Moves to catch Kelsey and her pals’ final moments on the show even though she probably won’t watch it.

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