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Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations And Cast Details

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations
Midnight At The Magnolia

Midnight at the Magnolia is an American romantic comedy movie that was made available for streaming on Netflix on November 5, 2020. The film has a grounded narrative and is quite lighthearted. Max McGuire directed the film, and Carley Smale authored the script. It was made available on Netflix as a holiday movie.

The two Chicago radio hosts, Jack and Maggie, are the leading characters of the film. They’ve known each other for a very long time, and both do an excellent job in their careers. They were talking about their friendship and their current partners during one of their radio sessions. They were lightly making fun of one another by jokingly wondering if they would soon be introducing their partners to their parents. Following the session, their executive let them know that the audience had enjoyed their presentation. A larger network has expressed interest, and they may go national on New Year’s Eve. Both of them were overwhelmed by the news because it was a major deal to go nationwide.

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Midnight At The Magnolia

However, they were both discarded before they could tell their respective partners. They decide to pretend to be in a relationship with each other to not let their huge opportunity pass them by. By deliberately kissing as they walked into their fathers’ shared restaurant, Magnolia, they initially persuaded their parents that they were both in a relationship. Everything was going according to plan, and they were set to have a passionate kiss at the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve while pretending to be a loving couple on live radio.

They begin to fall in love with each other in real life while pretending to be a couple because they have always liked each other since they were little. There appears to be a small issue toward the end of the film, but it only ultimately leads to their union. Maggie admits to the audience during the live show that they are not in a real relationship and that it was all done to help them land the big national gig. Jack sings a song he made for her to communicate his actual feelings, denying that it was only for the gig. At Midnight at Magnolia, Maggie returns after hearing the song, and they eventually share a kiss. Hence, the title of the film is implied.

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Midnight At The Magnolia

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Early in 2020, Midnight at Magnolia’s filming got underway. A few months before the pandemic broke out globally, the shooting was finished. Due to the movie’s realistic narrative, few long journeys or exotic locations were needed for production. The majority of the scenes took place indoors, and even the outdoor portions didn’t require much planning. But what makes this situation interesting is that, even though the tale is set in Chicago, the real filming was done in Ottawa, Canada.

The Byward Market neighborhood in Ottawa served as the backdrop for several movie sequences. It is a well-known tourist destination and is also well-liked by the locals. The area is pleasant and offers a beautiful neighborhood. North of the Rideau Canal was a key location for the film. This location is also well-known among local tourists, and there are several small businesses nearby. Beautiful Ottawa has lots of tourist attractions. Throughout the film’s running minutes, a few additional well-known locations were also shown in select segments. As a result, despite being an American picture, the majority of the movie was shot in Canada.

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Midnight At The Magnolia

Midnight At The Magnolia Cast

The movie’s primary duo possesses incredible chemistry together. The two main characters’ organic relationship has been beautifully portrayed by the performers. Various supporting players also do good work on their jobs. The actors who play significant roles in the film are listed below.

Natalie Hall as Maggie Quinn

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Natalie Hall

In Chicago, Maggie works as a radio DJ alongside her longtime buddy Jack. She has always liked him but has never actually told him how she feels. She eventually decided to hide her sentiments and moved on with her life by dating other men. She and Jack were close, and their bond had always been exceptional. She and Jack decide to put on a false relationship to seize their huge opportunity after she got dumped by her boyfriend just before telling him about the gig where she was meant to introduce him to her parents.

Evan Williams as Jack Russo

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Evan Williams

Maggie’s radio colleague was Jack. Even though he had feelings for Maggie, he wasn’t sure if they were more than just friends. Even though he was also in love with Maggie, he had always regarded her as her best friend. Maggie stood by his side the entire time, even though he struggled with relationships. He gradually comes to terms with this and tells her how he feels later in the movie.

Alison Brooks as Deb Clarkson

Jack and Maggie both work for a radio network in Chicago, and Alison assumes the role of Deb, the executive in that organization. She is the one who informed the couple that after their radio show, they would have the chance to go nationwide with a bigger network. She is a caring executive who supports the people she works with.

Olivier Renaud as Hunter

Maggie dated Hunter before they split up when she seized her big opportunity to go nationwide. As a result of Maggie’s complaint that Jack never liked any of the men she ever dated, Jack has always had doubts about him.

Hannah Gordon as Bianca Bell

Jack and Maggie have a mutual buddy named Bianca. Since she was young, she had known them. She was fully aware that Maggie had always liked Jack and had done so from the start. Later on in the film, she discusses this with Jack. In high school, Maggie sobbed a lot since Jack didn’t ask her out to prom, and she told Jack about it. She was crucial in bringing together the movie’s two main characters.

Steve Cumyn as Steve Quinn and Michael Gordin Shore as Martin Russo

The dads of Maggie and Jack are Steve and Martin, respectively. They shared ownership of the Magnolia restaurant. Though it had previously been a bustling location in the area, its business was gradually decreasing with time. To revive Magnolia’s popularity, Jack and Maggie decided to do their live radio broadcast there to draw a crowd.

They are both incredibly supportive parents, and when they witnessed Jack and Maggie staging a kiss, they were overjoyed to learn that their children were dating. They eventually realized it was all an act, but they were happy with the way things turned out in the end. Steve and Martin’s smiles stood out among the others throughout Jack’s performance.

Midnight At The Magnolia Review

Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Midnight At The Magnolia

The film contains every component of a successful rom-com. The plots of films of this category tend to be predictable, and Midnight at the Magnolia follows suit. But Jack and Maggie have a very endearing and natural chemistry. The actors did a fantastic job of capturing the unique relationship between the two characters, from their friendship to their eventual love.

The film contains scenes that will make you feel exactly the warm and fuzzy emotions you would anticipate from a rom-com. From the perspective of a single watch, the film is entertaining and has a happy conclusion that is both expected and ideal.

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