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Sharon Osbourne Fired: What Was The Reason?


Before we go ahead to the reason why Sharon Osbourne was fired, let’s dig down into her early life. On 9 October 1952, Sharon Rachel Levy was born in London. She is the daughter of the famous music promoter, businessman, and agent, Don Arden. Her mother’s name was Hope Arden, and she also has a brother named David. Sharon recalled how violent her childhood was. Every day she witnessed her father threatening others using firearms, and she used to hear a lot of abusive words in the conversation.

In the year 1979, when she dated Ozzy, who was a famous singer at that time, her father forced her not to date him. But she went against his will and ended up marrying him in 1982. During that period, Don and Sharon’s relationship deteriorate as they indulge in a lot of arguments related to her choice of path. As a result, she didn’t talk to him for over 20 years, and during an interview in 2001, she shared that till now, her father hasn’t seen her children’s faces, and he’ll never will. Between the period of 2004 and 2007, Don’s Alzheimer’s disease got worse, and to pay the medical expenses, Sharon did the deed.

sharon osbourne

Just like his father, Sharon’s relationship with her mother was worse. After two months, she lost her virginity at the age of 17, and her mother forced her to abort the child so that their image in public would remain perfect as it was before. After a lot of pressure from her parents, she aborted the child, which she refers to as her biggest mistake. Even after this incident, Sharon went on to meet her parents on an occasion while she was pregnant. There she was attacked by her mother’s dogs, and she was brutally attacked by them.

Her mother, who was present there after some time, called off the dogs. This incident costs Sharon, her unborn child. It was revealed that her mother went insane after she was a victim of a violent car accident. When Hope died, Sharon was notified about her death through a call; all she replied was, “Oh, what a shame.” and she put off the phone down. As of now, Sharon Osbourne shares three children with her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. She has two daughters and one son, namely, Aimee Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Jack Osbourne, who has been a part of the famous reality series, The Osbournes.

What Was The Reason Sharon Osbourne Got Fired?

On March 2021, Sharon Osbourne was fired from ‘The Talk’ after she was accused of supporting Piers Morgon’s racial remarks against Meghan Markle. What exactly happened? In an interview by Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were invited. In it, Meghan criticizes the royal family and their tradition. After this, Piers Morgon made some racist remarks targeting Meghan Markle.

He said that no matter what, he didn’t believe a word she said. He said that even if she was in front of him and read an authorized weather report, he still wouldn’t believe a single word she’ll say. He gets enraged by Megan’s comments on the royal family and describes it as an ‘onslaught against the royal family. He described her as a shameful person. His statement, as soon as it was made public, received a lot of criticism.

He was even threatened with getting ‘canceled.’ A few days after, the conversation was carried out by Sharon and her co-host Sheryl Underwood in The Talk. In it, they debate the remarks made by Piers Morgon. Sharon, who has been a long-term friend of Piers, showed her support throughout the show. She even got angry with her co-host and made abusive remarks about her.

piers morgon

What did Sharon say? While defending Piers, Sharon described him as a ‘royalist’ who deserves every right to speak against whoever is making insulting remarks about the royal family. She said that he at least should have listened to others’ opinions; other than that, it was all ok. Just because he is a royalist, he took the comments personally, which is why he said those things.

Till now, the situation was not against her, and it was just until she said, “I don’t know what Piers has said that is racist.” The situation gets heated up when she raises her voice and asks Sheryl why does she think Piers’s comments are racist? She shouted at her both while they were recording and also when they were on the commercial break. On her abusive and shameful behavior, CBS said that Osbourne’s behavior is not appreciated in the studio and the way she debated with her co-host Sheryl is not acceptable.

Her attitude and remarks don’t align with our values and ethics. And we only encourage a respectful work environment. While she was being targeted by the media and other celebrities, Jack supported her mother by sharing that on live television, and you can get fired just because you have to defend yourself against accusations. And just because you’ve created a hostile environment, you are fired from your duties. At last, he said, “This is the world we live in today.”

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