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Why Did Kratos Leave Greece? Everything You Need To Know About “God of War” Protagonist Kratos

Why Kratos left Greece
Why Kratos left Greece

Kratos, a fictional character based on Greek mythology, serves as the primary protagonist of Santa Monica Studio’s God of War series. Later, the 2005 video game God of War was turned into a book and comic. Across all of the categories, Kratos has consistently been the main character with the most interesting backstory.

Kratos, the Spartan warrior who accidentally kills his family as a result of Ares’ deception, becomes the Ghost of Sparta. He later avenges the demise of his family by killing Ares, another Greek war god. Kratos thus succeeds Ares as the new Greek God of War following Ares’ death. The god of war, Kratos, lives a tragic life and experiences numerous traumatic incidents. Apparently, despite being a Greek God, he makes the decision to leave Greece one day. However, why did he do that?

God of War “Kratos”- All You Need To Know

As a spartan warrior, when Kratos fight with the whole army in a battle, he finds out that they are going to lose and all of them are going to get killed. To save himself, Kratos visits Ares (God of Strength) and asks him to help Kratos win the war. Ares does what Kratos asks him, but in return, he wants Kratos to act as a servant of Ares who will listen to him and does what he asks Kratos to do. After this negotiation, Ares tricks Kratos and persuades him to kill his wife and daughter.

The demigod Kratos, on the trickery of the Greek god Ares, kills him for revenge and becomes the God of War. Kratos is the one who always engages himself in punishing those gods who do corrupt deeds, but day by day, his nature becomes violent and scary. Even though he only wants to kill those who do deceitful things, his way of punishing them and killing them is so brutal that he also ends up committing sins.

Kratos - God of war

Kratos – God of war

When Ares manipulates Kratos into killing his family, Kratos earns the ignominious moniker “Ghost of Sparta.” Kratos, who is brokenhearted, only wants to seek vengeance. After killing Ares, vengeance becomes second nature to him, and he begins committing atrocities against anyone who engages in unjust or sinful behavior. He becomes more and more obsessed with his murderous behavior, to the point where he can’t help but commit atrocities against other people. As he is also ashamed of the title “Ghost of Sparta,” he suddenly finds himself in grief because of the way he killed others, particularly his family.

Kratos is a confusing character throughout the God of War series, who always finds himself in guilt and misery after committing atrocities. As a result of his sins, as penance, he tries to punish or kill himself but never succeeds. Even though everyone calls him an antihero, Kratos’s character becomes like this because of the horrible past, he had gone through.

Until Kratos kills Ares, he is nothing but a mere Spartan warrior, unaware of the fact that he is also a Demigod. However, as and when he kills Ares, he becomes the next god of war, and all of Ares’s powers become his powers. Zeus, Kratos’ father, who has never revealed that he is his father, is envious of this strong god of war. Zeus is terrified that even Kratos can kill him for the throne and that the past will be repeated as he kills his father to take the throne. So he decides to destroy Kratos, presumably by killing him in order to gain his powers.

Kratos and Zeus

What is the relationship between Kratos and Zeus?

As a result, when Kratos discovers his father and the evil plan that his father, Zeus, has made, Kratos goes after him to kill him. Now in the battle between Zeus and his son Kratos, several Olympian gods try to save Zeus from Kratos. Apparently, Kratos, with the only mission to kill Zeus, kills those gods who try to create hurdles in his way to kill Zeus.

Apparently, Kratos succeeds and stabs Zeus with the blade of Olympus. On his journey to kill Zeus, he ends up destroying the whole of Olympus. After all of these traumatic and horrible incidents in his life, he ends up getting guilty. He marries again, and he promises his newborn son Atreus, that he will change and lead a sinless life till his death.

After making this commitment, he starts acting differently, becoming more compassionate and less violent. He begins to take responsibility for his actions and acknowledges that he committed sins and must now atone for them. He tries to kill himself as soon as his guilt begins to consume him, but he never succeeds.

Why Does Kratos Go Away From Greece?

Kratos kills everyone who stands in his path with brutality while on his quest to kill his father, Zeus. He does not look back. He never takes into account whether a person is mortal or immortal, a god or a mere human being, and he becomes so fixated on killing that he loses sight of what proper conduct entails. He attacks every god from Olympus as his rage takes control of his mind and his enraged, powerful body.

The good side of his mind later convicts him of what he did to the innocent people who died in the battle of killing Zeus, though, as he discovers that the entirety of Olympus has been destroyed after killing Zeus and that he now has weapons of all the gods he killed in addition to possessing Zeus’s throne. As Kratos comes to terms with his heinous errors, he decides to atone for them by trying to commit suicide.

Kratos and his son Atreus

Kratos and his son Atreus

Every time he gazes upon the supernatural blade of chaos, the God of Strength’s main weapon, which no one can take from him, he is reminded of the numerous atrocities he committed against individuals and how his murderous rampage affected all of Olympus and the Olympian gods.

He no longer wants to live in Greece and makes every effort to leave his beloved nation as soon as his guilt-inducing realization takes control of his thoughts. His destiny, however, desired a different outcome. Even though he was fleeing from his terrible past and sinful deeds, even if he left Greece, he would never be able to make up for what he had done.

What Would Have Happened If God Of War Would Have to Take Place In Egypt?

He picks up the route to Egypt as he walks on his way to leave Greece. Kratos, who is worn out and lacking in power, frequently begins to lose his mind. He needed to stop and face reality because he wandered off without even pausing for a moment. An old man, a bird, and a monkey visit him in order to tell him the same. They advise him to accept rather than resist his destiny. They also urge him to stop and reassure him that everyone on earth must fulfill their purpose; as a result, Kratos should fulfill his duty to his people rather than flee. Kratos, who is worn out, believes that he is simply having hallucinations and that nothing is actually happening.

Kratos with Blade of Chaos

Kratos with Blade of Chaos

According to the comic, Being the god of strength prevents him from removing the Blade of Chaos, which drives Kratos insane. When Kratos finally departs from Greece and arrives in Egypt, the Egyptian populace does not appear to be very friendly toward him because they are aware of who he is and what he did in Greece. Everyone, therefore, seeks refuge when Kratos enters Egypt out of a desire to protect themselves from god.

Kratos lives in an Egyptian village, where the Giant crocodile eventually makes its way there. The villagers find no choice but to ask Kratos for help and support. They understand that only Kratos, a god of strength, can protect them from the crocodile beast. Therefore, Kratos kills the crocodile beast using the Blades of Chaos. But he runs into a huge hippopotamus once more. He keeps seeing the Egyptian god Thoth and the goddess Athena in his dreams, and each time they do, they advise him to accept his fate and the blade of chaos that serves as a reminder of his previous deeds. He engages the hippopotamus in a bloody battle and kills him when he awakes from the dream.

He kills the beast, completely exhausts himself, passes out, and then Thoth reappears, telling him that his purpose in Egypt has been accomplished and that he will go on to experience fortune. As he awakens once more, plagued by guilt, he begins to wander aimlessly without knowing where he is going next.

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