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Mister Creep: Cast Trailer Release Date Predictions And Everything You Should Know

Mister Creep Poster
Mister Creep Poster

Mister Creep is a horror film that is set to be released this holiday season. The movie was written and directed by Issac Rodriguez. It is produced by Cyntia Bergen and Isaac Rodriguez. It is distributed by Silent Raven Films Production house. The movie has classic clowns and creepy doll appearances that are quintessential to all horror films.

The writer and director of this movie Issac Rodriguez are from Texas and is known for his short films. He has a short film channel called the No Sleep film channel. He is popular for his short films, such as Face Swap, The Cop Cam, and The Watcher. These short films were viral across the internet. He has won around seventy awards for his short films.

Mister Creep is a horror film, and it is Rodriguez’s venture into long-form films. All we know about the premise of this film is that it portrays four college students who unexpectedly stumble upon a television broadcast. It was a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer. This sudden discovery builds curiosity among them, and their young adult adrenalin forces them to go look for its filming location. Trouble ensues when they embark on this new journey.

Mister Creep Poster

Mister Creep Poster

Mister Creep Cast Details

The main cast includes Thomas Burke, Ali Alkafaji, and Amber Lee Solis as the three students. Thomas Burke is playing Duke Burke; he is known for his performance in The Barbados Project and SHC: Freak Accident. Ali Alkafaji is playing John Riddel, and he has also acted in A Town Full of People and Hyder. Amber Lee Solis is playing Beth Stewart, and this is her first movie as one of the lead roles. In addition to them, there is also Judy McMillan as Mary, Shaela Pyne as Val Peterson, and Marvin Ritchie as Detective Jones.

Mister Creep Trailer Release And Trailer Breakdown

The trailer for Mister Creep was released on 18th November 2022. The trailer opens with a disturbing montage of skeletons scattered on the ground. The audio from the secret documentary is playing in the background as the trailer shows the montage of skeletons. The visual is then changed to the secret documentary, a creepy man with a mask is being questioned in this documentary; he is revealing some disturbing truth about himself. 

The trailer is then cut to a news reporter announcing the missing of four students from South Vista community college. Beth Stewart, Dave Burke, John Riddell, and Val Peterson are the four college students who went missing. They were filming a school project when they went missing. The news report was a week after the actual missing. The police found their abandoned vehicle with a backpack that contained their filming equipment and flashlights.

A Still From Mister Creep Trailer

A Still From Mister Creep Trailer

The news report also reveals that they were apparently filming a documentary about the rumored murderer Joe Yates. He was a psychopath who was rumored to have killed more than 100 people almost 20 years ago. The police never confirmed the existence of such a serial killer; hence they ruled the suspicion of his involvement in the missing case.

Along with the audio report, the trailer simultaneously shows some disturbing video footage from the vlogs the students have taken. The video footage tells a different story than the audio narration of the news report. The missing students are seen being chased by a really creepy doll man with a creepy doll face.

For More details, Check this trailer:

What To Expect From This Movie Mister Creep?

Still From Mister Creep Trailer

Still From Mister Creep Trailer

As the name suggests, Mister Creep’s trailer did not fail to create a creepy feeling for the viewers. The two voices, the voice of the reporter and the video montage, show two different stories. The former is a rational voice, while the latter is filled with questions and dilemmas. Does the police know about the existence of Joe Yate and still keep quiet? The video footage clearly tells something was going on while the authority is silent about that matter. We have to wait and find out what is actually going on in that town.

When Is The Release Date Of Mister Creep?

Mark this day in the calendar as Mister Creep is set to be released on December 5th, 2022. This documentary-style story of four missing students, directed by the Indie Director Issec Rodrigez, will be released digitally.


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