Tom Holland And Zendaya Break Up: Is That True? Everything You Need To Know

zendaya and tom

Hollywood is an industry where breakups and patch-ups are part of the lifestyle of stars. Very few of those star couples have been able to keep their relationships for a long period of time. Inspiration for many and iconic for their fans, Spiderman Homecoming Stars Tom Holland and Zendaya have been in the news since their pairing in the movie. They have millions of followers on different social media platforms like- Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Every single piece of news related to them becomes an instant fact for scrutiny, and their fans love both of them iconic. The young stars have been able to maintain their relationship a secret and have still not spoken a single word on the same.

Since the emergence of them both the movie, people have speculated that they have been in a relationship ever since, but the fact is that they openly never spoke on the issue. Recently, Again news that broke online and left their fans dissipated and broken heartened was that the couple famously called the power couple of Hollywood had parted ways.

Who Is Tom Holland And Zendaya?

Tom Holland is a British Actor who grew up in London, England, and was born in 1996. At the very tender age of 12, he started his acting career and performed his first play in the year 2008. The play was named the West End, which gave him recognization, and his acting talent was recognized by many people. Later in the years, he played the role of Billy Elliot in the Musical. Their spectacular performance of his was seen by Mr. Gordon Brown(Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), and he was appreciated for the talent he pursued. He kept his acting in continuation and later got a break in the industry of Hollywood with the role of the beloved superhero of all, Spider-Man. He played the role of Spiderman in various films like-  Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Meanwhile, Zendaya is a singer who is known for her songs like-Fashion is my Kryptonite, Contagious Love, and This is my Dance Floor and My Baby, and many more. The popular actress and singers belong to the theatrical background. Most of her childhood time was all spent in her training and education at  California Shakespeare Theater. Her career began being a Super Model and Bachelor dancer. She has starred and was loved by fans in movies like-“The Greatest Showman” as trapeze artist Anne and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” where she played the role of famous Marie Jane. She was also part of the major sitcom “Shake it up,” which was aired on Disney Channel in the early 2010s. Having more than 110 million followers on Instagram, she is a major icon of the youth of various countries.

When Did Tom And Zendaya Start Dating?

Zendaya and Tom Holland are rumored to start dating when they first met each other on the sets of Spiderman Homecoming. The rumors of them started to circulate online since they started to appear in each other’s Instagram feed more frequently in 2017. It was also rumored that the duo went on vacation alone and spent quality time together. Later in the year, the duo was scrutinized and questioned about the bond that they share in between. Both of them denied their rumors of dating, and even once, Zendaya was seen commenting on the issue during an award night where she clearly denoted, “Tom is one of her best friends and a great guy to hang out with.” 


Later, many times, the couple was questioned by the fans and followers, but nothing ever came out to the surface. In 2020, Zendaya became very successful with her project named Euphoria. Meanwhile, both of them were also seen promoting their next movie called as-  Spider-Man: Far From Home. The news was also reported in 2021 that Zendaya is dating  Jacob Elordi. At the same time, Tom was under arrest for the love of supermodel Kaia Gerber. However, all these speculations ended when the duo was spotted kissing in the car and was clicked too.

A few days later, Tom Holland revealed in an Interview that Zendaya is very lucky for him; since the day he met her for the first his life has completely changed. He has been able to sort out the problems of his life easily, and Zendaya has been the reason for his improvement and better lifestyle. He was seen praising Zendaya, and this Interview again speculated the rumors of the duo dating together.

Did Tom Holland And Zendaya Break Up?

Ver recently, Tom was seen taking a step back from Social Media, and the reason the Spiderman star stated was that he had been overwhelmed with the scrutiny and pressure of questions that he faces every day in his life. Since then, the fans started to speculate something was wrong between the two, and very soon, A Snapchat page was also seen where a number of users wrote and posted about the Break up of the Power Couple. Although making different stories has been a very old habit of the fans and followers of these stars.

Thankfully, these rumors have been completely false, and the duo is still together as the duo has not confirmed their separation at present. They have been termed a power couple of Hollywood ever since. And we, as their fans, always wish that both of them reach the heights of success and as they are cute together, They should be blessed with every happiness that a relationship brings in with itself.