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29 Movies Similar To Purple Hearts: A Collection Of Bittersweet Romances

We haven’t seen a terrific, sincere romance movie in a while, but Purple Hearts, which debuted on Netflix, put an end to that. It’s also reasonable to say that it has won our hearts. Purple Hearts, featuring Sofia Carson, is a drama about damaged soldier Luke and penniless vocalist Cassie, who end themselves in a phony wedding out of necessity.

Despite their complete contrast and stubbornness, they find that their phony marriage could perhaps be a real one as the lines between them start to blur. The tale centers on bogus matrimony while receiving scathing comments for being a maudlin Netflix romance filled with cliched cliches.

The worldwide film dramedy Purple Hearts enters a much better group of films that examine the idea of an arrangement of convenience, arranged marriages, military engagements, and the significant consequences that result when two people who are very different from one another follow their emotions. That sort of movie has the potential to be very successful.

purple hearts

People still enjoy the romance between attractive young people, and they enjoy it much more when the factors are distorted. Significant acclaim has been given to Sofia Carson for her portrayal. She has a crucial role in how the movie develops and how far the plot goes. She has a strong emotional resonance, and she especially enjoys her fantastic connection with the co-lead. Let’s examine the 29 films that, in our opinion, use the soft love cliche.

1. The Proposal (2009)

Starting with the most popular. Andrew Paxton has toiled for three years as Margaret Tate’s tenacious editor’s aide at a York City publication. Once Margaret, who is a Canadian by citizenship, is threatened with deportation due to a visa that has lapsed, she comes up with a plan to wed Andrew, but he accepts, provided she promises him a promotion. The following Monday, the INS investigator promises to question the couple on their compatibility.

Margaret travels with Andrew to Sitka, in the state of Alaska, where Mother, Father, and Grandmother are waiting since Andrew had made preparations to go back to his hometown that Saturday for his grandmother’s 90th birthday.

In the following weeks, as the INS prepares to accuse Andrew of deception, childhood experiences take over: disagreements between Andrew and his father, a former lover, Andrew’s disdain for Margaret, plus her background.

• Viewers can watch The Proposal on the Hotstar streaming site.

2. Green Card (1990)

The quickest option to receive a work permit, a green card, for George Faure, a French citizen who has been given a position in the United States, is to wed an American. Bronte Parrish, a native Yankee who is also an enthusiastic gardener, has just discovered the ideal apartment with a conservatory, but regrettably, it is only available to married people.

The best answer to these issues seems to be a marriage based on convenience. They must live together to persuade the customs inspectors that they got hitched out of love. The incongruous pair eventually falls in passion as they struggle to get by in their new life together.

• Viewers can watch Green Card on the YouTube streaming site.

3. Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

Muriel Heslop’s superficial and conceited pals make fun of the young woman for being socially inept. She devotes her time to listening to ABBA music and fantasies endlessly of a lavish wedding that would whisk her far away from her controlling father, a politician named Bill, and the dead-end coastal hamlet of Porpoise Spit.

She borrows money to go for a getaway, alters her identity to Mariel, and completely upends her life when she encounters the eccentric Rhonda Epinstalk. Her main objective is to be married, and she believes that she may finally find genuine happiness.

• Viewers can watch Muriel’s Wedding on the Prime streaming site.

4. Dear John (2010)

A tale of how time and separation affect a romance in a bittersweet way. While on furlough, US Army veteran John Tyree encounters sweetheart Savannah Curtis. Although she goes to school while he resumes his duties, they end up spending weeks alone. Via correspondence, their connection develops until 9/11, as John chooses to re-enlist.

Savannah can’t handle being separated for so long and develops feelings for a local back home. After just a medical emergency, John comes home and must adjust to living minus Savannah before they can begin to see a lifetime together.

• Viewers can watch Dear John on the Prime streaming site.

5. The Vow (2012)

Self-made contemporary architect Paige Thornton is blissfully wedded to self-made studio recording director Leo. She is involved in a vehicle accident, falls into a coma for five years, and then wakes up with severe, permanent amnesia. Despite her inconsiderate treatment of him nearly as a stranger, disregard for his company, and even forgetting about her “work,” Leo carries her home immediately with saintly compassion.

Her controlling parents, Rita and Bill Thornton, constantly try to entice her back to their opulent estate and even school of law for a future that only they can imagine. They have even brought back her “acceptable” university boyfriend, Jeremy, who likes the competition but also notices that she has changed. Will Leo’s undying love prevail even if he prioritizes her happiness over anything else?

• Viewers can watch The Vow on Prime and Apple TV streaming sites.

6. Lorna’s Silence (2008)

Two Albanian immigrants living in Belgium, Lorna and Sokol, have the ambition to quit their mundane professions and open a snack cafe. They require cash and legal status as legal residents. Claudy is a drug addict who depends on funds to support his consumption. Because he has a significant amount of money, the tobacco pirate Andrei must endure for some time beyond Russia.

Fabio, the aspirant gang leader and Italian cab driver, devises a cunning plan in which he would bribe Claudy to wed Lorna in exchange for her obtaining Belgian residency. After that, she must marry Andrei for him to receive the desired EU passport, paying Lorna and Fabio a substantial fee in return. This plan, like all others, won’t hold up when it comes to confrontation with reality.

• Viewers can watch Lorna’s Silence on the Prime streaming site.

7. The Big Sick (2017)

Kumail, the child of immigrants from Pakistan who works as an experienced driver during the day and dreams of making it as a renowned stand-up entertainer by evening, battles to pay the bills while his parents, who have great expectations for his getting hitched, relentlessly screens attractive Muslim ladies to set up a happy wedding. Nevertheless, despite their best attempts, an American doctoral candidate called Emily will captivate Kumail. Notwithstanding their repeated assurances that they don’t seek a meaningful relationship, they continue to become closer.

However, when Emily’s condition deteriorates due to a serious disease, Kumail will eventually finds that telling his conventional parents about his romance would be the smallest of his troubles. Can Kumail manage this dire situation, especially because he must now make several tough decisions regarding his future?

• Viewers can watch The Big Sick on the Prime streaming site.

8. The Piano (1993)

Midway through the 19th century, Ada is mute and has a small child named Flora. She departs from her native Scottish Highlands through a wedding ceremony with her child and her prized piano. She might not have anticipated life amid the untamed woods of New Zealand’s Main Island, and neither did her marriage to Stewart. When Stewart decides to sell her instrument to a neighbor named George, she is tormented and loses everything.

George teaches Ada how to teach piano, but only under specific restrictions, so that she may have her piano returned. Ada first hates George, but as time goes on, their relationship changes and this puts them in a dangerous scenario.

• Viewers can watch The Piano on the Prime streaming site.

9. An Officer And A Gentleman (1982)

Being a recluse, Zack Mayo doesn’t even want to depend on anybody except himself. After his mom’s demise, he was raised with his dad, a professional Navy sailor stationed in the Philippines. He immediately understood that he was required to be independent and aggressive there.

He surprises his dad by announcing to him that he has joined the Navy and, therefore, will start preparing as a navy corpsman after receiving his undergraduate degree. He carries the same mentality of being a loner that he has had his entire life. He would, however, run with Paula, a charming young lady who frequently visits base events to snag a junior officer.

• Viewers can watch An Officer And A Gentleman on the Paramount+ streaming site.

10. The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)

What if you kept a keepsake from each affair you’ve ever had? The protagonist of The Broken Hearts Gallery is Lucy, a living-on-the-edge Manhattan resident and employee at an art museum who also appears to be an obsessive collector.

Lucy is motivated to start The Broken Heart Gallery, a squeeze place for the things romance has left aside when her most recent partner dumps her. The venue’s reputation grows, sparking a revolution and giving romantics everywhere—including Lucy herself—a chance to start over.

• Viewers can watch The Broken Hearts Gallery on the Prime streaming site.

11. Safe Haven (2013)

With a bloodied knife in her hand, a scared lady escapes her Boston house. She seeks refuge with a neighbor before leaving for the bus terminal, where she bleaches and colorizes her hair, purchases a pass, and gets off in the Northern Carolina hamlet of Southport. She identifies with the name Katie Feldman at the neighborhood shop.

Katie faces Alex Wheatley, a single parent dad of two kids: Josh, with whom he has a contentious relationship, as well as Lexie, who works with him in the retail area after she accepts a job in a restaurant and moves into a narrow house in the suburbs of the town. Katie becomes friendly with Jo, her neighbor. Soon after, Alex gets Katie a bike so she may avoid walking. Katie creates new relationships and a new life.

• Viewers can watch Safe Haven on the Prime streaming site.

12. Just Go With It (2011)

Danny resolves to escape attachment after being let down in a prior relationship by informing each female he crosses paths with that he has been engaged. However, when he encounters Palmer, a stunning young woman, he believes she might be the one, that is until she learns he’s “wed.”

He informs her that both he and the spouse are divorcing to maintain their friendship. He begs Katherine to pretend to be his spouse, so they may meet when she insists on it. When one of Katherine’s kids calls, Palmer believes they are Danny’s and wishes to meet the children. At this gathering, Katherine’s kid connives to get Danny to take the entire group on a Hawaii vacation.

• Viewers can watch Just Go With It on the Netflix streaming site.

13. Rich In Love (2020)

Teto’s lifestyle may be summarised into a decent life, wealth, property, and ladies. He is the kid of the business tycoon Teodoro, also known as “O Rei do Tomate,” the Tomato King. Teto’s existence is turned on its head when he encounters Paula, a strong-willed medical graduate, just as he is about to acquire his dad’s estates and industries empire.

Teto conceals who he is, disguising his origins and feigning to come from poor beginnings to capture the girl’s love as well as to show his value to his dad as well as to himself. One of several falsehoods he tells that land him in hot water in Rio de Janeiro is this one.
• Viewers can watch Rich In Love on the Netflix streaming site.

14. Candy Jar (2018)

Lona and Bennett are both participants of a school debate squad, and both want to be the general manager since it will look well on their applications to Yale and, otherwise, Harvard. If only that were where disputes stopped. Rich and poor single mothers urge their children to attend homecoming for both groups.

Instead of going to the theater, they both come dressed. They might not be that dissimilar. They ultimately have to work together to participate in the debating state competition.

• Viewers can watch Candy Jar on the Netflix streaming site.

15. The Hating Game (2021)

Joshua Templeman and Lucy Hutton work together as aides toward the co-CEOs of a world of books, but they despise one another. Josh’s humorless, stiff attitude to his profession is in stark contradiction to Lucy’s colorful attire, eccentricity, and exuberant people-pleasing, and Lucy finds it difficult to grasp.

They have grown accustomed to playing an absurd, compulsive sport of one-upmanship. Josh cannot be allowed to outperform Lucy in everything, especially because she’s up for a major new advancement to the chief executive.

They agree that whoever does not receive the promotion will resign. But as things become heated and a routine elevator trip develops into a passionate kiss, Lucy starts to understand how thin the line is somewhere between passion and hatred.

• Viewers can watch The Hating Game on the Prime streaming site.

16. Holidate (2020)

Sloane Benson, a lovely girl, dislikes the holidays because her relatives criticize her for always being unmarried. Sloane finds it annoying that her mom Elaine is continuously attempting to pair her with a fresh guy since she recently split up with her partner.

Sloane becomes the only unmarried member left in the household when her younger sibling, York, proposes to Liz during the children’s Christmas party. Australian golfer Jackson, meanwhile, is forced to spend Christmas with a lady he doesn’t care for. His date is upset with him for forgetting to get her a Nice present, so he gets frustrated and walks out.

• Viewers can watch Holidate on the Netflix streaming site.

17. Leap Year (2010)

The four-year relationship between doctor Jeremy and Boston-based decorator Anna Brady, who prepares homes for brokers, has led to their purchase of a luxury condo in Davenport. She anticipates him to pop the question on a romantic dinner, but he does not want to.

Shortly after, he leaves for a convention in Dublin. In keeping with a traditional Irish custom of female leap-year propositions that dates back to the 5th century, she intends to accompany him there on the 29th of February and ask him to marry her.

She can’t locate a flight since the Dublin runway is shut, and poor weather compels her plane to arrive in Wales. She chooses to take a supply ship, but because of a severe storm, she is forced to get off at Dingle.

• Viewers can watch Leap Year on the Netflix streaming site.

18. Our Souls At Night (2017)

Addie Moore conducts an extended visit to Louis Waters in the little Colorado hamlet of Holt. They had been neighbors for ages in their little hamlet but had little interaction because her husband had passed away decades previously, as did his spouse.

They are all by themselves in their spacious homes since their kids are far away. To make the best of their remaining time together, Addie tries to develop a relationship.

• Viewers can watch Our Souls At Night on the Netflix streaming site.

19. Me Before You (2016)

Lou Clark is very knowledgeable. She is aware of the distance in feet between the bus station and her house. She is aware that she enjoys her job at The Buttered Bun Teahouse and that she may not be in love with Patrick. Lou is unaware that she is going to abandon her work or that foreknowledge of what is to come is what maintains her cheerfulness.

Will Traynor is aware that a car accident robbed him of his determination to survive. He is aware of how little and devoid of joy everything appears right now, but he understands just how he will change that. Would is unaware that Lou will soon enter his universe in a blaze of color. And none of them is aware of their impending shift.

• Viewers can watch Me Before You on the Prime streaming site.

20. Jane Eyre (2011)

Jane Eyre leaves Thornfield House, in which she is employed by affluent Mr. Edward Rochester as a housekeeper. The teenage woman’s fortitude, which was built when she was abandoned years ago, has been put to the test by the remote and towering house and Mr. Rochester’s indifference.

Jane will revert to Mr. Rochester as well as the dreadful secret he is keeping as she considers her background and rediscovers her curious mind.
• Viewers can watch Jane Eyre on the Netflix streaming site.

21. Midnight Sun (2018)

Katie Price has been protected from the sunlight since she was a young girl due to her uncommon genetic illness, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, which causes a life-threatening hypersensitivity to the sun. She spends the day alone at home with just her dad Jack plus her closest mate Morgan for companionship.

Every evening, whenever the sun sets, Katie leaves the house. She is playing music at the railway station one evening when her lifelong infatuation, Charlie, comes up to her and asks her out. Unexpectedly departing, Katie slips her notepad behind, which Charlie retains.

The following day, when Katie arrives to pick it up, he reappears and delivers it to her. Before embracing her aboard one of the boats, he tells her how he sustained his injuries.

• Viewers can watch Midnight Sun on the Prime streaming site.

22. Maid In Manhattan (2002)

Originally from the neighborhoods of New York, Marisa Ventura is a divorced mother who is employed as a maid at a prestigious Manhattan restaurant. Through a stroke of luck and mistaken identification, Marisa encounters Christopher Marshall, a dashing aristocratic heir who thinks she is a hotel client.

The unusual couple is put together for one evening by fate. Despite just having to take the subway from Manhattan to the Bronx to get apart, Marisa, as well as the two, discover when her actual name is exposed that they are miles apart.

• Viewers can watch Maid In Manhattan on the Hulu streaming site.

23. The Royal Treatment (2022)

Although Prince Thomas governs his nation and is going to wed for obligation instead of romance, Isabella owns her boutique and isn’t hesitant to express her opinions.

Izzy, with her colleague stylists, receives the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do the tresses for the wedding ceremony, and as a result, she, as well as Prince Thomas, discover that pursuing one’s passion is essential to assuming charge of one’s future.

• Viewers can watch The Royal Treatment on the Netflix streaming site.

24. A Castle For Christmas (2021)

The plot centers on renowned American novelist Sophie, who visits Scotland and discovers that she wants to purchase a fortress, but the Scottish Lord Myles, who owns it, is reticent to offer it to a visitor.

The two are continually butting heads to find a consensus, but they could end up discovering more than they had planned.

• Viewers can watch A Castle For Christmas on the Netflix streaming site.

25. The In Between (2022)

Until she discovers Skylar, a genuine lover, Tessa doesn’t consider herself worthy of her romantic tale. When Skylar dies in a vehicle accident, Tessa looks for explanations and believes that Skylar is attempting to contact her from the beyond.

Tessa makes one more attempt to get in touch with Skylar so that their romantic drama may come to a fitting conclusion.

• Viewers can watch The In Between on the Netflix streaming site.

26. The Best Of Me (2014)

Dawson and Amanda are soul mates despite coming from diverse backgrounds when they initially met as adolescents. But circumstances would force them to part ways.

They get together once more after a friend of theirs dies 20 years later. They return home to fulfill his final instructions, where they finally run into each other. Amanda, a dissatisfied wife, still has feelings for Dawson but is unwilling to pardon him for his actions.

• Viewers can watch The Best of Me on the Prime streaming site.

27. Love, Rosie (2014)

Since they were young children, Alex Stewart and Rosie Dunne have been good buddies. In the first scene of the film, party guests are mingling around Rosie as she sits by herself at a table and appears despondent. After then, the scene flashes back to the duo in a pub. They enjoy a violent, intoxicated kiss while commemorating her 18th birthday, but Rosie knocks herself unconscious when she slips off a seat and bangs her forehead.

The following morning, she has no memory of the previous evening, but Alex is unaware that she doesn’t recall their embrace. Alex interprets Rosie’s statement that she wishes the night had never occurred and does not want to bring it up again as a repudiation of him.

• Viewers can watch Love, Rosie on the Prime streaming site.

28. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Life frequently does not go as expected. Pat Solatano sacrificed all, including his wife, career, and home. After serving an eight-month sentence in a state prison as part of a plea agreement, he is now residing with his father and mom again. Despite the hard conditions of their split, Pat is eager to reconstruct his life, have a good outlook, and reconcile with his spouse.

Pat’s folks just wish for him to get back into shape so they can all enjoy watching the Philadelphia Eagles sporting events together. Things become difficult when Pat encounters Tiffany, a mystery girl with her issues. Tiffany promises to facilitate Pat’s reconciliation with his spouse, however, only if he would perform an extremely significant favor for her.

• Viewers can watch Silver Linings Playbook on the Netflix streaming site.

29. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Three days from now, in September 1965, a hurricane will strike the coastline of New England. Sam, a 12-year-old bespectacled outcast and orphan, has vanished from a Khaki Camping ground on an island. His regimented scout leader Ward contacts Major Sharp of the neighborhood police and arranges a manhunt.

Suzy, the melancholy oldest kid in a peculiar and sad home with two attorneys, is Sam’s correspondence buddy, and the two are fleeing together. Suzy and Sam keep one stride ahead of the searches as they work through their problems as the storm approaches. Sam could require electroconvulsive treatment and an institution, according to Social Services. What about the dejected Sharp, and is there any Scouts’ Great honor?

• Viewers can watch Moonrise Kingdom on the Netflix streaming site.

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