Tammie Frank Divorce: Everything You Need To Know

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News that shocked everyone was the sudden death of Jason Frank, that too because of suicide. All these events in the acting industry surprised many people and brought tears to the eyes of many fans and supporters. The actor Jason Frank, best known for playing the Green and White Power Ranger, was discovered dead in his hotel room in Texas.

The domestic disputes and the ongoing chain of events in the late actor’s life are the primary causes of all this mayhem. The late actor’s wife, Tammie Frank, is being targeted by many online for his impulsive choice to terminate his life.

Who Was Jason Frank And Tammie Frank?

Jason Frank was an American actor who was well known was his role as Tommy Oliver in Mighty Morphin Power Ranger; at first, he played the role of Green Ranger, which was just broadcasted for 14 episodes, but later due to his fame and popularity he was bought back in the show as White Ranger. Later, he was seen as Turbo Ranger in the series Power Rangers Turbo. He left the series in 1997 and was seen back in the 2010 special edition. Apart from this, he also competed in MMA in 2010, and also he has been a very profound Martial Arts specialist.

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Tammie Frank married Jason Frank in the year 2003. She is well-known as a Martial artist and MUAY Thai instructor. She used to teach Martial Arts in the institute that was established by Jason Frank. Apart from this, she is also known for her entrepreneurship, social media influence, and as a media person. She also produced the show My Morphin Life, which showed the life of Jason and his Family.

Relationship Timeline of Jason and Tammie Frank

Jason Frank married Tammie Frank In the year 2003. The married life of the couple was going all smoothly and lovely, but the rift between the two increased with the passage of time. The couple kept their personal lives a secret from the eyes of the world, but the secret cannot be hidden for long; the news of the couple facing problems in their married life was confirmed by the filing for Divorce in August 2022. Tammie Frank was seen filing the divorce against Jason Frank. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Jenna from their marriage, who is 18 years old.

The year 2020 bought changes on a big scale for the duo; a random tweet tagged Tammie over Facebook where Jason was accused of cheating by someone random and totally unknown. Nothing came out for a couple of months. The last time when the couple was seen happy was in October 2021. When Tammie posted a picture of her dog Harley on his 1st birthday. Jason was seen liking the post and giving a thumbs up on the same. In recent months, it was seen that Jason deleted all his pictures with his wife, which was later changed into the deletion of his Instagram account as a whole.

Tamie, back in August, cited a cryptic post on her social media handles where she said-“Let’s remove the negative and toxicity of Life; it’s time for new beginnings and starting.”. Since then, her fans and followers of Jason started to worry about the actor and his married life. Many people were seen commenting on Tammie’s[post for her goodwill and happiness of hers.

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Later, it was revealed that the reason behind calling her relationship with her beloved husband Jason to finally quit was none other than cheating; she openly told in an interview she decided to call it to quit because Jason committed Adultery, and she decided to call her marriage off from Jason. It was speculated through various sources that Tammie would be taking their Texas home and car as Alimony.

The couple was seen checking in the hotel on Nov 18 in Texas, as revealed by various media sources. Reportedly, as the couple was going through legal proceedings and procedures, they checked into different hotel rooms the same day. The same day during the time at Noon, a very heated argument between the duo started to happen between the two, and it is said that the situation became too bad that hotel staff and managers stepped in to calm down the situation. Later in the Night, again, the same thing but this time, it was observed that Jason locked Tammie out of his room, and his room was shut for a very long period. Later, when hotel staff tried to ask to open the doors and no replies were there, immediately the police and help were called, and it was discovered that Jason had ended his life due to the Argument and the mental pressure he was facing in his married life. The Power Ranger actor was just 49 years old.

As fans and followers are mourning Jason’s death, we hope and wish that his family, friends, and kids may find peace and strength to bear this loss. Also, we always need to keep in mind that we never let our difference create a ruckus in our life, and anger and suicide is not a way to deal with any negative situation.