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Ellen Pompeo Hubby Allegedly Cheated? Full Info

Ellen Pompeo

A dynamic and accomplished lady, Ellen Pompeo is. The Grey’s Anatomy actress has been enjoying a fantastic career moment after speaking out earlier this year about her contract negotiations and how women should fight for what they deserve in the workplace.

It is undeniable that Pompeo is a boss lady and has established herself as a tough female symbol, not only for the entertainment sector but for women in all fields of work. There is a lot of information available regarding the actress’s career, but what about her personal life?

In contrast to her job, Pompeo hasn’t spoken as much about this aspect of her life in the past, but recently, she’s been sharing more and more about her family. She and her spouse Chris Ivery have three children and have been married for a very long period.

Consequently, who is Ellen Pompeo’s husband? The marriage of Chris Ivery and the actress is described in more depth below.

11 Years Have Passed Since Their Wedding

Ivery and Pompeo have been married since 2007. A low-key wedding ceremony was held for the couple at City Hall in New York. The truth is, they were already married before they ever started dating. Ivery and Pompeo met in 2003 and discovered that they both hailed from Massachusetts. 

Ellen Pompeo

In an interview with PEOPLE, she remarked, “We were six degrees our entire lives, so I feel like we were kind of meant to be.” She merely wanted something “extremely simple” on her wedding day, according to Pompeo.

They have three kids together.

On September 15, 2009, in Los Angeles, Pompeo gave birth to the couple’s first child, Stella. The star’s spouse had previously revealed that they were expecting a kid in April. On October 2, 2014, Ivery and his wife welcomed another baby daughter, Sienna May, into their family. 

The actress announced the news in her first Instagram post, which included a kiss on the girl’s face from her father. In a later Twitter post, Pompeo disclosed that the child was born through a surrogate. In December 2016, the actress’s agent announced that the pair had become parents to three children.

The Daily Mail broke the news by releasing pictures of Ivery trekking with the newborn kid. The child’s height, weight, sex, and measurements weren’t made public right away. With a picture of the infant sleeping on his father’s chest, Pompeo subsequently revealed on Instagram that her son’s name was Eli Christopher. She never said, however, if he was her child or a surrogate.

Ivery Has A Background Of Offenses

The spouse of Pompeo has a lengthy criminal history and several prior offenses. His many legal infractions include mail theft, credit card fraud, narcotics trafficking, document forgery, and probation violation. He has also spent three times in jail. According to a source quoted by Closer Weekly, “Her spouse has a criminal record.” 

Even though it has been a long time since he was in trouble, Ellen sometimes worries whether problems would crop up again. Ivery’s issues with the law, according to the source, occurred a long time ago, and he has now moved on. Chris’ attitude and actions have undergone a significant transformation. 

All of his skeletons have been exposed, and his legal issues were issues from a very long time ago. He has nothing to flee from. Chris has been honest about his errors and how he’s improved since then. He doesn’t feel ashamed. He’s pretty dedicated to becoming a stand-up person right now.

Before they were married, Ivery previously informed Pompeo about his background. Even the actress has spoken about her husband’s criminal history. She allegedly once stated, “Show me a youngster from Boston who doesn’t have a record.” Pompeo would “inform their kids about it when they’re not so young and the time is perfect,” the insider further said.

Pompeo Recently Discussed The Challenges That Come With Being In An Interracial Relationship

In a recent appearance on Red Table Talk, the actress discussed her family and the topic of growing up in an interracial home. I’m not frightened to discuss race. I can see why a lot of people become quite tense when you mention it, but I am not frightened. 

Ellen Pompeo

These are crucial discussions to have, and if you’re reluctant to bring them up, that’s already a problem, the actress said Jada Pinkett Smith. Pompeo also discussed parenting her children. Parents must expose their children to a variety of individuals. To make kids aware of the world’s peculiarities. My kid seems entirely white. 

He had absolutely no brown in him, yet you couldn’t even tell. When your skin is black, there is no getting away. My kids are brown because of it or anything like that. Because the world will see them in that manner, they will face prejudice, be judged, have their words used against them, and be talked to as if they have dark skin.

Ivery Was The Subject Of Allegations Of Cheating

For many years, there have been accusations of adultery involving Pompeo’s spouse. Hostess at a restaurant, Rachel Artz admitted to having an affair with Ivery in 2009. Pompeo’s spokesman, though, allegedly disputed that the romance ever took place. Ivery was once again charged with being disloyal to Pompeo in 2012. 

He was observed flirting with another lady at a concert, going so far as to allegedly invite the woman to go home with him, according to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life. Chris was tenacious, “added the insider. He requested her phone number in front of his friends. 

He didn’t care that she recognized him and knew his wife, even if he was conscious of it. He was determined to take this girl home with him. But she refrained from doing it since she felt strange about it and bad for Ellen. Pompeo, who has gone public about their friendship, has described it as sincere and genuine. 

The actress shared how supportive Ivery is of her work and accomplishments in an interview with PEOPLE. My husband is not the least bit intimidated by my tenacity and assertiveness. I never imagined that at the age of 48, I would be at the pinnacle of my profession. I’m at the top of my game, and there’s no turning back.

According to reports, she said that “having males on board” is crucial for professional success.

“I just have so much going on that I tend to be a little bossy. He does a great job of letting me know when I’m speaking to him in an official capacity. It’s acceptable if I sometimes hear the phrase, “I don’t work for you, don’t talk to me like that.” If I’m approaching it incorrectly, I need to hear it.

Conclusion –

Ivery is a producer of music. He is successful in his profession as well. Cheers (Drink To That), a popular song that was played on an episode of the NBC sitcom Smash, used lyrics he penned. It is estimated that Ivery’s net worth as of 2017 was approximately $10 million as a result of his success in the profession. 

When partying at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City for a private Guns N’ Roses event, Ellen’s husband of four years must have forgotten he was married since a source told that he asked a female to go home with him! 

At a small Guns N’ Roses performance on February 16, Chris Ivery, the husband of Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo, did not behave like a married guy. can confirm that the attractive and accomplished 42-year-old actress’s husband made advances toward a 26-year-old woman at the concert, asking her for her phone number and attempting to make a kiss with her.

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