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Secrets In Suburbia Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know


Secrets in Suburbia is a drama and thriller movie which was first released on 15 April 2017 in the United States of America. The movie was filmed in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America. Sunshine Films Florida was the production company in charge of Secrets in Suburbia.

This company has also produced films like “Christmas in Pine Valley,” “My Teacher, My Obsession,” and many more. During many scenes, especially during Scarlet’s party, the soundtrack played was ‘The Barber of Seville,’ which was written by Gioachino Rossini. And if you would like to watch the movie, you can rent it from Amazon Prime.


Important casts of Secret in Suburbia are:

Brianna Lynn Brown is a 43-year-old American actress who works in a variety of television series and movies. She was born on 2 October 1979 and since 1999 has worked in movies like The Animal, Hollywood Homicide, Spider-Man 2, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and many more.

Tara Elizabeth Conner is a 36-year-old model and actress. In 2006, she won the title of Miss USA. She was born on 18 December 1985 in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. She has won various Beauty Pageants like Miss Kentucky Teen USA in 2002 and Miss Kentucky USA in 2006. She also secured the fourth runner-up in Miss Universe 2006.

Onira Tares is an American actress who was born on 21 May 1981. As an actress, she has worked in Ant-Man, Project Almanac, and Sully.

Linn Bjornland is an actress who has worked in True Blood, Grimm, Leverage, Hart of Dixie, and Code Black.

Sydney Hoover is a 19-year-old actress who was born on 8 December 2002. She has worked in films like “The Novitiate 2017” and “Louis and Skeeter.” From a very young age, she used to act in musical theater.

Jonathan K. Riggs is an actor who has worked in “The Clovehitch Killer” as a supporting character. He married Lara on 30 July 1994.


Brianna Brown as Gloria,

Tara Conner as Scarlet,

Joe Williamson as Phil,

Onira Tares as Monica,

Linn Bjornland as Kim,

Cris Cunningham as Troy,

Sydney Hoover as Nicky,

Brody Behr as Bradly,

Jonathan K. Riggs as Doctor Leibowitz,

and Vin Morreale Jr. as FBI Director.

Secrets in Suburbia Ending Explained

The protagonist, Gloria, realizes that her husband, along with Kim, Monica, and her friend Scarlett is plotting murder against her to conquer her fortune. Phil, Gloria’s husband, pretends not to have an affair but secretly wants to get rid of her wife. With the help of ethylene glycol, he decided to give it to Gloria so that she would die because of poisoning.

At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Scarlett, Gloria’s friend was also one of the conspirators, along with Phil, Kim, and Monica. When she discovered that Gloria had killed Phil and the other conspirators, she hung herself. Now the only conclusion that can be drawn from her suicide is that because she felt guilty, she decided to end her life.

However, the public didn’t like the way the movie ended. As one person said that her death didn’t make any sense because she was not involved in any plots to murder Gloria. And all of her actions before her death were logical, even when she blackmailed the police detective.


Will There Be The Next Part Of Secrets In Suburbia?

To be honest, the movie left a very bad impression on the audience. Many of them were not satisfied with the acting, and many felt that the directing was not up to mark. There were a lot of loopholes in the movie.

On the internet public wrote reviews like:

The poison, ethylene glycol that was supposed to kill Gloria in an instant isn’t dead, as the film has shown. It would be only lethal if the patient is using multiple doses, and the symptoms of any fatigue or discomfort will be shown after several days.

One person said before Gloria played the cello, she had her left-hand cut open with a knife, but it was not shown while she was playing it. And she used the dull side of the knife to cut her hand, which is also very pathetic.

As for whether there would be the next part or not, there is no official announcement regarding it. The movie has received an IMDb rating of 5.3. And personally, after getting so much hate from the public, it is unlikely that there would be another part of Secrets of Suburbia.

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