Spoilers of Days Of Our Lives: Is Susan Really Dead?

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives revealed how Susan’s car exploded when it plunged down the cliff. Is Susan dead at this point? Ava escaped the fatal accident because she would soon confront EJ, which indicates that she would do so. Does her survival imply Susan is likewise in good health? To determine if Susan is indeed dead or alive, let’s explore this option. In a storyline from the Days of Our Lives winter preview, St. Luke’s Church catches fire after what seems to be a bomb goes off during Susan’s burial.

When Brady Black as Eric Martsolf and Eric Brady as Greg Vaughan hear the explosion coming from Horton Town Square, they move in that direction. The smoke-obscured backdrop also gives the impression that someone is pointing a long gun, and two bodies can be seen in the debris. However, it may also be Thomas attempting to take down the bomber. It might just be some debris with a skateboard sticking out. Later, while emergency personnel extinguished the fire, Rafe stayed with a distraught EJ. A firefighter regrettably informs EJ that nobody could have survived the explosion.

Rafe offers to take EJ to the company’s headquarters so he may provide a statement on Susan’s kidnapping. EJ sobs and laments the fact that she won’t return. EJ won’t revisit his nightmare to comply with Rafe’s request to make it a public record. He departs. A ragged and bewildered EJ enters the home as Chloe and Stefan become increasingly amorous. His mother’s death, he chokes out. He shouts, hurls a piece of crystal, and collapses on the ground. He sobs, “My mother is dead, and it’s all my fault.” Sarah watches the news while Xander goes back to bed at the motel, and Susan is abducted.

Spoilers For Days Of Our Lives: Is Susan Banks Still Alive?

Ava is expected to confront EJ on Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, according to recent leaks. Why is she still alive despite the fatal accident? How could Ava survive that, considering that the automobile may have also been reduced to ashes? Let’s address this. It appears like Ava will approach EJ, and the two of them will engage in a heated argument. Now, if Ava is still alive, does that imply Susan escaped the collision unharmed? Ava must have made it out alive if Susan did as well. There is a potential that Susan may also be safe elsewhere if EJ does not see Ava in any way.

Furthermore, Susan’s corpse hasn’t been discovered yet. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that she is still alive. When the moment is right, the authors will probably put Susan’s return on the scene. Susan is reportedly deceased as of right now, whatever the circumstances. As a result, we must determine whether she is indeed alive. Every every day, only Peqacock+ carries Days Of Our Lives! Visit TV Season & Spoilers for additional updates and spoilers.

EJ’s Mother Dies When Ava-Car Susan’s Explodes.

In a previous scene, we witnessed how Ava told Xander to kill Susan because EJ was simply taking too long to provide the ransom money. Days of Our Lives, however, went on to illustrate how Xander was able to set Susan free while avoiding murdering her. In the meanwhile, EJ consented to give her the money, and then when he ultimately gave it to Ava, he anticipated getting his mother back. Instead, he received a startling update. Ava informed me that Susan had passed away. In less than a minute, Susan intervened to stop EJ from harming Ava.

EJ finally had a moment to understand what was truly happening. Ava quickly regained control, though, and forced Susan into the backseat while holding a revolver to her head. With all the speed they had, EJ and Rafe pursued Ava’s vehicle. Sadly, Ava saw Charlie again, and she decided to call an end to the game. As soon as Ava’s automobile reached the earth after driving down the cliff, it exploded. When EJ saw the entire accident, he was inconsolable. In the automobile incident, he essentially witnessed his mother’s death in front of him. Rescue personnel acknowledged that no one could be protected in such a fatal disaster even after they arrived on the scene.

Spoilers For Days of Our Lives: Thomas Banks, Assassin

Thomas hasn’t been around much lately, but in Beyond Salem, Chapter Two, he made an appearance as an assassin. While pretending to be Kristen DiMera, he murdered Phil Hellsworth, Vincent Van Patten, and Eileen Davidson in Beyond Salem 2. Many people from Salem, both past and present, searched there for Stefano DiMera’s (Joseph Mascolo’s) three prisms for DiMera Enterprises to fulfill an unspecified goal. With  Sister Mary Moira as Eileen Davidson, Penelope Kent as Eileen Davidson, and Thomas, the sister who went away from a brain tumor, Susan was one of three kids on the television series.

Those who have been following it for a while may remember this. Megan Hathaway, who had recruited Thomas as an assassin, was one of those searching for the three prisms. Miranda Wilson played Megan. He may feel compelled to exact revenge on Susan now that only Thomas and Sister Mary Moira remain in the family, or EJ DiMera, as Dan Feurreriegel may employ him to do it. Ava didn’t care if EJ murdered her at that moment since she believed she had won the fight.

Susan jumped in between the two and implored EJ not to fire before he could shoot Ava. Ava pulled out her revolver and immediately pointed it at Susan’s head because she was enraged by the fact that Susan was free. Ava drove off after stashing Susan in the trunk of her car, followed closely by EJ in a nearby automobile. Ava urged Susan to be quiet despite her desire to retrieve the fortunate that she had lost. As for the fortunate hat, Rafe discovered it when he arrived at the airfield lying on the ground.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives: Was Thomas Banks Pointing A Gun At Tripp Johnson?

It seems conceivable that EJ would have recruited his assassin uncle given that he had kidnapped Tripp Johnson, Ava Vitali’s son, as payback for Susan’s kidnapping as Tamara Braun, Lucas Adams. Thomas is the best person for the task, given the image of Tripp being strapped to a chair with a pistol to his head. Thus, everything will stay inside the family, and EJ won’t need to enlist the assistance of outside parties whose loyalty could be in doubt. Gangsters know how to make hits on other gangsters; if Susan dies, then Ava must also die; that is the gangsters’ code.

Ava is a gangster, and Thomas is also a gangster. Xander confesses to Sarah what he did in their hotel room. He briefly recalls nearly murdering Susan before announcing his resignation. He was requested to carry out what he believed to be improper. He was unable to carry it through because of his thoughts of her. He feels as though he has betrayed her once more. Sarah respects his desire to lead a moral life. After kissing, they return to their beds.

What Does It Matter If She Is Truly Lost?

She hasn’t been the only thing stopping EJ from becoming completely villainous, but as we’ve previously witnessed, losing her will ruin him. He’ll be forced to travel to a terrifying, dark location. And once he arrives, there will be one less spark in his life to attempt to nudge him in the opposite direction. Keep him there, then! EJ has attempted to walk a fine line between good and evil more than any other of Stefano’s kids. When his father was still living, he would participate in some very heinous plans, but he always appeared to back off when he had a moral epiphany. However, EJ no longer truly has these elaborate plans or sinister intentions, which is the current difficulty.

While attempting to live a “regular” life in Salem, he is only accompanied by that darkness. But nowadays, his added DiMera edge simply makes him a privileged a-hole instead of giving him. He could be complicit in Stefan’s indoctrination, but he wasn’t the one who conceived of it. There were sexist overtones in his persistence in toppling Gabi, in addition to the feeling that he was just attempting to get his business back in the hands of his family. And it didn’t seem as though he was furious over Ava deceiving the DiMera family as much as he was unhappy that she had her way over him in his wrath at her for pretending to be married to Jake. He is not opulent, ambitious, or malicious. He simply seems petty.

Therefore, let’s kill Susan and leave her for dead. Let’s hope that EJ’s loss transforms him into a person who actually cherishes his family and does not just use them as a vehicle to further his career. And instead of merely outdoing his rivals, let’s have him begin hatching plans for vengeance, battling the globe, and trying to wipe them out. Instead of merely following along for the ride, EJ needs to be the one to keep coming up with the brainwashing plans. He ought to be in charge, not Li, of Dr. Rolf! Heck, perhaps he could even use the doctor’s brainwashing techniques to convince himself to suppress his unwanted feelings to stop the suffering caused by Susan’s passing. For the sake of survival, he could consciously stomp out all of his remaining kindness.

Spoilers for Days Of Our Lives:  A Shooter Was Seen At Susan Banks’ Funeral?

In a storyline from the Days of Our Lives winter preview, St. Luke’s Church catches fire after what seems to be a bomb goes off during Susan’s burial. When Brady Black as Eric Martsolf and Eric Brady as Greg Vaughan hear the explosion coming from Horton Town Square, they move in that direction. The smoke-obscured backdrop also gives the impression that someone is pointing a long gun, and two bodies can be seen in the debris. However, it may also be Thomas attempting to take down the bomber. It might just be some debris with a skateboard sticking out.

Chloe inquires Stefan about the reason he informed Gabi they would be attending her wedding when they return to the estate. He remembers how Gabi played him when he married her. He, therefore, eagerly anticipates learning what she’s doing in preparation for Li. Performing their connection in front of another bride is something Stefan is also looking forward to. Chloe questions his motives for wanting to harm Gabi. The only thing Stefan wants is to communicate with her. He doesn’t care who Gabi marries since he doesn’t care about her enough to want to damage her. He exclusively considers Chloe while making decisions. They embrace and kiss.

What Does EJ’s loss of Susan mean?

If Susan’s passing persists, even for a little while, EJ’s darker side will certainly surface. There is no doubt that EJ is a villain, but after his return, he makes an effort to show that he isn’t that evil. EJ’s mother’s death as a result of his deeds just made him revert to the nasty, wicked figure from before that the audience loved to despise. Days of our Lives will probably wind up with more problems than solutions that won’t be made clear until February sweeps, with only a few days remaining in November sweeps.

Days Of Our Lives
Rushing to Sweet Bits, Stefan and Chloe discover that the restaurant has already closed. Stefan was expecting their second date to be great, so he is disappointed. She gives him such assurance. They embrace as Gabi approaches and presents them with wedding invites. Chloe predicts they’ll likely be away for New Year’s Eve, while Stefan is perplexed. Gabi believes that now that Li is Chloe’s new employer, she will be required to attend. Chloe will be Stefan’s plus one, he proclaims. Bonnie confessed she was taken prisoner when Justin Kiriakis as Wally Kurth and Alex Kiriakis as Robert Scott Wilson freed her from the shed after discovering Susan, who’s being taken, hostage.

Bonnie was brought inside and offered a drink to help her relax, but she was reluctant to discuss what had happened. Rafe nonetheless appeared and insisted that, for Susan’s sake, everyone needed to participate in the probe. In Bonnie’s memory, her captor was dressed in a blue suit and clown mask, but she claimed that the man had a stronger physique than a clown and was more of a strongman. He was still driving Susan, who kept asking him questions, in Xander Cook’s (Paul Telfer) automobile while he was wearing the clown mask.

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