What Did Adam Young Do To Taylor Swift? Everything You Need To Know

Adam Young and Taylor Swift
Adam Young and Taylor Swift

All the hardcore swifties know the enchanted meeting behind the song Enchanted. Recently the song blew up on tiktok because of its lyrics. As of now, you may be familiar with girls on tiktok singing the lyrics “Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you.” 

This exact portion from the song Enchanted went viral on tiktok with girls and boys singing it with yearning hearts, pining for the one they met but cannot have yet. It is a perfect song that captures the feeling you have when you have a crush on someone. 

Enchanted was a part of Taylor’s third studio album, ‘Speak Now. It was written and recorded by Taylor swift, and it was produced by Taylor herself along with Nathan Chapman. It was released in 2010 with a length of about 5 minutes and 52 seconds.

Lyrics of Enchanted
Lyrics of Enchanted

Upon release, this song charted on the Canadian Hot 100. It occupied the 95th position in the Canadian Hot 100. It also procured a space in the US Billboard Hot 100. It was in the 75th position on Billboard. That is to say, and this song was not something that recently popped up due to its popularity in tiktok. It had its own moment back in 2010 before it made its comeback with tiktok. 

This is not the only song that made a comeback to the mainstream due to tik tok; the wildest dream and love story also had viral moments on this platform. We are always grateful for these old songs making a comeback trend as it takes us to the good old days. 

This sudden Enchanted resurgence brought us back to the day when the media discussed the cute reason why Taylor wrote this song in the first place. We are here to brush that memory once again.

The Story Behind Enchanted

Taylor wrote this song for a crush. The main theme of the song is Taylor falling for someone she met for the first time. The fear of them being taken by someone else is what she is trying to convey through her song Enchanted. 

The Song is rumored to be written for Adam Young of Owl City. Taylor met him in New York City. When she first met him, she was totally into him. They had exchanged emails prior to their meeting, but when she finally saw the person with whom she exchanged all these emails, she fell for him.

Taylor herself admitted to having such an experience, though she did not clearly tell the name of her crush, she told “I remember just the whole way home thinking, ‘I hope he’s not in love with somebody'”

Adam Young and Taylor Swift
Adam Young and Taylor Swift Credit: AdamYoungOfficial.tumblr.com

Taylor did not shy away from putting the name A-D-A-M in Speak Now’s album lyric booklet. This capitalized version of his name hinted that this was, in fact, The Adam Young of Owl City.

If we take a look at the lyrics of Enchanted, we can find that she used the word “Wonderstruck.” It is repeated many times throughout the song. 

‘The night is sparkling; don’t you let it go

I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.’ 

This is the lyric in question; Taylor herself revealed that the word ‘wonderstruck’ is something she picked up from the guy she emailed and then later met. According to her, the guy emailed her saying, ‘Sorry I was so quiet. I was just wonderstruck meeting you.”

You never know when the inspiration sparks; William Wordsworth called poetic inspiration a “spontaneous overflow of emotions” Taylor might have experienced those poetic emotions when she met him for the first time. For us Swifties, this turned out to be a good encounter as we got a song dedicated to crushes.

Adam Young
Adam Young Credit: Ian West/PA Images via Getty

A reason why the song still gets traction is because of the universality of the theme. We all have crushes, and we all fear that our crushes might be in love with someone else. Taylor was able to capture this emotion, as always. 

Adam’s Response To Taylor’s Lyrics

There is a saying about falling in love with an artist; they make you eternal by making you their muse and thereby immortalizing your existence. It is an honor to be the muse of Miss Taylor Swift. When Adam Young found out the song Enchanted was about her crush on him, he replied to her with a sweet gesture. 

Adam himself is a famous songwriter and performer. The song Fireflies by him which was released in 2009, was a huge hit. It still takes us back to those carefree days when you listen to it. That is to say, he himself has no shortage of talent.

When he realized that the A-D-A-M in the Album might be him, he decided to write a letter back to Taylor through his Tumblr page. He wrote this letter on valentines day, addressing the letter as ‘Dearest Taylor’

Adam Young's Letter
Adam Young’s Letter Credit: AdamYoungOfficial.tumblr.com

The letter begins by saying, “I’ll be the first to admit I’m a rather shy boy” This word hints at the direct reply to Taylor’s comment about the email she received after she met her crush. The letter then went on to say ‘Since music is the most eloquent form of communication I can muster, I decided to record something for you-as sort of a ‘reply’ to the breathtaking song on your current record.”

As he mentioned in the letter, he created his own version of ‘Enchanted’ and recorded that version by changing the lyrics. In the original lyrics, there is a part where Taylor says, “It was enchanting to meet you” it is repeated in several stanzas. Adam changed that into “I was enchanted to meet you too.”

Did Taylor Swift Respond to Adam Young’s Song?

Taylor Swift never responded to Adam Young’s version of Enchanted. According to him, he never heard back from her. But don’t worry, all is fine because Adam responded that “It was fun and was kind of an AB piece that went together.”

Though their relationship was just through these emails and songs, many swifties shipped them together. Unfortunately, both of them are happy with their own lives, and there is no possibility of getting together. But it is wild to think that there is a cute story behind the viral song ‘Enchanted.’

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