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Wednesday Season 2 Cast Storyline And Everything You Need To Know About

wednesday poster (credits: youtube)

As it revealed more of the arguably most mysterious Addams, Wednesday undoubtedly delivered on its promise of an indulgent helping of the weird and wonderful. As Wednesday tried to figure out who was maiming and killing the residents of Jericho, it led viewers on a long, winding murder-mystery story. It goes without saying that we looked for hints, just like Wednesday (Jenna Ortega).

The first season of Wednesday answers some of the major problems that the show raised over the course of its eight episodes, but it also leaves open a number of plot lines and character destinies. If the program gets a second season, there are also lots of fresh riddles to solve.

wednesday poster

Wednesday poster (credits: youtube )

Fans were left to speculate about who sent the strange text after the show threw in a few twists for the conclusion, but we’ll need more than just speculating about quenching our curiosity. An additional season is the most obvious fix, but will there be one? The second season of Wednesday is covered in the following information.

When Can The Return Of Wednesday Season 2 Be?

Even though Wednesday is currently only scheduled for one season, the show’s unresolved ends hint that its creators have bigger plans than just a single appearance.

It is quite improbable that the pair would abandon Wednesday’s story unfinished, even though Gough’s feeling is fairly generic and could inspire the investigation of other Addams’ stories.

The audience’s reaction to the play is the only thing that might present a problem. Keep streaming if you want to see more of Ortega as Wednesday because the Netflix gods only respond to clicks.

a still form wednesday

a still from ‘Wednesday’ (credits: IMDb)

It stands to reason that season 2 should get the green light first. It might not be until 2024 before we see a second season of the show if we factor in everything from production to filming to the schedules of the main cast members to post-production and everything else in between.

As a point of reference, season 1’s filming wrapped up in March 2022 after having begun in Romania way back in September 2021. After eight months, it was made available on Netflix.

As soon as it’s official and the cameras start rolling, we’ll learn more about the potential release date for Wednesday season 2.

Who Will Make A Comeback In Wednesday Season 2?

Naturally, Jenna Ortega, who plays our title character Wednesday Addams, will return in all-black attire. Along with her, the following Nevermore Academy pupils will probably return for more mayhem, intrigue, and murder in season 2:

  • Emma Myers – Enid
  • Percy Hynes White – Xavier
  • Joy Sunday – Bianca
  • Moosa Mostafa – Eugene
  • Georgie Farmer – Ajax
  • Naomi J. Ogawa – Yoko
  • plus the remaining students from Nevermore
cast of wdnesday

the cast of ‘Wednesday’ (credits: den of geeks)

The likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones – Morticia, Luis Guzmán – Gomez, Isaac Ordonez – Pugsley, Fred Armisen – Uncle Fester, and Thing – Victor Dorobantu will undoubtedly return as well. Sheriff Galpin will probably also make a comeback, played by Jamie McShane.

Tyler and Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a. Laurel Gates, is also probably not done with us yet, so it’s possible that Hunter Doohan and Christina Ricci may return for season 2.

What will happen next in the Wednesday season 2 storyline?

Even while we don’t know what to expect from Wednesday’s second season until it airs, we do know four things that will almost certainly happen if Netflix decides to renew the show.

a still from wednesday

a still from Wednesday (credits: Netflix)

1) The new stalker’s identity from Wednesday. Someone is observing her. Who is the sender of those ominous photos to her? How did they even obtain her phone number?

2) Marilyn Thornhill’s whereabouts, also known as Laurel Gates. We are aware of her continued existence, and we were not present when the cops detained her. Or did she manage to get away? In either case, she’ll probably reappear on Wednesday to get revenge for what happened at the end of season 1.

3) While inside the van, Tyler changed back into Jekyll, but did he manage to escape? Yes, the whereabouts of Tyler/the Hyde monster will probably be the main emphasis of season 2. Is he evading capture? Can he become better? Can the powers of Hyde be again hidden away?

4) Wednesday and Xavier’s developing… romance? There’s no way Xavier is going to give up on Wednesday’s affections just yet after giving her that phone and programming his own number into it so she could text him.

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