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Is Xavier The Monster In Wednesday?

You might be interested to see if Xavier is to blame for the monster if you're excitedly Episode-watching Wednesday, the Addams Family spinoff. Despite the fact that Halloween may have passed officially, Tim Burton likes to combine the seasons.

You might be interested to see if Xavier is to blame for the monster if you’re excitedly Episode-watching Wednesday, the Addams Family spinoff. Despite the fact that Halloween may have passed officially, Tim Burton likes to combine the seasons. The Nightmare Before Christmas creator Tim Burton is returning with another Halloween treat, Wednesday, which makes its Netflix debut with less than a month till Christmas.

Even though the majority of viewers will be familiar with The Addams Family thanks to the same-named comedy classic from 1991, Wednesday focuses on the sardonic daughter whose name gives the series its name. While the identity of the Hyde monster is still unknown, the first season follows Wednesday as she experiences adulthood at Nevermore Academy.


The series follows the Wednesday Addams enrolls in the ominous Nevermore Academy, a school for Outcasts, kids with various strange and amazing magical skills. A mystery monster has been attacking people within the surroundings of Nevermore and the nearby town of Jericho.

And she first despises her new school until becoming involved in a perplexing investigation. The results of Wednesday’s investigations point her in the direction of a number of probable suspects, but who or what is the series’ monster?

What Is Wednesday’s Monster?

The creature known as Hyde is the one who has been assaulting individuals on Wednesday. In episode 7, Wednesday gets a quick visit from her adored Uncle Fester, who tells her the type of monster they are. 

Wednesday monster

With his assistance, Wednesday learns that the mysterious Hyde takes its name from the tale of Jekyll & Hyde because it is often kind and innocent but has a hidden evil side that leads the creature to morph into a scary eye-bulging monster. Fester also reveals that a master is necessary for Hyde to be controlled and its powers to be unlocked, as the creature cannot function without one.

Is Xavier A Monster? What Wednesday Believes 

Jenna Ortega’s character Wednesday Addams finds paintings of the moon-eyed monster painted by psychic artist Xavier Played – (Percy Hynes White) while gathering proof regarding the Hyde monster. As a result, Wednesday has the feeling that Xavier may be the monster or at least knows more about it than he has disclosed. The monster’s appearance is unknown. Therefore, how do you know it? Wednesday queries Xavier.

wednesday monster xavier

This thing has been invading my nightmares for the past few weeks, Xavier claims in defense. I attempt to ignore it, but I am unable to. I simply come in and paint it. The claws sprang out of the canvas as I was painting this one and swiped me in the face. My scrapes came about in that way.

In Netflix’s Wednesday, Is Xavier Really the monster?

Xavier isn’t the Hyde monster, either. He wasn’t lying when he assured Wednesday that he was not a monster. Wednesday, though, remained steadfast despite everything. As a result, Wednesday’s “proof” leads to Xavier’s arrest for the death of six “normies” outside the institution’s premises. The genuine Hyde monster is still causing trouble in the township as a result of this case of misidentification.

wednesday monster

Who Is The Wednesday Hyde Monster? Revealed

The identity of the Hyde monster is one of the show’s central mysteries from season 1. Once the power is unleashed, Hyde is a dangerous outcast form that has the ability to tune into its evil side and morph at will.

who is wednesday monster?

It turned out that Tyler – (Hunter Doohan), the Sheriff’s son, was the real Hyde. This is a terrible twist surprise for Wednesday because the Sheriff was her partner in the quest for the Hyde and someone she had a sexual relationship with. After kissing Tyler, the sarcastic Addams daughter learns that he is the monster. With her newly acquired telepathic skills, Wednesday can now see Tyler for who he really is.

Have A Glance At The Other Beasts In Wednesday’s Netflix Series

As Wednesday Addams transitions to Nevermore Academy, she meets a large group of strange figures. Werewolves, vampires, and numerous other creatures that “go bump in the night” also possess frightening transformational abilities, so it’s not just the Hyde monster. To help you keep an eye out for certain characters, below is a list of some of their abilities:

wednesday monster

Emmy Myers’ werewolf character Enid Sinclair Joy Sunday portrays Bianca Barclay as a siren, while Georgie Farmer plays Ajax as a gorgon. What Jenna Ortega does Wednesday Addams discovers paintings of the moon-eyed beast by psychic painter Xavier while searching for evidence of the Hyde monster – (Percy Hynes White). Therefore, Wednesday believes that Xavier is either the monster or is aware of more information than he has revealed.

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