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‘Nocebo’ Ending Explained: What Was Diana’s Intent? Is Christine Still Alive Or Dead?

The psychological thriller "Nocebo," created by Lorcan Finnegan, is about the specter of a terrible past
The psychological thriller "Nocebo," created by Lorcan Finnegan, is about the specter of a terrible past(credit: Alchetron)

The psychological thriller “Nocebo,” created by Lorcan Finnegan, is about the specter of a terrible past. “Nocebo” is worth watching for how it handles the genre, with an intriguing build-up and a dreadfully predictable climax. Christine is a fashionista that focuses on creating lines of children’s apparel.

The media covered her design experience because she is a well-known individual. She was well renowned for going throughout the world on her own to find manufacturers. Even though her life appeared ideal, a phone call drastically altered her.

nocebo plot synopsis

Nocebo plot synopsis(credit: cineocchio)

The Storyline of ‘Nocebo’: What Is the Film About?

The conflict between Christine and Felix regarding who will drop Roberta, often known as Bobs, off at school opens the film. Christine eventually drops Bob off when the pair is prepared to depart for work. The parent is shown ignoring their daughter and focusing only on their work, establishing the tone for the rest of the film.

A couple of kids are getting ready for a picture shoot as Christine enters the office and changes their costumes. Christine creates children’s clothing for a living and is skilled at it. She exits the building to take a call when she receives news of a terrible occurrence. She also notices a dog in front of her that has ticks on it. The ticks spread to Christine as the dog approached her cautiously and shook itself.

Despite her cries and shouts, no one comes to save her. Christine’s neck’s back is being invaded by a tick, which is visible in doing so. Since Christine’s last visit eight months ago, she has become unwell and is now receiving the medicine. Felix and Bobs are concerned about her because they don’t know how to make her feel better.

She experiences headaches, rashes, shaking, and memory loss, which causes her to forget some everyday tasks. Diana, a Filipina who claims Christine asked her to visit, shows up at the residence one day. Christine is unaware of the same, in contrast. She reluctantly makes a place for Diana and extends a warm welcome.


Nocebo 2022 (credit: movies and mania)

Flashbacks in the novel allow us to glimpse Diana’s earlier years. Her memories depict her adolescent years, her private life, and even the birth of her daughter. Diana offers to assist when she notices Christine is in need. Diana is known as a Healer, or Umu, as she is known in their language and culture. She relies on natural ingredients and folk treatments to feel well. But as she recovers, we also see her developing a sinister trait.

Diana hoards things like hair, nails, and even blood from Christine. She keeps everything in a temporary altar along with her other medical equipment. Felix has some misgivings and questions Diana’s motivations. He attempts to talk to Diana but is unsuccessful. Felix becomes unbalanced when their big pet Bird soars around him, and she cautions him to use caution on the stairs.

Felix pushes the Bird away and kills it to defend himself. As a result of his distress, Bobs makes friends with Diana. Bobs doesn’t like Diana, but she gradually integrates into his life. Under Diana’s bed, Felix discovers Christine’s misplaced medications. Christine kicks her out of the house as a result. Diana urges Bobs to help her stay there permanently now that she has her on her side.

Bobs tells Christine a fib concerning the whereabouts of the drugs in Felix’s vehicle. Felix descends to give Christine some space after their argument. Big Bird unexpectedly surfaces as Felix climbs the stairs, causing him to stumble and suffer serious injuries. As soon as Felix was admitted to the hospital, Diana made a clear path to Christine, and the movie’s finale saw her pursue revenge.

The Storyline of 'Nocebo'

credit: Manila bulletien

How Did “Nocebo” End? – Why Did Diana Kill Christine?

Diana believes that Christine killed her daughter and intends to punish Christine for it. Years ago, Christine was required to fly to the Philippines to supervise the creation of the dresses she had designed. While there, she requested that the factory manager secured the entrance to deter theft and suggested that the manager require extra hours from the workers.

Diana had to bring her daughter to work with her because she was one of the workers at the factory. A fire breaks out on the property one day, trapping scores of employees—including Diana’s daughter—who is then charred to death. Diana made Christine work at the sewing machine specifically so she might experience the adverse effects of her ambition as other employees felt them.

She made everything miserable for all the ladies who worked there by imposing such severe rules. Christine is forced to own her errors by Diana, who also won’t let her give up. Christine runs the machine as she becomes engrossed in Diana’s vision.

What Was Diana's motive?

What Was Diana’s motive? (credit: Digital Mafia Talkies)

Christine can see bodies burning and people screaming in agony as Diana vividly recreates the entire incident in her eyes. Christine observes Anina putting her hands over her eyes before eventually catching fire. Christine catches fire in this twisted tale of retribution just as Diana’s beloved daughter Anina passes away. His wife is in flames on the sewing machine when Felix gets home.

Her fortunate shoes, which are still on her feet, let him identify her. Christine’s life ends when she earns her retribution; not even the wearing of her lucky shoes can reverse her fate. Diana instructs Bobs to go to the garden and look up when Christine passes away. Diana leaps off the terrace and crashes to the ground. When Bobs informs Felix that she saw Diana flying earlier in the film, there is a hint of this moment in the foreshadowing.

Diana wanted to punish Christine’s daughter like Christine had punished Anina after she had gotten her retribution. Diana passes away, and Bob is standing over her body. Bob receives the power to heal and destroy the Umu’s soul, manifested as a tiny nestling.

How Did "Nocebo" End?

How Did “Nocebo” End? (credit: Leisurebyte)

The film highlights the negative influence of capitalism, which frequently ignores humanism and fundamental human needs. “Nocebo,” a portrayal of today’s materialistic world, forces viewers to consider the effects of people’s insatiable desire for achievement.

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