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What Did Jamie Do To Beth In Yellowstone?

Jamie To Beth On Yellowstone feature

One of the sons of the big cattle ranch owner John Dutton, Jamie Dutton, along with his wife, is an attorney. The name of his dear father’s wife is Evelyn Dutton. Jamie is the one who has eventually been portrayed and featured in many series and TV shows, and this is the best part of him to become popular and the most well-known personality.

When he was only three years old, his father was so cruel that he beat his mother to death and was later adopted by Evelyn and John Dutton. Later, the couple was blessed with four children, and they grew up together in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Jamie is one of the most hardworking and successful men in the whole family.

Talking about Beth is one of the only daughters of John Dutton. And she is one of the three surviving children who are struggling with inheritance. Kelly Reilly, who is one of the most successful English actors, played the role. Also, Beth is the one who is the most rare-figure in the world of the whole prestige TV.

What Did Jamie Do To Beth In Yellowstone?

So, for all the fans of Yellowstone, it is finally here about the hot topic what exactly did Jamie do to Beth in Yellowstone? So, as we all know that this is the series that was produced by the hit Paramount Network and it was the one from its most firm 5th episode.

After seeing all the episodes, fans are still confused and don’t know much about the reason why Beth hates Jamie so much, and just because of the viewers and the audience’s massive argument to reveal the reason, it is almost here. Read the below article to know.

Yellowstone Jamie

Last year, most audience and Yellowstone fans saw that Beth was so explosive for her brother, something that reached extremely new levels. So, along with the viewer’s and the audience’s curiosity and request, the truth has been revealed and come forward. In the previous teaser, the series used the flashback, and this was just because it wanted to reveal the character’s backstory and other information.

Later, 15-year-old Beth found that she was pregnant, so she immediately went to Jamie for an abortion. By requesting and pleasing Jamie, he took Beth to the Indian Health Services for abortion just because their family and father would not find or even have a clue about it.

After some time, when Jamie reached the Indian Health Services, she was told that the final and the only way for abortion of Beth would be to sterilize the woman in the process. To this, Jamie agreed, and interestingly, the next scene was shown Beth waiting for the results of the pregnancy test. As expected, Beth told everyone a lie that the pregnancy test was negative.

Then, suddenly Beth woke up from her nightmare and remembered that solemn memory. Rip was the only one who would comfort her, and later she went again into her secret. But, in the last episode, Beth told him that she cannot have kids now, and this is the scene where Season 3 eventually gives viewers more questions to rise that too only about Jamie and Beth’s feud.


After some time, Beth was still not sure and did not fully realize when she usually walked through the same doors that she would be the one who would be getting sterilized, too, along with an abortion. Here multiple questions arise when Jamie keeps that thing from her for some time, only for Beth to learn the truth later.

Or did she knowingly is going with the flow so that she could later blame Jamie? Or did she ever expect her brother to be the more positive influence in such a life-changing situation? Later, Jamie is not wrong, nor did he do anything wrong, and here, at this point, he is thinking about the things which he did the best for Beth.

Later, Beth is so clever that she suddenly blames her brother for an abortion and her sterility. From here, Beth’s hatred for Jamie emerged, and this was just because she blamed him for not being able to have kids then. This is the scene that is, of course, assumed by Jamie that he told her about the sterilization before she went in.

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