Will Mellor Winning Hearts In Strictly Come Dancing- Find Out Who Is He Married To

Will Mellor has grabbed lots of attention and fame this year due to his participation in the iconic show Strictly Come Dancing. The TV star won laurels for his competitive performances on the iconic dance floor. Will Mellor is no stranger to fame and popularity. This 46-year-old star gained immense fame with his portrayal of the cheeky guy Gaz in the BBC Sitcom- Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. 

Will Mellor’s career spans over three decades, but he hasn’t been too vocal or expressive about his personal life. Will is a father to two adorable kids and also a loving husband. People have always been curious to know more about his personal life, especially his partner’s details. Though Will is best known for his appearances in various sitcoms, he also did a few movies like Broadchurch, Line of Duty, Hollyoaks, etc. 

Will Manor in Strictly Come Dancing
Will Mellor’s career spans over three decades

Will Mellor Is A Doting Dad 

Will Mellor is known to be a very loving dad. He resides with his family in a plush Cheshire mansion. Will’s kids seem to enjoy living a private life away from the hustle and bustle of media. They are not really known for making frequent public appearances. 

Will Mellor Family
Will resides with his family in a plush Cheshire mansion

Will’s son, who’s only 18, is embarking on a journey to become a model. Well, the youngster surely has got the perfect looks to be a successful model. Will doesn’t really mention his children in the public spotlight. But Will took to Instagram to put a picture of his son Jayden -all decked up in a suit for the first time. Will proudly expressed that his cute little kid was finally a proper grown-up now.

The Family Goes On Vacations Frequently 

who is Will Mellor married to

Will is known to take his family on trips to various destinations. The various snaps posted on Instagram show that the family bonds really well. Though Will remains busy with his commitments, he frequently takes his family on trips like a Manchester United event, a trip to Disneyland Hongkong, etc. 

Will Mellor’s Wife- Michelle McSween

People are curious to know more about Will Mellor’s wife. Well, Michelle is no stranger to the acting and dancing world. She has appeared in movies like De-Lovely and Star Mr & Mrs. Speaking. Michelle is quite active on Instagram, as she has posted over 340 posts. Michelle’s Instagram posts are all about her dedication to her family.

Will Mellor Wife
Will and Michelle started dating in 1999

She frequently posts throwback pictures of her and Will’s relationship journey. Michelle also operates and handles a performing arts school. Well, Will be getting tips and feedback from Michelle, as she is an accomplished dancer. Fans got to know more about the family when Michelle and Will appeared for an Ok interview and revealed fun facts. 

Will Mellor and Michelle McSween’s Love Story 

Will tied the knot with TV actress Michelle McSween. They both were roped in to perform in a stage musical in 1999. The musical titled Oh What A Night literally ended up being one of the most memorable nights for the couple. Love soon blossomed, and the couple married eight years later. The couple is parents to two adorable kids- 18-year-old Jayden and 14-year-old daughter Renne.

Will Mellor Kids
Will mentioned in an interview that they both had always been good units

The couple dated for nearly eight years and finally decided to marry each other in 2007. The couple chose to get married at a stunning grand manor house located in  Warwickshire. The couple was accompanied by their families and other guests that, included many popular stars from the TV industry. 

Will mentioned in an interview that they both had always been good units. The eight years of their dating were one of the best times of Will’s life. And now, after marriage, that unit and bonding have grown much stronger and more solid. He is now an old married man, but he takes joy in this fact.

why will mellor family is less seen in media
Will loves spending time with his family

Will Mellor Is A Perfect Husband 

Will frequently posts pictures of his wife on social media. Their posts show that their love and bond just keep on strengthening with time. According to Will, he absolutely hates fixed routines. He might be too busy with his work, but still, he ensures that he steps back and spend some time with Michelle.

Michelle McSween Husband
Will frequently posts pictures of his wife on social media.

Though Will and Michelle go on several family outings, they make sure they enjoy some time together. They frequently go on dates and enjoy their love life together. Well, this couple shows that the love life of a couple should not get bogged down due to the responsibilities after marriage-handling, kids, managing work, etc. 

Will Mellor In  Strictly Come Dancing

Will Mellor has remained in the limelight due to his stint in the extremely popular show Strictly Come Dancing. He and his partner Nancy Xu have managed to woo the audience as well as the judges from their first performance itself. Both are being projected as strong contenders to reach the final of Strictly Come Dancing. 

Will Mellor in  Strictly Come Dancing
Will and his partner Nancy Xu are loved by the audience in Strictly Come Dancing.



Will’s Special Reason To Join Strictly Come Dancing

Will isn’t just a doting husband and father. But he is an incredible son too. Will has always mentioned how he was close to his parents forever. In the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing,  he became emotional as he recounted how he lost his dad two years ago. Will’s dad was suffering from cancer, and his loss meant a huge setback for Will. But Will decided to celebrate life and not let the sorrow dictate his further journey.

Hence he became a part of the show. Also, Strictly Come Dancing is her mom’s favorite show. And she has been battling multiple things for a few years. So that’s what motivated him to join the show. He made everyone emotional when he paid tribute to his beloved father as he performed on Three Times  A Lady song in Week 8 of the dance show.