Chante Moore Is Married Now! All You Need To Know

chante moore

Last month, a beautiful couple from Hollywood tied the knot and became forever and ever of each other. This wedding took place on Oct 22,2022. The couple was none other than the singer and Former BET Executive Stephen and Chante Moore. The two officially got married in front of the world and accepted their love and care for their upcoming lives, and they also promised to stay with each other no matter what thick and thin they had to go through.

Chante Moore rose to fame in the early 90s and has a huge fan following in the present as well. She made a comeback in the year 203 with her new songs and albums and instantly became a heartthrob again. Despite her long time in the Industry, she, with her skills and talent, has maintained a big fan following till the present. Recently, she got married; yes, you read it right! Let’s see who’s the lucky guy-

Who is Chante Moore?

Born in February 1967, Chante Moore is an American Actress, television personality, singer, songwriter, and a very famous author as well. Chante has been one of the phenomenal ladies who have set a benchmark in their respective fields through their work. She was able to successfully establish herself as the R and B singer.


She debuted with her album studio, which was certified GOLD by RIAA in the year 1994. She, with her continuous release of hit albums and songs, became very famous all around the United States of America. Her song Got a Man, which was released in 1994, topped the charts of Billboard under the Top 10 category, and later it also became her signature song. She kept on releasing songs over the years. Like- Exposed in 2000, Love the Woman in 2008, and Moore is More in 2013.

chante moore

Later in 2013, she was seen in a TV Reality show in the reality TV Show series Rand B Divas: Los Angeles, where she was seen back in the TV Industry after a long time. She was part of the show for three continuous seasons, but later, she left when the seasons were canceled by the producers. She has won several awards, including- NAACP Award for best soundtrack and Artist in 1992, her song Waiting to Exhale also received a nomination for Grammy Award in 1996, Whereas she won American Music Award for the same soundtrack in the year 1997.UB Honours Award for best comeback album; Moore is More in the year 2013.

In the year 2014, she published a book named “Will I Marry Me”?This book was widely recognized and loved by her fans and followers a lot. She made a mark in the mind of her readers regarding her works, and this self-help book was also loved and liked by many of his fans.

Relationship Timeline of Chante Moore:

She at first was married to her childhood friend and lover, Kadeem Harrison, from 1997-2000. This marriage was hidden from the eyes of the world, and it’s said that they held a secret marriage. With this marriage, she has two children named as-Sophia and Kenny Junior with Kadeem. In the year 1999, she released the album Chante’s Got a Man, which was written by her then-husband Kadeem Hardison; it also gained top positions on the billboard charts and was certified as Gold too.

Whereas the situation and relationship between the du broke, Chante was seen remarrying again in the year 2002 to Kenny Lattimore; later, a divorce petition was filed by both of them, and the duo was separated in 2011.

marriage chante moore and stephen

In recent years, Chante Moore was often seen in public with Stephen Hill, and later their engagement was announced on Oct 2021, on the auspicious occasion on Oct 2021 when its birthday of Stephen. Moore has known him for a long time, since 1992; she has earlier told about this in an interview. Where she also mentioned that Stephen was a person to whom she used to run accidentally, but she always felt safe and comforted around him since day one.

It s just time’s magic that, beautifully and slowly, the things between the two have changed. Chanté Moore was seen very happy after the completion of all the rituals of her marriage with Stephen. Later that day, Stephen posted a love-filled post over Instagram where he illustrated that- “He feels he is on the seventh sky, love is surrounded all around him the presence of his family, friends, and well-wishers made the occasion more auspicious than ever it was. Also, lots of pictures of Chante Morre were posted by him, where she can be seen as extremely happy and bushing.

With the recent pictures of Chante de Moore and her husband Stephen, it can be easily assessed that she is very happy and cheerful in her life after her marriage. We, as followers, wish her all the best in her life. Also, we hope that she and her husband get all the happiness and success with their new collateral lives together.