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27 Movies Like Marry Me That You Should Definitely Watch

We have all gorged on romantic comedy movies at some stage in our life. Usually, it’s in the teenage years when one of us falls in love for the first time, hoping things will last forever. We view the world through rose-tinted glasses, expecting life to be a fairy tale and the person we want all those things with to be our Prince Charming or Cinderella.

However, more often than not, life has some ugly lessons in store for us. Very soon, the magical bubble bursts, and we realize the people we thought were destined for us essentially just stopped along the way. The process of grievance and acceptance is hard but what follows next is a beautiful phase of healing. The sooner you discover yourself, the closer you’ll be to getting your true “happily ever after.” 

Marry Me by Kat Coiro is a romantic comedy movie based precisely on this notion. Kat Valdez is a Latin superstar and music icon, envied by thousands but worshiped by millions. She harbored similar expectations and rose-tinted notions from her long-term relationship with supernova Bastian, so much so that they even made a hit single, “Marry Me,” together. The idea was that Bastian would propose to Kat with the ring on their first Marry Me tour in front of an arena full of people, but fate intervened.

marry me

Moments before Kat is supposed to go on stage. She gets the devastating news that Bastian has been caught on camera cheating with her assistant. A heartbroken Kat then makes an impulsive decision to marry an ordinary guy, Charlie, from the audience just to get back at her boyfriend. Charlie is a divorced high school math teacher who is completely cut off from the glittering world of stardom and TV and spends his free time with his 9-year-old daughter. So what happens when these two extremely contrasting personalities decide to get married?

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me

Like all rom-coms, this movie has a feel-good factor to it, one that makes you believe in love and soulmates all over again. It is a classic story of a rich girl falling in love with the “formerly nobody” guy, and the two discover their love for each other by overcoming all kinds of societal hurdles. Starring Jennifer Lopez as Kat, Owen Wilson as Charlie, and Jason Maluma as Bastian (his debut on screen)

This movie is a timeless classic that also features a special duet by Lopez and Maluma. If you are one of those hopeless romantics looking for a mushy love story to binge-watch over the weekend, this is the one you should go for. It’s fresh, it’s funny, it’s inviting, and more importantly, intensely romantic. We have also listed the top 28 movies you should look out for if you loved “Marry Me.”

1. The Wedding Planner

If you loved “Marry Me” and cannot get enough of Jennifer Lopez as the lovestruck protagonist, then this 2001 American rom-com directed by Adam Shankman will surely appeal to you like nothing ever before. Lopez plays Mary Fiores, a wedding planner in Manhattan who’s landed her first big project, and she is extremely dedicated and determined to leave no stone unturned in delivering to the best of her ability.

The Wedding Planner

However, ironically enough, she stumbles into Steve Edison, a hot young doctor in the street, and falls hopelessly in love with him, except he’s the “groom-to-be.” The rest of the story follows Mary’s journey through this event, how it changes her as a person, how she blossoms into a woman of convictions and desires, and whether all of that would be enough for her to have a happily ever after. Matthew McConaughey as Steve only amps up the chemistry of the duo and makes the movie a great first watch.

2. Monster-in-Law

Charlotte is an independent, pretty, bubbly Latina who dabbles in a lot of odd jobs, from dog walking to manning the reception, and paints in her free time. Kevin is a charming, suave doctor with a knack for appreciating beauty and is attached to his mother by the hip. So when the two people fall for each other, it seems like a match made in heaven for all but one reason, Kevin’s mother.


Viola, three times divorced and widowed by Kevin’s father’s death, also happens to be recently fired from her talk show – all of which has made her extremely protective of Kevin. With help from her best friend and personal assistant, Ruby, Viola decides to wreck her son’s marriage to Charlie, but things go south when the latter finds out.

Starring Jane Fonda as Viola, Jennifer Lopez as Charlotte, and Michael Vartan as Kevin, this movie is sure to melt your heart, all the while making you laugh your heart out. The movie received ten nominations in total, but Wanda Sykes, for her role as Ruby, won the BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a theatrical film.

3. Made in Manhattan

Directed by Wayne Wang, this 2002 American romantic comedy movie is sure to make butterflies flutter in your stomach and hope desperately for a fairy tale romance. Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a divorced maid, Marissa Ventura, at one of the most prestigious hotels in Manhattan, Waldorf-Astoria, with a twelve-year-old, Ty.

Made in Manhattan

The hotel also is the temporary residence of Senator Christopher Marshall, who is young and wanted among the eligible elite. So when Marissa and Chris fall for each other through a fated mix-up at the hotel, Marissa knows from the start that it will be a doomed romance. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Tyler Posey, and Natasha Richardson, along with JLo, this movie will tug at your heartstrings. It also earned JLo quite a few nominations for Best Actress in a rom-com.

4. Two Weeks Notice

Sandra Bullock plays the role of a goody-two-shoes lawyer, Lucy, who is intent on preventing the demolition of a community center by the multinational Wade Corporation. She decides to work for the owner of the firm, George, as his secretary and lawyer, with the hopes of signing a deal to revoke the contract. However, George is the polar opposite of Lucy. He’s extroverted, casual, and a playboy.

Two Weeks Notice

So when a frustrated Lucy hands in her two weeks’ notice at the firm, George simply cannot let her go. In the two weeks, the duo fall in love with each other, but their inability to confess it to each other becomes a game changer.

The movie is fresh, light, and heartwarming, to say the least, especially Hugh Grant as George Wade, who was both charming and beguiling. It is the perfect movie to curl up next to your partner and watch on a rainy afternoon.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts steals hearts with her deceptively simple yet so intriguing character, Julianne Porter, a twenty-something young woman who is desperately in love with her best friend, Michael. The only problem is that Michael is engaged to Kimberley, a young blonde who comes from money and success, and Michael regards Julianne as his best friend only.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

So when Julianne receives Michael’s wedding invitation, it is as if her whole world has shattered, and she is determined to stop the marriage. Directed by P.J Hogan and also starring Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz, this rom-com is nothing like the ones you’ve watched so far. It earned both Roberts and Diaz several awards for Best Actress in a Lead Role and Supporting Role, respectively.

6. Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is the 2000s queen of American rom-coms, and this movie is simply another testament to this fact. Directed by Gary Marshall and starring Roberts as Vivian and Richard Gere as Edward, this rom-com will make you believe in love all over again. Edward hires Vivian to be his escort at a few elite social gatherings after watching her work one night at Beverly Hills.

Pretty Woman

But Vivian comes from a very different background, with no formal education and living in a shared apartment with her roommate, scrambling to make ends meet. Both Vivian and Edward fall for each other, but the latter’s commitment issues prevent him from leaping.

The movie is magical and breathtakingly beautiful, and with the catchy soundtrack, it is bound to make anyone crave the chemistry that the two share on camera. It earned Julia Roberts several awards as the Best Actress in the Lead role.

7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey pair up to deliver this fresh and fun movie with an edge that you’d never expect from your usual rom-coms. Hudson plays the role of Andie, a columnist at a leading magazine, who has to write an article on “How to lose a guy in 10 days”.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Ben, on the other hand, is a marketing executive who challenges two of his female co-workers that he could make any woman fall in love with him within ten days. Both their lives take a downturn.

However, when they are set up for a date together and end up falling in love with each other instead. The movie has some of the best soundtracks, including Catch me if you can by The Beu Sisters. If you loved to Marry Me, this movie would undoubtedly be the icing on your cake.

8. Notting Hill

A love story of the ages – that is perhaps the best description for this 1999 rom-com written by Richard Kurtis. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant team up to deliver a romance that all of us crave but very few can have. Roberts plays the role of a celebrated American actress, Anna Scott, who has come down to Notting hill to shoot a movie.

Notting Hill

Grant plays William, a small bookshop owner who hasn’t had much luck in love. When William accidentally spills coffee on Anna one day, it sparks a romance between the two, which will not be easy to hide from the world.

Roberts delivers a poignantly beautiful performance as Anna, who is more than just an actress, whereas Grant lends a goofy, charismatic edge to William, which is sure to set every woman’s heart reeling. The movie went on to win several awards for the leads, including the BAFTA Audience award.

9. The Holiday

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers, this American rom-com is one of those mushy love stories that are ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon watch. The movie has a stellar cast comprising Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, and Jude Law.

Iris, played by Winslet, is heartbroken after receiving the news that her longtime employer and crush, Jasper, is engaged. Amanda (Diaz) in New York has just broken up with her boyfriend after discovering that the latter has cheated on her.

The Holiday

The two exchange letters and impetuously decide to switch places. Amanda would go over to Iris’s cottage in the UK, whereas Iris would spend some time at Amanda’s in New York. The two, however, meet different men, Miles, and Graham, respectively, which makes the process of leaving their temporary residences ever so difficult. With excellent cinematography and onscreen chemistry among the actors, The Holiday is both entertaining and enjoyable.

10. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Mike Newell’s movie is funny, captivating, and enriching and, more importantly, has a lot of soul in it. This 1994 movie stars some of the big names in Hollywood, like Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, John Hannah, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Rowan Atkinson.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Grant plays the role of bumbling and goofy Charles, who falls for an American woman Carrie, except the two aren’t destined to be together. Throughout four weddings, including one of Carrie herself, the two meet and share some mind-boggling chemistry but never end up together.

The rest of the movie chronicles how they eventually end up together amidst odds and several unfortunate incidents, including one funeral. The movie was a huge hit and critically acclaimed. It received 28 nominations in all, including two Oscars, and won 24 awards in all.

11. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Sharon Maguire delivers a ridiculously entertaining and charming direction with this 2001 American rom-com that stars Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant. Zellweger plays the role of Bridget Jones, a young journalist dealing with age, weight, and doomed romantic issues. She gets hit on by her suave, handsome and churlish boss, Daniel, played by Grant, who also happens to be a playboy.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

While the two start having a secret office affair, Bridget makes an acquaintance of a family friend, Mark Darcy (Firth), who’s handsome, rich, and steadfast. The fates of these three individuals intersect and impact Bridget’s life in ways that she could have never imagined.

The movie, replete with funny scenes, realistic portrayals of Bridget’s ordeals, and an attractive love story is a must-watch for all rom-com lovers out there. It was nominated for an Oscar and won 8 other awards in various categories.

12. Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason

Picking up the strands from where the last film ended, Bridget is now happily dating Mr. Darcy and mingling with the social elite, and her career is also at an all-time high. However, she still feels out of place, more so after seeing Darcy’s associates, who are all elegant, tall, beautiful females, as if straight out of some fashion magazine.

Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason

This creates discord between Darcy and Jones, the latter being of the opinion that Darcy must be embarrassed with her at his side. They break up, and Bridget focuses on herself, only to be interrupted by the jealous Daniel Cleaver. Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant deliver yet another beautiful performance worth remembering for a long time. The story has a fun angle and some edge to it and will keep you hooked.

13. Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere team up to present yet another lovestruck duo whose off-the-charts chemistry will send you reeling. Directed by Gary Marshall, the movie introduces Roberts’ character, Maggie, as a small-town girl with terrible commitment issues. She has run out of three of her previous weddings, albeit with different grooms-to-be, without any proper notice or warning.

Runaway Bride

When Ike Grahams (Gere) hears of this story at some pub, casually over a few drinks, he runs an exaggerated version of it in his column that could invite a potential lawsuit against the firm. He gets fired, but now he’s determined to find Maggie and redeem himself and his position somewhat. Except when he meets her, they fall in love. The movie was a huge box office success, and with its romantic scenes, dialogues, and brilliant acting, it almost resembles a fairy tale.

14. The Ugly Truth

Abby is a leading television producer in charge of the morning talk show, which is currently ranking the lowest number of TRP. She reluctantly hires Mike, a chauvinistic, ego-centric, and outrageously honest talk show host, but the two get off to a rocky start. As the two starts to bond over men, women, and relationships, Abby seeks his help to hit it off with a hot doctor, Kevin.

The Ugly Truth

But Mike is already in love with Abby, and any further broaching of the topic could potentially harm their producer-host camaraderie. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler conjure up some intensely steamy, engrossing, and entertaining chemistry as Abby and Mike.

The movie grossed over 200 million USD and even earned quite a few awards and nominations. Katherine Heigl earned her Satellite award for Best Actress in a Comedy, whereas Aaron Zigman won the BMI Award for Best Soundtrack.

15. Life As We Know it

Directed by Greg Berlanti, this 2010 American rom-com is a fun watch with a romantic story that is sure to appeal to anyone and everyone. Holly and Eric happen to be best friends with the couple, Peter and Alison, and everyone thought the two would hit it off together. However, dating was not exactly in the charts for the duo, and they ended up splitting.

Life As We Know it

When Peter and Alison die in a tragic car accident, they leave their infant daughter, Sophie, under Holly and Eric’s care. This makes the two move back in together, and they realize soon enough that raising a child is no joke.

It also creates an everlasting impact on their love lives and rekindles feelings for one another. Starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in the lead roles, the movie is wholesome, to say the least. For all Marry Me fans, you can add this to your “to-watch” list.

16. 27 Dresses

Jane is the picture-perfect assistant to George and someone the latter has come to rely on heavily for all kinds of advice, from choosing the right kind of tie to making sound business decisions. The only thing he doesn’t know is that Jane is secretly in love with him. Enter Jane’s sister Jess, who’s laid-back, sexy, and recently fired from her job in London.

27 Dresses

So when Jess and George start dating, it is more than Jane can handle. She also happens to harbor a secret fascination for weddings and has collected 27 bridesmaid dresses, all in the hopes of getting to walk down the aisle in the white dress someday.

She meets reporter Kevin who’s cynical about love, and this changes the shared dynamic of all four characters. Starring Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, and Malin Akerman, this movie is fantastically romantic and worth the watch.

17. 13 Going On 30

If you’re looking for romance, magic, and comedy all in one, then this is the movie that you should go for. Jennifer Garner plays the role of Jenna Rink, a 13-year-old teenager who just wants to feel included in the popular girls’ club, except they are highly exclusive. Her best friend Matt detests this club.

13 Going On 30

On her 13th birthday, Jenna hopes to kiss her longtime crush, Chris, but gets humiliated by the girls who make her wish to skip to her 30th birthday. Matt’s fairy dust magically fulfills her wish, but now she is alone in an apartment in New York, living with Chris and no longer in touch with her best friend.

Starring Jennifer Garner as Jenna, Mark Ruffalo as Matt and Judy Greer, and Andy Serkis in the supporting roles, this movie is sure to send butterflies fluttering through your stomach. It is worth a watch the first time and then every time after that.

18. 10 Things I Hate About You

If you are looking for a movie that would make you cry your eyes out but also leave you happy and satisfied, this 1999 American rom-com is the one you should look out for. Adapted from Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, it stars Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona, the notorious high school playboy, and Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford, the uptight, cynical girl.

10 Things I Hate About You

Cameron is a new guy who falls for Kat’s sister, Bianca, but they cannot date unless Kat gets a beau of her own. In an attempt to save the moment, Cameron pays Patrick to date Kat, but that proves to be a difficult challenge.

The rest of the story chronicles how Patrick and Kat fare in terms of matters of the heart and whether there will be a happily ever after. The movie earned both Stiles and Ledger their MTV awards and several others.

19. The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep deliver the performances of their lifetimes in this extremely fashionable, exciting, and entertaining movie directed by David Frankel. Andie Sachs is a fresh graduate in journalism from NYU, hoping to make it big, except landing a job is not as easy as it looks.

The Devil Wears Prada

She joins Runway as the assistant to the fashion editor, Miranda Priestly (Streep), in the hopes of getting a kickstart to her dreams but ends up serving coffee and holding coats by the rack.

The rest of the movie follows Andrea and how she rises to the challenge of playing the picture-perfect assistant to Miranda, only at the cost of her personal life. The movie was a huge commercial success and was even nominated for two Oscars. It received 19 awards and a total of 53 nominations.

20. The Proposal

Margaret Tate is a well-established and hardworking editor in New York at a pretty renowned publishing firm. Andrew Paxton is a rich guy from Alaska who wants to make a name for himself by working under her and away from the lucrative family business.

The Proposal

However, Margaret has an expired visa and faces the risk of getting deported to Canada and, along with it, the career that she holds so dear in New York. She plots with Andrew to pretend-tie the knot with him to get a green card in exchange for a promotion.

When an INS agent gets a whiff of this scam and threatens to out them, the two have to role-play as husband and wife, and this invites a romantic interlude. Starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, and Malin Akerman, this movie will surely steal your heart.

21. Friends with Benefits

Directed by Will Gluck and starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, this movie is one that most of us have watched, not once but multiple times. It’s humorous, sexy and heartwarming, and, more importantly, quite entertaining. Jamie is a New York-based headhunter who has commitment issues but secretly desires a “happily ever after” kind of romance.

Friends with Benefits

Dylan, on the other hand, is an LA-based art director who likes everything cliché and is emotionally unavailable. The two get together on a professional basis but become very good friends within a short period.

The problem arises when they decide to start hooking up casually, but it turns into unreciprocated feelings. Justin and Mila hit it off the park with their engrossing chemistry, and the Bruno Mars Runaway Baby soundtrack only amps up the vibe.

22. What Happens in Vegas

Hollywood cute guy Ashton Kutcher and “It girl” Cameron Diaz turned into America’s sweethearts overnight with this cute, charming, hilarious, and romantic movie. Diaz plays the role of Joy, a fastidious American woman who has tried to please people throughout her life.

What Happens in Vegas

So when her long-term boyfriend, Mason (Jason Sudeikis), ditches her in front of a room full of people, she decides to impetuously run off to Vegas and blow off some steam. She meets Jack, who has just been fired by his father.

One thing leads to another, and they end up winning the lottery and getting married in Vegas. Trouble brews when the two want to split up but not lose the lottery. If you loved “Marry Me” and want to watch something equally entertaining and mushy, this is the movie you should go for.

23. No Strings attached

Emma and Adam met once at summer camp and exchanged numbers in the hope of sharing some special chemistry in the future. Fifteen years later, Adam, a struggling scriptwriter for some high school soap opera, realizes his father is dating his ex-girlfriend and gets so depressed that he ends up calling Emma and sleeping with her.

No Strings attached

Adam again hopes to rekindle something special with her, except the latter has deep commitment issues and wants a “no strings attached” kind of situation. Starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, this movie has some amazingly romantic dialogue that will make your heart skip a beat. The duo shares an electric chemistry that makes every second of the movie worth watching.

24. Love and Other Drugs

Based on a true story surrounding the person who popularized Viagra, this 2010 American rom-com directed by Edward Zwick is bound to stay with you forever. If you always wonder about how an ideal relationship should feel, then Jamie and Maggie have got you covered.

Love and Other Drugs

Maggie is a free-spirited, freelancing photographer in Pittsburgh who’s diagnosed with incurable Parkinson’s and hence prefers to stay alone. Jamie is a relentless pharmaceutical sales executive with a killer smile and a bewitching personality.

The rest of the movie chronicles how these two people are destined to be with each other and make things work in the face of physical adversity. The movie earned several awards and even had Hathaway nominated for two Golden Globes.

25. The Vow

Directed by Michael Scuscy and starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in the lead roles, this movie is sure to tug at your heartstrings every time you watch. Leo and Paige are a newly married couple, but tragedy befalls when they get in a car accident.

The Vow

Paige loses her memory but makes it out alive, after which she has a hard time living with Leo and accepting him in his life. The movie then follows the ordeal of Leo as he tries to make Paige recollect their memories together and fall in love with him all over again.

The movie was both subtle and cliche romantic, and every time you watch it, you’ll fall in love over again with the duo’s chemistry. It received 13 nominations in all and won 3 out of them, including the BMI Film Music Award and the Golden Trailer Award.

26. A Walk to Remember

Adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name and directed by Adam Shankman, this is the movie you should save for the last. If you are a fan of meet-cute love stories and a sucker for tragic endings, this movie will satisfy all your qualms. Jamie Sullivan is the prim and proper, good-natured and helpful Catholic girl with an angelic voice.

A Walk to Remember

Landon Carter is the high school jock, casual and arrogant with a crude sense of humor. So naturally, when the two are cast opposite each other at the high school play, they don’t start on the right foot.

But as the story follows, Landon falls for Jamie desperately, only to realize she doesn’t have much time left. The movie is nothing like your average American rom-com and perhaps one that will leave you crying in the last segment. But you will never regret watching it.

27. The Notebook

No rom-com list can ever be complete without a mention of the greatest love story of all time, The Notebook. The film derives its name from the notebook that a female Alzheimer’s patient has left her husband with, something to help her remember him and the times they spent together at her worst. Allie and Noah have been inseparable since their teenage days.

The Notebook

What started as a summer fling turned into a romance that could survive forever. But the fact that Allie was rich and Noah was nothing more than a carpenter’s son did not sit straight with Allie’s mother, and she had her engaged with another charming suitor, Lon Hammond.

But the two get reunited and live happily till Allie gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ book of the same name and starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, the movie went on to win 12 awards. So here is the list of the top 27 movies you should look out for if you love to Marry Me.

Each of the movies has its quirks, its distinctive take on the ideal love story, and a chemistry between the protagonists that would be worth cherishing. So grab that bucket of popcorn, settle down on your couch, and binge away.

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