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The Lost Patient Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know


This is a French comic book and is based on Timothe Le Boucher’s concept. The Lost Patient is a psychological thriller-based film. This is the movie that is unlike the most mainstream cinematic attempts that were made by adapting various comic books or graphic novels, and this is just because there is suspense in this drama, and it is built around the thought process of its central character, who strives to remember the past in advantage to figure out his present.

The story of The Lost Patient is based in an era when this thriller as a mainstream genre has very broadly come forward just to define by the sleek Hollywood formula package and the spectacular VFX, the story revolves around the leader’s mind, and it eventually creates the scope for intrigue. Later, this is the factor that gives the film or a movie a novelty factor, and it is at last served with a twist of the unusual.

The Lost Patient Ending Explained

At the end of this film, it is shown that Thomas’ memories have commenced taking hold of him. Later, he can walk again, and he secretly attempts to leave his room in search of some people who can hopefully help him. Most viewers and audiences did not understand what happened at the end of this movie, so let’s understand The Lost Patient ending below.


The true memories of Thomas’ have started suddenly to blow his mind and he was, later, constantly ignored by Betty and Marc, who were people who had been very harsh on him since the time he was so small. This was the main reason which made Thomas a very violent and aggressive person. Laura, who is his sister, unfortunately died at the time when she was only four years old.

The reason for her death was she was hit by a car, and this was just before Thomas was born. At the time of escaping from the hospital, Thomas tries to take Bastien with him but, at the same time, he remembers and believes that Bastian was the one who wanted to kill himself, and then he tries himself saving him, but it was later shown that he was the one who killed him.

Later, the nurse intervenes and criticizes Anna, who fuelled Thomas’ delusions by just claiming that his sister ran away and god knows where. At this time point in time, there was never Laura who was involved in this. All the fights that Laura had with her family, the very aggressive kiss with the girl, and also the strangling of his mother, every single memory that he had for Laura was Thomas himself and no one else.

Who Was The Actual That Killed Thomas’ Family?

By this, it is clearly understood that the death of the neighbor’s dog was also blamed on Thomas. Before some time, his parents were the ones who decided to move Dylan upstairs as he was the one who never wanted to live in the basement that too with Thomas.

When the official news came, Thomas tried to convince his parents that he was not the one who killed the dog, but his helplessness soon turned into anger. Later, he took his father’s gun and shot him first. After hearing this sound, Betty ran downstairs, and she was also shot as well.


Later, Dylan was alarmed by the gunshot and was concerned very firstly about Betty’s safety and nothing else. By looking at Thomas that too with a gun, he also left frightened. Later, he requested Thomas to stop this, but he didn’t listen.

Later, Anna tells one of the nurses that she did not tell Thomas the truth and that she wanted to know if he was truly responsible for his actions or if it was his mental instability that caused the murders. After some time, all believe that Thomas needs serious treatment and he should apologize for the things that he did. Finally, Thomas remembered the final pieces of the incident.

He was the one who killed his family and left the house. But, suddenly, he started imagining the mysterious figure so he re-entered his house and also stabbed himself, concocting a false storyline in his head that he was also the victim as well. Later, right before he fell into a comatose state, he eventually saw one woman in a music video who was the one who became the inspiration for the face of Laura that he imagined after waking up.

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