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My Christmas Family Tree: Ending Explained and Where to Watch!

my christmas family tree ending explained

My Christmas Family Tree is a Christmas Film of 2021 directed by Jason Bourque and stars popular faces. The show is a family drama and features a unique plot which is very uncommon. The show revolves around a New Yorker, Vanessa Hall, who is desperate to have her own family, as she never had any after her mom died when she was only nine.

It was a massive hit because of its unique plot, and it created a buzz among the audience successfully. Moreover, it has also managed to receive good ratings on various platforms. It has also received positive responses from everyone.

My Christmas Family Tree: Meet The Cast

my christmas family tree ending explained

The success of any tv show or movie highly depends on its cast and how they portray their characters. If they are able to live their respective roles to the fullest and convince the audience that it is real, then the show is going to be a super hit without any doubt. The show features various famous and popular faces who contributed a lot to the success of this show. Let us introduce all our readers to the amazing cast of this amazing show.

Aimee Teegarden as Vanessa Hall

James Tupper as Richard Hendricks

Tyler Hynes

Andrew Walker as Kris

Kendall Cross as Pauline Hendricks

Lisa Paxton as Grandma Helene

Kapila Rego as Shelby

Aadila Dosani as DeeDee

Georgia Mar Orchard as Emilia

Mike Carpenter as Richard Stunt

Marcie Nestman

The show features many more faces besides these popular faces, and they have also given their hundred percent in the show. These actors have protracted their roles with honesty.

My Christmas Family Tree: Plot

Vanessa Hall lives in New York and loves to surprise her co-workers with gifts and other things and receives payments in the form of smiles. However, her mother did when she was only nine, and later, she was fostered until the time she turned 18. She is highly desperate to have her own family. In this hope, she decides to take a genetic test. Fate works in her case, and she discovers a parental match. Richard Jendrick is her parental match, and he lives in Connecticut. Dee Dee encourages her to send a text to him.

Richard receives a text and tells his wife about his long-lost daughter. His wife stands with him and tells him to invite Vanessa. They meet in a small town and have a conversation. However, the conversation was not clear as Vanessa’s mother’s name was Patty and Richard’s girlfriend’s name was Trish. She tells him how Patty died when she was only nine, and he tells him how he lost contact with Trish.

They both go to the house, and Kris helps her to break the ice with Richard’s children. They ask about Vanessa’s mom, but again, the facts don’t line up. They all share a meal together filled with memories and laughter. She gets a call from DNA Company, but she ignores it. At night, she checked her voice mail where she discovered that the DNA Company mismatched her DNA with another Vanessa Hall. Dee Dee asks her not to tell the family until Christmas.

However, she wants to come out clean to Richard but is afraid to lose her new family and especially Kris, who had asked her on a date. At the time of the family photo, she packs her bag and tells Richard and is about to leave, but she is tucked with the photos session. Kris begs her to stay, but she thinks she does not belong here, and she leaves. However, Kris chases her shows at her apartment. Meanwhile, he also opened the gift that she had bought for him. The gift makes him realize that they should stay together. So does the whole family after finding the picture of PATRISHA.

My Christmas Family Tree: Ending Explained

my christmas family tree ending explained

Most of the fans of the show were not able to understand the ending of the show as it was complex. If you are one of those fans who did not understand the ending, we have got you covered as we will try to explain the ending of the show. As we already told you, the show ends with Vanessa celebrating Christmas with Richard’s family after they all see the picture of Patrisha.

The question here arises what the picture of Patrisha that everyone, including Vanessa, saw was. Actually, this picture is of her mothers, which proves Vanessa looks like her to some extent. It turned out Patty and Tricia were her mother’s nicknames and not her real name. Her real name turned out to be Patrisha which proved Vanessa was Rochard’s real daughter.

Where to Watch My Christmas Family Tree?

Most fans are confused about the streaming platform of the show. This is the reason most people have not watched this show yet. If you are one of these confused fans, we are always here to help you out with your every confusion. The show is available to watch on Roku Channel. You could stream this show with a subscription account. In case this show is not available n your device, it means this is not available in your area. You might need VPN Access to stream this show.

Most people could not understand the show’s complex ending. However, we hope you would have understood the end after reading this article. As of now, it is time for us to say goodbye to all our lovely readers by concluding our coverage of the given article. However, we hope to see you all with a new piece of article as soon as possible. Till then, you could binge-watch this show in case you have not already. Happy Watching!

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