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Who Is The Hyde In Wednesday? Everything You Want To Know

who is the hyde in wednesday

Wednesday is a series that was released on Netflix on 23 November 2022. The series is an adaptation of a family created by Charles Addams. The series is of the comedy horror genre and is produced by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. IMDb has given a rating of 8.5 after a ridiculous amount of positive reviews.

The story is set in 2022. A teenage girl, Wednesday Addams, finds out that her younger brother is getting bullied. So to get revenge, she tries to kill them. Because of this, she is forced to transfer to Nevermore academy, where people like her who possess abilities study. At first, she didn’t like the academy and tried to escape. But when she found out about the monster who is behind mass killings, she decided to investigate this case by herself. 

With the help of her roommate, Enid, her pet, Thing, and a few more students, she started collecting clues. In her search, she discovers the dark secrets about her father and the person who build Jericho.

Who is the Hyde in Wednesday?

Tyler Galpin is the Hyde. All along, he was the one terrorizing Nevermore. Wednesday, who became the victim of Tyler’s sweet talk, resulted in the arrest of Xavier, who was only trying to help her. With his sweet talk, Tyler fooled the entire Nevermore academy along with Jericho.

In episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now,” it was revealed that Tyler is the monster. It was Wednesday who uncovers the truth behind Hyde. When she kissed Tyler, her psychic power gave her a vision in which she saw that when Dr. Kinbott was killed by Hyde, the human it transformed into was Tyler.

Hyde the monster in Wednesday

Who is Tyler Galping? And His Relationship With Wednesday Addams.

Tyler Galping is a young boy who works in a cafe. With his father, Donovan Galpin, who is also the sheriff, he lives in Jericho, which is near the Nevermore academy. He does not attend the Nevermore academy. Before revealing his presence, he had developed a romantic interest with Wednesday Addams. He made his first appearance in episode 1 when Wednesday was on the run meets him in the cafe.

Wednesday was transferred to Nevermore academy after she tried to murder her brother’s bullies in her previous school. She was fed up with the academy’s environment and wanted to escape as quickly as possible. In her session with Dr. Kinbott, she manages to escape from her and reach the cafe where Tyler works. 

The expresso machine that Tyler was trying to use was not working. So, she made a deal with him. In return for fixing the machine, she told him to help her escape. But before they escape, Principal Weems catches her. 

But this was only the beginning. After this incident, they met each other a lot. With her, Tyler went to the Raven dance event. And also on a date. Until the date, everything was going great between them. But when they kiss each other for the first time, it gives a vision to Wednesday, and it reveals to her that Hyde was Tyler all along. And late,r it was disclosed that the reason Tyler grew closer to Wednesday was all for the trap.

tyler with wednesday addams

Who is playing Tyler Galping and Hyde in Wednesday?

The role of Tyler Galping and Hyde is played by Hunter Doohan. He is a 28 years old actor and writer who was born on January 19, 1994. Along with Wednesday, he has worked in Your Honor and Truth Be Told. He married Fielder Jewett in 2022.

Casts of Wednesday

Wednesday Addams is played by Jenna Ortega. Wednesday is a teenage girl who has psychic powers. By touching people or things, she can see the future or past related to it. In her family, she has her parents and her younger brother. Throughout the series, she is accompanied by her pet, Thing.

Xavier Thorpe is played by Percy Hynes White. Just like Wednesday, he is also a student of Nevermore. He can bring anything he draws to life. Because of his ability, he was under a lot of suspicions and also ended up in jail.

Enid Sinclair is played by Emma Myers. Enid is Jenna’s roommate, and she is from a werewolf family. Throughout the series, even after Wednesday’s arrogant behavior, Enid tries her best to aid her in everything she does. In the later episodes, she even endangers her life and fights Hyde to protect Wednesday.

Larissa Weems is played by Gwendoline Christie. Larissa is the Principal of Nevermore academy. She is very protective of her school and, with all her effort,s tries to keep away all the danger from her school.


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