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The Blue Lagoon Movie Controversy: Everything You Need To Know

the blue lagoon feature

Talking about some summary of this very popular and hot movie, Blue Lagoon. This is the only movie that made most people itch. Eventually, this is the movie that portrays and tells us about a young girl and a young boy who have shipwrecked and lost on a very beautiful and wonderful Pacific Island.

Later, it is also shown how they usually grow up, and that too mostly in the sunset. After they grow up, they usually follow their progress, and they discover having sex and smile looking at each other. This movie usually concludes with a series of scenes.

Further, there is one question asked: If these two young people grew up in civilized surroundings, would they have repeated the whole fourth grade? This particular movie is considered one of the dumbest movies of the whole year.

At the same time, this movie can also be made in a more interesting and conceivably way. But, on the other side, this is not a movie that has become a reality. Instead, this is the movie that is usually idealized romance and in which the kids are seen living in the hut that generally looks like a Club Med honeymoon cottage.

From this, it is believed that these kids and nearby natives didn’t meet one another, and the kids also left the island that too without even one obligatory scene of being tied to the stake.

The Blue Lagoon Controversy

So, now, talking about the most important and very popular topic on the internet, that is, The Blue Lagoon Controversy. Let’s beep into the simplest and the very renowned controversy.

Firstly, in the year 1980’s it was a very bad time for the one who takes on sex. At the time, if it wasn’t any problematic porky that sexually harassing women, then Sixteen Candles and taking revenge on the nerds were not more than raping them that too through delusion.

But, on the other side, the 1980s version of this same movie, The Blue Lagoon, is currently streaming on Netflix, and this was also the movie that aged worse. This particular movie is eventually based on Henry De Vere Stacpoole’s novel that too of the same name, The Blue Lagoon. This was the book that was released in the year 1908.

This movie tells the story of two children that have gone shipwrecked on the Pacific Island. At the time when they grow into teenagers, they start sexually experimenting with each other. Later, these teenagers fell in love with each other, but this time this is not eventually the legacy of director Randal Kleiser’s take on the property. In most of the movie, the actors are seen naked, and they undergo frontal nudity in common.

Also, certain sex scenes and other masturbation scenes are shown in this movie that was something opposed by Kleiser vocally. Also, another actor named Karina Longworth highlighted this film, especially in her latest episode of the podcast, saying that You must always remember this.

Later she added that this is usually the sort of film that you can take the kids to. Some other reports and officials pointed out that there were many other steps taken to make sure that the movie The Blue Lagoon should not be classified as child pornography.

But this movie has taken liberties with that tightrope walk. Later, it was confirmed that the Shields had body doubles for her nude scenes and also, and one of those doubles was Valerie Taylor, who was eventually 30 years old at the time.


It was never a reason for Kleiser to eventually cast an underage actor in the movie that too with such mature plots and scenes. But, later, he claimed that Shields already had a history with movies about sexualizing children.

Also, the controversial and nudity-filled movie followed a child prostitute the same age as her actor in the red-light district of New Orleans. Many viewers and audiences believed that whether this movie was morally inexcusable or a smart critique of how young girls are unfairly sexualized is beyond the point.

Everyone in public usually believed that Shields was already linked to the child’s nudity and pornography when she was cast in the movie, The Blue Lagoon.

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