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Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Andor, which just got finished its first season, wasn't perhaps the best Disney+, but it was the initial to appear to be performing something seriously risky, or at the absolute least difficult, under the constraints of the media conglomerate that tries to satisfy everyone. Even Wanda-Vision was really an introduction to a huge Doctor Strange adventure, and the majority of Disney+ originals have a tendency to do the same or actively pander to fans of beloved, albeit subpar, franchises.

A follow-up to the same-named 1988 movie, Willow is an adventure series television series produced in the United States. On Disney+, the show debuted on November 30, 2022. Years have passed since Empress Bavmorda was vanquished.

Six unlikely heroes embark on a perilous journey to locations far from their hometown, where they will have to confront their evil forces and band together to defend their world from the Gales.

Willow Series Lead Casts

Warwick advis

Warwick Davis portrayed the titular role in the 1988 movie Willow, and various characters in the Star Wars film series (1983–2019), including Professor Filius Flitwick, the Ewok Wicket, and the goblin Griphook in the harry potter Movie. In the comedy Life’s Too Short, Davis played an altered version of himself.

Davis, who has been in the business since he was twelve and has earned more money from supporting roles than any other actor in history (excluding cameo roles), is primarily recognized for his roles in the Star Wars and Harry Potter movie franchises.

Ruby Cruz

Ruby Cruz

Ruby Cruz was raised in New Jersey. She made cameos in a number of short films starting in 2018, including Carla Dauden’s The Jump, in which she played Luna. As a younger Annie Wilkes, she appeared in the second edition of the Hulu streaming service’s Castle Rock in 2019. She appeared in the Disney+ fantasy film Willow in 2021 as Princess Kit Tanthalos.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, an actress of American and Italian descent, was born on March 27, 1996. She became well-known for playing Mia in the children’s television series Tyene Sand in Game of Thrones and  Mia and Me. At the age of eight, she made her debut appearance as Medea in a rendition of Medea by La Mama.

She briefly relocated to Rome the following year with her family after staging in New York and touring the same production to Poland and Austria. She started participating in television and cinema productions as soon as she landed in Italy.

Plot Of The Willow Series

a young peasant is picked to travel on a dangerous adventure to save a special infant from an evil queen. Ranon and Mims, the kids of Willow Ufgood, a dwarf peasant and wizard, find a baby girl in a brook and take the child into Willow’s family’s care.

However, while searching for the infant, a horrifying dog-like beast assaults Willow’s town. Willow seeks advice from The High Aldwin, a magician, and the village council. After receiving an assignment from the High Aldwin, Willow departs the hamlet and sets out to deliver the infant girl to a trustworthy individual.WIllow

However, Willow quickly discovers the infant is Elora Danan, the little child tasked with bringing the terrible witch Empress Bavmorda to justice. With the help of his companions, the Brownies Franjean and Rool, the warrior Madmartigan, the sorceress Fin Raziel, and others, Willow decides to defend Elora from Princess Bavmorda, who wants to have Elora killed so that she cannot fulfill her destiny.

As Sorsha and Captain Kael, the villainous leader of Queen Bavmorda’s army, seek Elora and take her back to the queen’s palace, where queen Bavmorda plans to kill Elora in a ceremony and stop the prophecy of her demise, they are chased by Willow and his supporters.


The arrival of a kid that would carry about the fall of the strong Empress Banmorda, who desires to assassinate the child, has been predicted by seers during a period of fear. Her midwife runs off after her when the infant is discovered. She places the infant on a wooden raft to be transported away by the river but is pursued by creatures that resemble dogs.

Farmer and aspiring wizard Willow Ufgood’s Nelwyn (dwarf) family discovers the Daikini (human) infant, and his wife chooses to take responsibility for her. Willow informs the council about the child, however, when the canine-like animals invade the Nelwyn village.

High Aldwin, a wizard, determines that Willow should bring the infant back to the Daikini land’s crossroads with a small party and give her to a trustworthy Daikini. However, when he encounters the robber Madmartigan imprisoned in a cage, Willow thinks Madmartigan isn’t the ideal candidate.

He is persuaded by his acquaintance to send the child to Madmartigan, nevertheless. The baby is named Elora Dana out of an omen, and the fairy Cherlindrea soon reveals that she is a very exceptional baby. She also says he needs to protect Elora and hand her over to the witch Fin Raziel, who would raise her.

He receives a magic wand from her to present to Fin Raziel as well. Along with Madmartigan, the Brownies Franjean and Rool, and Queen Bavmorda’s girl child Sorsha, Willow sets out on his trip. However, the villainous General Kael and Sorsha pursue them. Good and evil start to battle one another.Willow

In order to protect a baby princess from being killed by an evil queen, Willow, a tiny farmer and trainee magician, teams up with Madmartigan, a famous swordsman, on a quest across a war-torn world of magic and demons.

A captive gives birth to a baby in the prisons of the castle of the terrible Queen-sorceress Bavmorda, whose rule will be overthrown in accordance with an old prophecy. When the Hounds of the Empress approach the midwife, she is compelled to hurl the baby’s cradle into a river despite having saved the newborn from Bavmorda’s fury.

The child is brought close to a new settlement by the river, where she is found and adopted by tiny Willow. Willow sets out on a challenging journey to return the infant to her people and carry out the prophecy as soon as the Hounds arrive in the rural area.

Willow Series Review

Andor, which just got finished its first season, wasn’t perhaps the best Disney+, but it was the initial to appear to be performing something seriously risky, or at the absolute least difficult, under the constraints of the media conglomerate that tries to satisfy everyone.

Even WandaVision was really an introduction to a huge Doctor Strange adventure, and the majority of Disney+ originals have a tendency to do the same or actively pander to fans of beloved, albeit subpar, franchises.

But Andor turned up and used its Star Wars backdrop for a sober-minded investigation into the banality of evil, the destructive repercussions of capitalism, and the encroachment of authoritarianism. It was bold and off-brand, not the kind of thing I even advise Disney to try frequently.

Think of Willow as a throwback to the Disney+ development process that gave us episodes themed on Turner & Hooch and The Mighty Ducks, as well as successors to Hocus Pocus and Enchanted.

With a few new concepts and some improved special effects, Jonathan Kasdan’s adaptation of Ron Howard’s beloved fantasy film from 1988, Willow, is a descending piece of entertainment that seeks to give mnemonic pleasures to a fan base who already adores the property.

Although its accomplishments aren’t particularly spectacular, and its failings aren’t necessarily deadly, it struggles most when it can’t exactly capture the tone and voice of the original picture. When Willow was released, I was ten years old, and its theme moved me to the point that heroes may be found in different guises.

As opposed to the Melody drama or opera fantasy shown by a Ladyhawke or Labyrinth, the movie was more like a funny Saturday afternoon serial take on fantasy. Val Kilmer effectively portrayed a rascal akin to Harrison Ford, Joanne Whalley was a fierce beauty, and Warwick Davis was the ideal underappreciated lead.

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Even back then, the special effects varied from “cutely effective” to “suddenly corny,” making Willow feel like a generationally constrained oddity. However, the film’s surprising significance to FX’s magnificent Reservation Dogs serves as a reminder that it does have a place in many people’s hearts.

Additionally, Willow surpasses Hillbilly Elegy in terms of narratives about rural bumpkins who become prestidigitating charlatans thanks to the safety of the newborn. Ron Howard directed Willow. The eight-episode season starts up years after Willow Ufgood (Davis), a budding magician, assisted troubled rakish mercenary Madmartigan (Kilmer) and warrior-princess Sorsha (Whalley) in saving Elora Danan, the infant who would one day save an empire.

Willow Series

Until Elora Danan, who is safely hidden someplace, can rise, Sorsha is in charge of Tir Asleen with the help of her kids Kit (Ruby Cruz) and Airk (Dempsey Bryk). The kit is trained to battle with her closest buddy — or even more?! — Jade, continuing in her mother’s footsteps (Erin Kellyman).

Airk is more like his dad, Madmartigan, whose departure is a crucial plot aspect. Airk is a decent-natured scoundrel in partnership with a charming cooking maid (Ellie Bamber’s Dove). Kit, Jade, and Dove are forced to embark on a mission after Airk is abducted, and terrifying portents appear.

Amar Chadha-Boorman Patel’s and Tony Revolori’s Graydon are with them, as is a criminal looking for forgiveness, but what this fledgling fellowship really requires is a sorcerer for security, motivation, and elucidation. And the last practicing sorcerer in the country? That’s right, Willow!


Seven hour-long episodes of Willow had been delivered to the reviewers, and by the sixth or seventh, there may have been a hint of the show’s unique direction. However, in the first season, for example, the main focus is largely on the question, “hi, remember that thing you enjoyed from a piece of intellectual property?

There is much too much modern narrative in the “Here’s a number of parallels to it in a format we already know you enjoy!” style. Therefore, forces of evil are once more on the rise, and Elora Danan, whose existence is anticlimactically disclosed, is the light. Once more, Willow has concerns and needs to learn to have confidence in himself.

Callbacks are common, and the show appears to believe that even the slightest reference to Cherlindrea’s wand, the Finger Test, the skull-faced General Kael, or those Brownies – little characters with odd French-Canadian accents — will cause you to genuinely explode out of your seat. James Newton Howard’s series soundtrack prominently features elements from his theatrical score to joyous effect.

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

The strange choice to have half of the cast in Willow talk as if they are post-modern refugees during the most recent Saved by the Bell revival goes well with that meta attitude, too. Plucky Kit appears to be more eager to host a podcast about warriors than to become a warrior.

As a Tv Without Pity newsperson, Grouchy Boorman portrays Roy Kent of Ted Lasso. Heck, there’s a bridge-based troll that uses phrases like “Anyhoo!” This persistent sarcasm and weakness reveal a fear that moviegoers can’t have fun with really corny fantasy anymore.

Followers of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series won’t find this to be information, but the original film is humorous to the extent of broad goofiness but nearly utterly free of irony — especially when contrasted to something like The Princess Bride. In other words, “Your age has practically zero attention span for epic narratives,” as Boorman puts it. Does that even exist?

Willow Series Review

Boorman isn’t being ironic about what Willow is; rather, he’s getting ironic about what it’s supposed to be because Willow frequently forgets that it’s even intended to be an epic tale. The first two episodes, which were expertly but unimaginatively directed by Stephen Woolfenden, are a nice resetting of the parts.

And the sixth and seventh episodes, which Philippa Lowthorpe and Jamie Childs respectively helmed, feature thrilling action and genuine chuckles, but the intermediate episodes are simply a muddle. Characters spend much time complaining while Willow tries to teach the person who ends up being Elora Danan.

It almost tends to make House of the Dragon look visually cohesive, yet there’s a whole episode where the action is recorded solely in such wretchedly recorded blackness. A venerable cliche, to be certain, but one that shouldn’t be utilized in roughly half of the episodes of a series, is the theme in which a magical setting, object, or potion causes each character to the imagination, hallucinate, or imagine anything connected to their inner insecurities.

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Nobody has ever claimed that striking the perfect mix of action, comedy, and fantasy is simple; otherwise, every program would be The Magicians. However, when it does, Willow is effective. Although it isn’t Lord of the Rings, Willow appears large, and the special effects are well-done, which couldn’t necessarily be stated for the entire film.

Willow’s themes about unacknowledged heroes, false first sensations, and the unlocked power of underdog resiliency become even more powerful with new queer undertones and racial inclusion.

All of it is delivered by a charming cast, led by Davis, who contrasts his youthful and joyful on-screen persona with the worn-out and weary portrayal he gives here. The emotional high points of Willow are few and far between, but the early sequences between Davis and Annabelle, who plays Mims, Willow’s kid, really made me cry.Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Although neither Cruz nor Kellyman has a particularly compelling character outside of the complex Kit/Jade relationship, I enjoyed how they both portray it. Bamber offers Dove some amusing qualities, but I’m not sure why she’s assuming an American accent, which dulls some of her funnier lines.

Boorman is inconsistently written, but Chadha-Patel can be amusing at times when he offers sardonic comments on everything around him. Yes, there are several warnings and cameos, along with a humorous performance by Christian Slater as an unidentified prisoner.

Disney+’s Willow still needs work in terms of pacing, tone, and character, but it succeeds enough in the areas that are important to fans and will delight a few inquisitive newcomers on a basic level. Could there be deeper, more nuanced tales to be told in this universe? Sure. However, not everything must be Andor.

Is “Willow” A New Menace Along With New Generation?

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Willow, a fantasy film directed by Ron Howard and starring Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis from the 1980s, is an odd pick among the great sci-fi/fantasy franchises that saw success in the 1980s and are receiving a second chance via a legacy fuel franchise.

Although the film had mixed reactions and performed ok at the box office, it has some impressive set pieces and world-building, and it has followers who like it (especially among people who may have been children when the film came out). However, it may not have been the obvious pick.

Was there really as much demand for a Willow TV series set decades after the film as there was for some of the other films and shows that are currently being mined for their intellectual property? Whatever the response, a Willow series (with the same name) is now upon us.

It’s an intriguing return to that universe as a new evil threatens to destroy the world as we know it, based on this assumption in the first two episodes. The series, even though it took a while to introduce the gambit, effectively places the onus on its new cast members even though a number of actors are repeating their parts from the movie.

Willow Series

Several years after the conclusion of the movie, Elora Danan, the infant who was supposed to bring about Queen Bavmorda’s demise in the movie, grows up in Willow. However, the challenges they faced didn’t end with Willow’s (Davis) efforts to keep Elora safe: A vision of Willow’s predicted that “an ancient evil would rise again and destroy the future Empress.

And her destruction would inaugurate a new dark age” was read out in the introduction by an older Queen Sorsha (Joanne Whalley), Bavmorda’s girl child who changed sides in the movie. The remainder of the kingdom is informed that Elora vanished but that she will one day come to claim the throne as her own.

But with Sorsha’s son Airk (Dempsey Bryk) being abducted by dark forces, a lot of what she attempted to conceal for Elora’s safety will soon come to light, along with the name of the one potential determinant of saving the planet. We will not have to wait a whole season for Elora’s identity to be revealed (unlike other fantasy shows).

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Airk’s sister Kit (Ruby Cruz), a tomboy who prefers to strike with her sword to being compelled into the strictly political engagement her mother is forcing her into, is heading the struggle. Jade (Erin Kellyman), her girlfriend and aspirant knight, steps up right away. Graydon (Tony Revolori), Kit’s fiancé, would rather have his nose in a book than a gun, but he is required to defend Kit.

Dove (Ellie Bamber) is a cook maid and stowaway who is passionately tied to Airk and wants to do everything in her power to bring her sweetheart back home, and Boorman (Amar Chadha-Patel) is an imprisoned robber who has been granted a complete pardon by the queen for aiding the quest. And Willow is called upon to assist them in finding Airk because he is the foremost sorcerer in the area (despite the fact that he has grown apart from his former comrade).

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Due to health considerations, Val Kilmer, who portrayed Madmartigan in the original movie and is also Airk and Kit’s father, is unable to participate in Willow’s debut season. However, Madmartigan is acknowledged and name-dropped frequently enough for the first two episodes alone to give the impression that he is.

Additionally, the references are vague enough for him to potentially appear at a later time. It’s a traditional ensemble configuration that enables a diverse collection of individuals to collaborate and compete while pursuing the same objective.

Dove and Kit are both ready to get started, but Willow is exercising caution for his own motives, and Jade must heed Willow’s instructions over Dove’s impatience. Boorman is a patient man who teases Graydon about a shadowy former relationship with Madmartigan, but Graydon generally feels out of place.

A visit to Nelwyn, where Willow resides, introduces additional characters, such as Willow’s adult daughter Mims (Annabelle Davis), who long ago discovered Elora. The reluctant sorcerer-in-training Willow frequently acts as a walking, talking bundle of exposition.

Willow Series Review: A Good Enough Series To Watch

Once Elora’s identity is revealed, a crucial dilemma arises: Is it too late for Willow to pass on his knowledge to Elora in a world wherein magic disappears if it is not fostered (a world where the adage “if you’re not using it, you lose it”)? And if he succeeds, will he be able to stop the ominous future he sees?

The initial few moments of the series serve as a summary of the movie, and we periodically cut to film material, although it certainly helps if you’ve ever seen the original movie. Willow tries its best to make sure that the audience doesn’t need to watch the 1988 Willow movie in order to comprehend the 2022 Willow Television program.

The production design enhances what we all already know while also having excellent visual effects, particularly some of the monster work. Although it’s too early to say whether Willow will slip into the nostalgia loop that so many IP reboots—particularly Disney IP reboots—slide into, things are looking up so far. It has a lot of endearing and oddball personalities and a clear objective. Willow also may have some wizardry under its sleeve.

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