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My Name Is Vendetta Review: Is It Worthing Watching?

My Name Is Vendetta Review

Il Mio Nome è Vengeance (My Name Is Vendetta), a gritty Italian-language revenge drama, is about a former mafia enforcer who decides to exact revenge when his wife and brother-in-law are killed. Cosimo Gomez is the film’s director, and Sandrone Dazieri, Andrea Nobile and wrote the screenplay. It also features Alessandro Gassmann in the title role.

Even though My Name is Vendetta has a distinct name and location, it eventually reaches the same conclusion that Mafia movies have for decades. Plot and character developments within the genre have been quite commendable.

A still from the movie My Name Is Vendetta.

Even television has gained the courage to go headfirst into this mysterious and endearing realm of crime and bloodshed. But this Italian movie most certainly isn’t one of them. My Name is Vendetta can’t avoid the history or the mechanics of Mafia movie clichés, despite its intense chase scenes and bloody killing.

Here is a detailed review of the movie My Name Is Vendetta for the fans if they are skeptical about streaming the movie.

My Name Is Vendetta Review

The suspenseful film opens with a quick introduction to Santo, a former mafia enforcer who now resides in a secure area with her wife and adolescent daughter, Sofia. Additionally, the ex-criminal family member has been successful in keeping his past life hidden from his daughter and prefers to live the rest of his life in the same way.

After sharing her father’s Instagram story without getting his permission one day, Sofia unintentionally opens the door to a slew of deadly problems in their tranquil existence.

Santo’s opponents learn his identity from a straightforward social media tale that she published with her pals, which causes a commotion all around. What follows is a mediocre remake of David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence that ultimately succeeds.

The film’s entire retribution premise is an old tale that only succeeds when the action and narrative are equally potent. My Name is Vendetta. However, it makes up for the disarray in the first section, where it fails in the second. The action scenes dominate the movie, and the right kind of emotion isn’t fully expressed until the second-half finale.

My Name Is Vendetta Review

The plot of the story is somewhat predictable, but how it is carried out prevents it from falling apart. Cosimo Gomez, the filmmaker, takes all the components of a conventional revenge saga and expertly steers them on the proper path while still having forgivable imperfections. In particular, I was surprised by the closing montage, which was over a phone call.

The only sequence in the movie where the acting lacks balance is the one in the hospital. Alessandro Gassmann and Ginevra Francesconi, however, hold the fort convincingly and deliver an impactful outcome in spite of everything else.

However, I struggled to understand how the facial recognition technology in this Italian action movie traced someone through their Instagram feed. I was pretty impressed with how things turned out in the movie. Perhaps it is a chill reminder not to post pictures of people without their permission because you never know who might be a henchman.

My Name Is Vendetta Release Date And Streaming Guide

On November 30, 2022, Netflix started streaming the interesting movie. The time of its release was 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET/1:30 PM IST, which is the typical time for releases. Fans can easily enjoy the movie on Netflix. Here is the official trailer for the fans to enjoy so they can have a little sneak peek at what they are going to dive into:

My Name Is Vendetta Cast Details

Ginevra Francesconi plays Sofia in the action movie, Remo Girone plays the Mafia Don, Alessio Pratic plays Gabriele Falsetta, Marcello Mazzarella plays Sinja Dieks, and Marco Boriero plays Marco. Alessio Doglione is in charge of the editing department, and Vittorio Omodei Zorini is the film’s cinematographer.

What Are The Final Thoughts For My Name Is Vendetta?

An Italian action film that is brutal and quick-paced. With characters who are well-developed enough to be worth rooting for, My Name Is Vendetta does a fantastic job of maintaining an exciting narrative.

It is essentially a tale of retribution with Mafioso twists and turns, but it doesn’t really deviate from the conventional pattern of the main character exacting revenge on his adversaries in ascending order of strength.

My Name Is Vendetta Final Thoughts

Ginerva Francesconi truly excels as the feisty adolescent daughter Sofia, whose life is flipped upside down by her dad’s past coming up to him. At the same time, Alessandro Gassman is quite adequate as the action hero with a dark background.

However, the fact that they keep the movie moving is what I like best about it. There are no unnecessary scenes throughout the entire film, and the plot and the action mesh beautifully.

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