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The Pale Horse Ending Explained In Detail

The Pale Horse feature

Everyone who sees this series at the first glance, people usually expect the BBC’s The Pale Horse is a movie that is very pretty and is always a faithful adaptation. This is also the series that is eventually based on the Agatha Christie mystery on which the novel is based. People can also watch this series or they can also read this novel that is always available on the US that to Amazon prime every Friday with the same name.

In the early 1960s, some incidents happen in London along with the fictional town of Much Deeping. The novel and the series both are based on a bay named Mark Easterbrook. Also, there are some of Mark’s encounters that too with a trio of potential witches. But, apart from this, everything else about the storyline is completely unrecognizable.

So, the television adaptation of this series The Pale Horse eventually tells the story of Mark who is a very well-off Londoner who is mourning the tragic death of his very first wife and then locked in an icy marriage to his second wife. Later, it is also shown that almost everyone on the list is already dead and at last, they have all got ties to three creepy ladies in a very strangely named town. But, at the same time, the original story is also different in almost every way possible. To all the people, who haven’t watched or read this series yet, you should very soon watch or read the same that too without any delay.

The Pale Horse Ending Explained In Detail

The pale horse

Here, talking about the ending, two main options are particularly not satisfying and there is also one of the scenes in the series that shows them returning him to his apartment. Later, it is shown that he is the one who is reading about his death that too in the paper and then he is stuck in between one of the scenes of Delphine’s death just the other one of his feverish dreams that is brought on by guilt. So, after this, one of the better options, or we can say that one of the better suggestions is that Mark did die in his apartment and this is the statement as per the statement and the information reported in the paper.

One of the reasons could also be the thallium poisoning that can kill him or they can also be the witches who were real and they did curse him to death. And, after all, one of the other reasons for his death could be that he was killed by Hermia. Also, the mark that is shown at the last was the life after she was trapped. This guy was being punished for his guilt. So, when the witches generally came to visit her in the hospital.

After this, there is an extra possibility too which is completely dependent on what you believe. So, after Mark finally returned the witches just to curse Hermia and Lejeune and they eventually told him to close his eyes, later it is shown that his memory which he has of jealously killing Delphine was covered up by him itself. If all three women have supernatural powers, they could always have seen that memory too and they got free from him themselves or at least it could be the option to tell Hermia about Mark that he was only responsible for Delphine’s death.

The pale horse

Later, The Pale Horse eventually ask for the fortune that was to be told to the person whom they wanted dead. Also, the women noticed that the people whose fortunes that they have told and those that are kept dead and at the same time were the ones who had no idea that they were the ones who were being used in some or the other way. Also, it is shown in the end that the women who may have just said that they delivered babies, generally read fortunes and also made salves for their wheezy chests. Also, a few things usually hint at and possess some kind of supernatural powers.

At last, there is also the possibility that the people have read Mark’s mind and they also have discovered that they killed Delphine and then, later, helped Hermia to kill him in revenge but that is all kept nicely ambiguous. People also realized that one of the characters named Jessie was reaching The Pale Horse so that tabs can be kept on Osborne and her clients.

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