Kartik Aaryan Starrer Freddy Ending Explained

Freddy, which recently premiered on Disney +, has been the talk of the town for many days. This Kartik Aaryan and Alaya F starrer has been penned down by Parvez Shaikh and directed by Shashanka Ghosh. Basically, it tracks the story of a dentist who is finding it hard to strike a balance between love and profession.  

 The movie steps into the horizon of love and betrayal. A man who has been desperate to fill the empty space in his heart for almost five years but gets a cold betrayal. There is a thin line between love and obsession. An individual can fail to understand when his love for a person turns into obsession. And it doesn’t take too much time for that obsession to grow into hatred. 

Revenge has always been an intriguing part of any thriller movie. The plot which centers around love, betrayal, and ultimate revenge, always appeals to the audience. The same goes for Kartik Aaryan’s ‘Freddy.’ The young romantic hero who has always been stereotyped in typical cheesy roles breaks the wall and steps into an entirely different zone.

The journey of the introverted, shy dentist into a cold-blooded murderer is worth watching. Viewers desired to know in detail about the ending of the movie. The article throws a spotlight on the events that culminate toward the end of the movie. 

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Freddy Plot Synopsis 

If all these interests you, then Freddy is the movie you definitely need to watch. The movie starring the young heartthrob Kartik Aaryan is trending these days due to its gripping storyline. It is the story of how this young, shy doctor finally finds love, but it only ends with a betrayal. This betrayal turns him into a cold-hearted individual who’s looking for an opportunity to avenge his heartbreak. 

Freddy is looking for someone who can understand him. But he gets into a failed date, and then there’s a prank by some kids. Soon Freddy encounters a beautiful young lady, Kainaaz. He starts developing feelings for her. But more than love, it is his infatuation for her as he starts stalking her endlessly. The obsession of our directors to push and normalize stalking is not hidden. 

Kainaaz has an abusive husband Rustom. She tells Freddy that Rustom has made her life hell. Freddy decides to eliminate him. He runs over Rustom multiple times and kills him. But why does he still fails to find love? Why Kainaaz and Freddy’s love story didn’t take off?

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Freddy and Kainaaz

The Shocking  Betrayal  Of Kainaaz 

The most shocking twist for most viewers was Kainaaz’s betrayal. After  Freddy killed Rustom, viewers felt that this would pave the way for Kainaaz and Freddy’s love story. Kainaaz was finally out of the clutches of her abusive husband. But this is where the movie takes a huge turn.

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Kainaaz never loved Freddy.

People were expecting it to be a typical fairytale romance where the villain has been killed. But we get to know the true colors of  Kainaaz. When Freddy reaches her house, she herself reveals the truth to him about the betrayal. Kainaaz is in the arms of her lover, Raymond. Freddy’s heartbroken to see Raymond and Kainaaz together. 

Basically, Kainaaz just used Freddy to get rid of her abusive husband. She was actually never in love with him. She already had a boyfriend. She wanted support of Freddy to get Rustom out of the way. The worst part is that she has no guilt over what happened. 

Kainaaz makes it clear that she never felt any connection or bond with him. In fact, whenever they got physical, she would feel disgusted. Their relationship and bond were all a joke, and she utilized him to get rid of Rustom.

Freddy Is Shattered

The betrayal leaves Freddy heartbroken. He is too stunned to say anything. Freddy later visits Kainaaz’s restaurant and creates a scene there. He tells Kainaaz to apologize to him for all that she did to him. Now Kainaz had cunningly gathered and collected all proof against Freddy.

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Raymond openly threatens him that he will immediately call the police and get him arrested. Raymond and Kainaaz are quite shameless because they do not have any fear. They have all the evidence against Freddy. And they know that it will be easy to prove that he was the one who killed Rustom as he was infatuated with Kainaaz.

The Last Straw -Hardy’s Killing 

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Freddy’s pet Hardy is his companion.

Now here’s some drama that occurs as all three sets settle the scores for once and all. Though Freddy is determined to torment both of them, a particular incident occurs here that sets the stage for turning Freddy into a cold beast. Raymond gets hold of Freddy’s beloved turtle and kills him brutally when Freddy gets to know that he is distraught, and this is the final trigger that leads him to his brutal revenge against the couple. 

Freddy Lays Out His Plan 

Freddy is not ready to forgive Kainaaz. He decides to put an end to the whole drama. He secretly enters her house and laces her food with sleeping pills. He then put some allergic substances into Kainaaz’s face wash. He does this so as to trigger allergic reactions and make her suffer physical pain. Both Kainaaz and Raymond return home and get back to sleep.

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Freddy enters the house and removes all the evidence that the couple had against him. Now before leaving, Freddy makes the final move. He manipulates the brakes of the car. Upon waking up, Kainaz is horrified and starts getting an allergic reaction. Both she and Raymond rush to the hospital, but they nearly end up dying as Freddy has already manipulated the brakes.

Freddy is determined to kill both Kainaaz and Raymond. Earlier, he was just planning to use some tactics to force them to apologize for their actions. 

But his pet’s death shakes him, and he is ready to exact his revenge. Freddy knows well that the couple doesn’t trust him anymore. So he has to get to them somehow in order to kill them.

Now Freddy cleverly turns the table as he bribes an eyewitness and manipulates the evidence to prove that it was  Kainaaz and Raymond who planned Rustom’s killing. Now Freddy plays smart here. He uses this as the reason to get Raymond and  Kainaaz to come to Karjat. He demands them to come with a suitcase. The couple doesn’t really suspect anything.

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Moreover, they also do not have any option because Freddy has now manipulated all the evidence against them. If they want to escape from the police, they will have to surrender to Freddy. Moreover, they are drunk, so they might not be in the proper senses to decide anything, so they go to meet Freddy. But they are unaware that they are entering their death trap. 

Freddy Torments Kainaaz & Raymond 

The couple reaches Karjat farmhouse. Freddy has a gun with him. Kainaaz quickly grabs the gun from him and fires at Freddy, but the gun is empty. A fight ensues, and Freddy overpowers the couple and renders them unconscious. They are later tied to a chair. Now  Freddy begins his final torture to complete his revenge. He has all the tools and dental apparatus to torment both of them. He begins to pull out all his teeth of Raymond. After causing him immense physical pain, he finally kills Raymond.

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The torture begins

After burying him in the backyard, he moves towards Kainaaz. Freddy is quite cold and emotionless right now. He is only focused on taking his revenge. He removes all her teeth which causes Kainaaz to scream in agony. The physical pain is too much to endure. When she is about to die, Freddy tells her that he still loves her. The look in his eyes when he says this is something to watch.

Freddy picks her up and takes her to his backyard to bury her at the place where he has already buried  Raymond. Now the cruel twist which we see here is that she is still not dead. She is still breathing and is buried alive by Freddy. Thus Kainaaz meets a brutal end for her cold betrayal.

Many viewers might find it cruel. The debate about what’s right and wrong in the game of love and obsession prevails once the movie ends.

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Freddy Ending Explained 

So the main thing which has perplexed the viewers is whether Freddy’s crime is going to be unraveled by the police or not. Now Freddy has manipulated the evidence in such a way that the evidence does support his story. The police see the footage of Raymond trying to kill Freddy. The police want to enquire more from Kainaaz and Raymond, so they send them a notice. But both of them don’t turn up because they have been killed by Freddy.

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The police search their apartment, but nobody is there. When they check the CCTV, they get to know that couple has left the apartment. They also have a suitcase with them. Here the viewers know why Freddy had asked them to come with a suitcase. Freddy deliberately told them to get a suitcase so that when police checked the footage, they would assume that both of them fled away so as to avoid any inquiry.