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Why Did Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Break Up? Here’s Why They Split Up

Why did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss break up?
Why did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss break up?

The public has been following American actor Johnny Depp’s personal and love life ever since the high-profile defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard was filed. In the 1990s, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were among Hollywood’s trendiest couples, and they were aware of it. Their affection for one another was evident everywhere they went, and In public, they were unable to keep their hands apart. It raises the question, “Why did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss split up?”

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp Relationship Timeline

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp Relationship Timeline(credit: Insider)

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp Relationship Timeline

A British runway model and character from Pirates of the Caribbean got together at the Cafe Tabac in New York City and started dating. At the time of their meeting, Kate was 20 years old, and Johnny, who had just ended a relationship with Winona Ryder, was 31. Due to their romance, the couple frequently made headlines. According to a friend of Johnny’s who spoke to People in 1994, They are unable to keep their hands, lips, mouths, or legs apart. But it wasn’t meant to be; their union was short-lived. Johnny and Kate continued their open relationship up until 1997. When they were spotted together at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 1998, they briefly ignited whispers of a comeback.

As a subject of discussion in the actor’s defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Johnny and Kate’s relationship has re-entered the public eye since their separation. After the Aquaman star’s op-ed piece appeared in The Washington Post documenting her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse, Johnny and Amber, who wed in 2015 and divorced in 2017, filed libel lawsuits against one another for $50 million and $100 million, respectively. Even though Johnny wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the paper, the information it contained made it evident that he was Amber’s alleged abuser. When they were in a courtroom for their trial in May 2022, Amber claimed that Johnny had once knocked his ex-girlfriend Kate down a staircase when they were dating in the 1990s.

Due to their romance, the couple frequently made headlines

Due to their romance, the couple frequently made headlines(credit: showbiz cheat sheet)

When detailing an event in which she punched Johnny in the face because she thought he would push her sister Whitney down a staircase like “Kate Moss,” Amber made the startling assertion. According to Amber, the alleged incident happened in 2015 when her sister allegedly intervened to break up a quarrel between her and Johnny on the mezzanine of a staircase at one of his penthouses. Amber described her sister’s actions as “she put herself in the line of fire.” She attempts to convince Johnny to stop, and Johnny swings at her while she has her back to the stairway. I don’t pause and wait; instead, I immediately see stairs and Kate Moss.

Since Amber’s allegations, there has been increased interest in Johnny and Kate’s romance. Many people are now speculating whether Amber’s assertions are the real cause of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’s breakup. Just read on to discover what we know well about the split between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, including what the model has said about their relationship.

Why Did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss Actually Break Up?

Although Johnny and Kate have never discussed this episode in public, it is safe to infer that the seriousness of the situation would cause even the most erratic couples to reevaluate their positions. The couple would ultimately remain together for three more years. Still, it’s possible that this argument was just the beginning of a string of events that eventually brought them to their breaking point. For what Johnny and Kate have stated about their separation since then, continue reading.

Why did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss actually break up?

Why did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss actually break up? (credit: daily mail)

During an interview with Hello magazine in 1998, Johnny talked about the actual cause of his breakup with Kate. The actor accepted full responsibility for the breakdown of their relationship and pointed the finger at his fury. I have never become so angry with a lady before, he revealed to the magazine at the time. Our partnership had so many positive aspects, so why have I been such a fool? I’m the one who needs to take responsibility for what happened because I made things tough for everyone around me, I let my career stand in the way, and I didn’t provide her the attention she deserved.

At the time, Johnny also admitted that his obsession with his job had harmed his relationship with Kate. The entire situation, he told the magazine, “was absurd because I should never have got so fired up over what others in regards to my work.” Sure, I should care about my movies, but when I come home, I should strive to put that stuff away. I couldn’t do it, and having me around wasn’t perfect. I’m a complete moron sometimes.

Johnny talked about the actual cause of his breakup with Kate

Johnny talked about the actual cause of his breakup with Kate(credit: yourtango)

Although the model opened up about their divorce in an interview with Vanity Fair years after their breakup, Kate has not yet responded to allegations that Johnny pushed her down a flight of stairs while they were together. She acknowledged that she wept for “years” over Johnny, and despite their breakup, she continued to speak highly of the actor. “Nobody has actually ever been able to take care of me. For a while, Johnny did,” she told the journal in 2012. “I took him at his word. For instance, he might answer my question, “What do I do?” That’s what I left behind and missed. I lost the ability to tell who I could trust.

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