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Are Drax and Mantis Dating In Guardians Of The Galaxy? Everything You Need To Know

Drax and Mantis Dating
Drax and Mantis (Credits: IGN India)

Seeing the intimate relationship between Drax and Mantis in the Guardian Of The Galaxy series, many fans are having second thoughts about their relationship. Many fans have theories of their own, and most of them point to the more romantic angle.

Guardian Of The Galaxy is an American movie series belonging to the superhero genre. This film series also comes under the Marvel Cinematic Universe, popularly known as the MCU. There are many characters that form this superhero group.

Some of the more regular characters are Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and many more. Now, we will discuss if Drax and Mantis are actually dating or not. But before that, let’s have a look at the past life of Drax and Mantis to properly understand their likings and all.

A Little History of Drax and Mantis

Drax The Destroyer

Drax, popularly known as Drax The Destroyer, is a very important character in the Guardian Of The Galaxy team. From his origin story, we have an idea of how Drax’s’ past life was. Apparently, Drax was a human before he became Drax, The Destroyer.

His name was Arthur Douglas, a simple man residing in America. He was a common American living with his wife and one daughter. Everything was going smoothly until one day when they were passing through a desert.

He was driving his car with his wife and daughter in it through the sandy roads of the desert. But in the meantime, Thanos appeared and made everything so much more complicated in Arthur’s life. Thanos began to attack Arthur’s car and his family with a spaceship he commanded.

He was scared that they had seen him and could tell his secret to the avengers or someone else, that’s why he attacked Arthur’s car. But Arthur’s daughter survived the attack and was taken by Mentor, Thanos’s’ father.

Then Mentor and the god of titan, Kronos, got hold of Arthur’s spirit and put it in a new and stronger body. They wanted to create someone who could defeat Thanos. And this new champion is known as Drax The Destroyer.


Mantis has an origin in both Vietnam and German. She is the daughter of Gustav Brandt, and she is half-German and half-Vietnamese. In her childhood, she was left at the Temple of the alien Priests of Pama in Vietnam by her father. She is also a very important team member in the Guardian Of The Galaxy.

She was given martial arts training in her childhood, and she did brilliantly in the field of martial arts. But she was sent back to earth completely brainwashed to have real-life experiences. Then she became a barmaid and a sex worker in order to survive. There she met the Swordsman, and it paved the way for her to become an ally of the Avengers.

Are Drax and Mantis Dating?

The fans have asked the actor who portrayed the character of Drax The Destroyer about the relationship between Drax and Mantis. The actor is none other than Dave Bautista, and fans asked him this question, to which he gave a clear-cut statement.

Drax and Mantis Dating

Drax and Mantis Drunk in Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special poster

He has told everyone that there is nothing going on between Drax and Mantis. In fact, there are also very slim chances that they will be involved in a romantic relationship anytime in the future. He said that they are almost like brothers and sisters to each other and share the same kind of relationship with one another.

When the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was asked the same question, his response was also quite similar to the response that Dave gave to the fans and followers of the series and Marvel itself. He informed everyone that they were very good friends and also could be said to be BFFs.

There is no romantic angle between Drax and Mantis whatsoever. He also said that they made it crystal clear that there is no romance between the two, and every speculation of them being in a romantic relationship made by fans has no connection to the real storyline whatsoever.

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