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Does Makima Die In Chainsaw Man Episode 8: Ending Explained

Does Makima Die In Chainsaw Man Episode 8

The team’s traits lent dimension to the character development in “Chainsaw Man,” where they had a brief heart-to-heart. Under pressure, their self-centered desires surfaced as a result of being put to the test.

The Eternity Devil, who pleaded for his own death after being in excruciating torment for days at a time while Denji ripped into him, helped them get to know each other a little better as they tried to flee.

They went to a small after-party after the fight when Denji kissed Himeno for the first time. The episode concludes with Himeno dragging a drunk Denji back to her apartment, where she advances on him.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8

Fans are curious, though, after the most recent anime episode’s release. In the eighth episode of “Chainsaw Man,” Makima and other members of the public safety section were targeted for extinction while traveling by train to Kyoto. Observers want to know if Makima’s death in episode 8 was real.

Does Makima Die In Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Unrequited love, new friendships, and fresh starts are the themes of the opening of episode 8. After the conversation between Denji and Himeno, a calm atmosphere lingered. The serenity before the terrible storm, nevertheless, was only provided by this serene attitude.

After the focus turned to Makima taking the train to a business meeting with the higher-ups stationed in Kyoto, the tone abruptly altered in what felt like a matter of seconds. Makima is seen reflecting on the easygoing time she had with the team at the after-party while riding the train. She suffered an open attack from unidentified individuals while she recalled her past.

Does Makima Die In Chainsaw Man Episode 8

Makima was shot in the head, and her helper was helpless to defend herself. It might be possible that Makima survives this and goes on with her life despite the anime’s failure to show off her abilities in the second episode.

So there is a good likelihood Makima is still alive. The creators can’t yet kill Makima since, according to the manga, she and Denji will have a significant confrontation later on. This event might very well serve as the setup for a later power play.

What Happens To Makima In Manga?

Simply said, no, Makima does not perish in this episode. Even though Makima received a headshot, she is still able to return to the series. Given that chapter 26 of the manga features Makima’s reappearance and that episode 8 covers pages 22, 23, and 24.

It seems likely that Makima will make an appearance in episode 9 as well. In the manga’s chapter 26, when the assassins are clearing away the remains of the open fire, Makima suddenly gets up, startling and frightening them.

In the manga’s chapter 26, when the assassins are clearing away the remains of the open fire, Makima suddenly gets up, startling and frightening them.

After that, Makima is seen leaving the Kyoto station to meet two devil hunters, and she appears to be in no danger. However, the two assassins both had holes in their chests, which was undoubtedly Makima’s doing.

For those who watch anime, this is both good and bad news. Those who like Makima are happy to see her alive, while those who don’t like her are less than thrilled by her return.

What Are The Final Thoughts Regarding Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Episode 8 of “Chainsaw Man” dramatically altered the anime’s pacing. It was moving along in a routine manner, and the episodes’ action did provide some discussion material, but there were a few times when it struggled to keep my interest.

But my gosh, the plot twist in this episode came out of the left field. However, in terms of prior MAPPA works, I should have anticipated this quick attack. They only managed to blow my mind in five minutes, no pun intended. Numerous shots were fired, yet it appeared out of nowhere.

I mean, the pace and the discussions of joy and love aren’t exactly in the Devil Hunters’ vocabulary. Episode 8 of “Chainsaw Man” amply demonstrated this. Up until this point, the team has continued to work together and have their partners’ support.

They have also made jokes and fallen in love, but even when they had grown numb to the idea of dying and we, the audience, had become numb as well, the loss of characters that we thought were important still had an impact.

What Are The Final Thoughts Regarding Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Even the most significant characters are not protected by the plot, so I believe we can also anticipate a lot more heartbreaking scenes in this anime. I was reminded of their debate about how Devil Hunters truly do drop like flies during the after-party in the prior episode.

Their aspirations and ambitions of settling down are usually dashed by an early demise. They just can’t seem to get anything right in their life. The first episode gave the impression that the story was just getting started.

But the subsequent episodes were essential for establishing the characters and making them likable to the audience so that their deaths would be felt more keenly. The hunters appeared to be in holiday mode when Hard Mode unexpectedly and without warning struck them. I was left perplexed and a little shocked by Episode 8.

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