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March of the Lich King Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

march of the lich king

The time has come. Blizzard has officially revealed the release date for the March of the Lich King expansion after months of rumors and years of waiting. With a brand-new class, players have a lot to look forward to, a new kind of minion, new cards, and more.

You’ve found the perfect site if you’re seeking the expansion’s release date. In this article, we’ll give you a fast breakdown of everything you need to know about the March of the Lich King Release Date so that you’ll be prepared for the new Death Knight meta. So, let’s have a look right now.

March of the Lich King

The 22nd expansion for Hearthstone, March of the Lich King, adds 145 brand-new collectible cards. The expansion shows The Lich King’s reappearance as he leads his army of the Undead in a full-scale attack on the elf city of Silvermoon.

The Blood Elves are tough adversaries who want battle as much as the magic of the Sunwell, which they use as their source of strength. The Death Knight is Hearthstone’s second new class ever and the game’s eleventh overall class as of March of the Lich King.

march of the lich king

The expansion also adds a brand-new permanent minion type called Undead. If a friendly undead minion dies during the player’s last turn, the undead minion will trigger additional effects. In addition, March of the Lich King adds dual minion types, which allows certain minions to have two distinct minion kinds.

All previous cards have multiple minion kinds, and Undead was brought back in. March of the Lich King’s new keyword is man athirst. When a player has a certain amount of mana, some cards get Manathirst, increasing their strength.

Although mana is not needed to strengthen the cards, it must be within the player’s control. Along with Manathirst, Reborn from Saviors of Uldum returns as a going-forwards permanent keyword and is visible on Undead minions in March of the Lich King.

Brand-new Death Knight class!

With the release of March of the Lich King, Hearthstone received the Death Knight as a new permanent addition. Death Knights’ new hero ability, Ghoul Charge, allows them to control the Undead.

A 1/1 Charge-capable Ghoul that expires at the end of your turn may be summoned for two mana! That Ghoul serves two purposes as Death Knights receive a Corpse anytime an ally minion perishes. The Corpses may then be used to strengthen their cards.

Three Runes—Blood, Frost, and Unholy—power the versatile and powerful class of Death Knight. Which cards the Death Knight may add to their deck depends on the Runes they have chosen to devote themselves to.

March of the Lich King will now include new features.

The March of the Lich King set for Hearthstone will bring a tonne of fresh content to the gameplay. A brand-new Mana substitute called Corpses will be included in the new class, Death Knight. The Death Knight receives a Corpse whenever a minion perishes. 

march of the lich king

With this Corpse, the Death Knight may alter the course of the game by calling forth new minions and damaging adversary minions. First and foremost, it’s verified that Death Knight is the second class to be introduced to Hearthstone since its introduction and the eleventh playable class overall. This proves that the rumors were accurate. Let’s look at the new Hero class and what the Death Knight gameplay will entail for gamers.

Death Knight

With Hearthstone’s March of the Lich King expansion, the second playable class, the Death Knight, will debut. The information you need regarding this particular class is provided below.

Hero Power – Ghoul Charge, Invoke a charge-equipped 1/1 Ghoul. When the turn is over, it passes away, and you get Corpse resources each time one of your allies dies. Other cards may use these for several different effects.

The Death Knight class will now have the runes of Frost, Unholy, and Blood. Each deck may only have three runes chosen by the player, and various Death Knight cards have varied rune requirements. For instance, some cards are only allowed in triple Blood Rune decks.

We are excited to take this class since it combines all of these elements in a very intriguing way. There will be 68 cards available when the Death Knight Class debuts.

New Components:

This expansion will include a tonne of brand-new features and gameplay elements. See the information you need below.

New Keyword – Manathirst:

Once you have that many Mana Crystals, cards with the Manathirst (x) effect gain an advantage. The cost of the Mana Crystals is not used when playing these cards.

New Minion Type – Undead:

For both new and old minions, the keyword Undead is being introduced. Also, coming back as a Standard keyword is Reborn.

Dual Minion Types:

Now, minions may have two different categories, like Undead and Beast.

Signature Cards:

In-game signature cards with the whole card image will be introduced. They won’t be craftable and will be sold in bundles.

Signature Golden Packs and fresh Signature Cards

Starting with Patch 25.0, cards may have the new cosmetic quality known as Signature, which has stylized full-art graphics and is available on cards similar to Golden or Diamond. Since the Lich King has control over Frost and the Undead, the Signature cards for March of the Lich King will all have an icy sepia aesthetic. 

Each expansion’s image style will be matched by the Signature cards in that expansion, and future Signature cards’ card frames could sometimes change as well. Thus, future sets of signature cards will vary in appearance from the ones we now have to invoke various moods and styles.

march of the lich king

The only way to get signature cards is via packs or through unique techniques; they cannot be created or disenchanted. In all, 18 Signature cards, including 15 Legendary cards, will be released alongside the release of March of the Lich King. 

Two of the Legendary cards will be included with the Tavern Pass, while the three non-Legendary cards will be free to obtain as part of an event that coincides with the expansion’s debut. 

Following the release of March of the Lich King, March of the Lich King packs, level packs, standard packs, and brand-new March of the Lich King Signature Golden Packs will all include the other 13 Legendary Signature cards. 

Signature Golden Packs are similar to current Golden Packs, except they have the potential to include Signature cards rather than only Golden cards, and they generally have far greater chances of uncovering a Legendary card!

The March of the Lich King Pre-Purchase Mega Bundle comes with two randomly selected March of the Lich King Signature Legendary cards and five March of the Lich King Signature Golden Packs. In-game shops for all future expansions, beginning with March of the Lich King, will use Signature Golden Packs instead of Golden Packs.

March of the Lich King Date of Release

Therefore when will Hearthstone be able to access March of the Lich King? Tuesday, December 6, 2022, is the planned launch date for the WotLK expansion. Blizzard hasn’t yet released any official information on the precise launch timing. 

Concerning the timeframes and release dates of all prior expansions, it is logical to presume that March Of The Lich King will go on sale concurrently with earlier expansions. When that happens is as follows:

There won’t be any downtime unless there are problems with the servers or the new content’s technical components. Up to the further expansion’s official release, you may still play Hearthstone. You will be prompted to download the latest update as soon as WotLK starts. 

You may play the game and begin opening your packs as soon as you download them. Naturally, assuming there aren’t too many gamers attempting to do the same thing on the servers. In such a situation, you will probably have to spend some time in line.

The expansion adds the Death Knight, Hearthstone’s 11th class and second-ever new class, following Demon Hunter, as was previously noted. Additional features include the reintroduction of the Reborn mechanics, a new keyword called Manathirst, dual-type minions, a new kind of minion called Undead, and much more!

Conclusion –

With the arrival of the newest set, March of the Lich King, Hearthstone has managed to hold onto its position as one of the best collectible card games in gaming. With all of its new additions.

March of the Lich King will undoubtedly change the game’s meta, as well as Hearthstone’s several other game types, like Battlegrounds and Mercenaries. So here is the launch date, timing, and information about the new Hearthstone set, March of the Lich King, if you’re one of the excited people.

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