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What Happened To Diego From ‘Blow’? The True Story

The plot of the drug-related crime thriller Blow centers on George Jung, an ordinary man from a low-income household who has experienced deprivation and misery and aspires to become wealthy by becoming engaged in the drug trade. Featuring several excellent performances from its central cast, mainly Johnny Depp, the movie only did ‘okay’ at the box office. The plot of the film was terrific and was based on actual occurrences. However, the production was disappointing.

The movie, centered on the same-named book, tells the accurate tale of George Jung and his interactions with several powerful drug cartels, including Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder. The Spanish actor, Jordi Molla’s portrayal of Diego Delgado, whose role in this film Blow is modeled on the actual drug lord Carlos Lehder, was among the story’s most significant and intriguing roles. A prominent figure in the Medellin cartel and a drug kingpin. Today, we’ll examine Diego, alias. Carlos Lehder, and what happened to him after the film depiction ends.

Who Was Diego From Blow?

Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas, a.k.a Diego, a prominent drug kingpin, a German-Colombian ethnic, and the co-founder of the Medellin Cartel, was born on September 7, 1949. After 33 years, he was freed from jail in the US in 2020. Lehder, born in Armenia, Colombia, subsequently controlled a drug transportation business on the middle Island in the Bahamas of Norman’s Cay, which is located 340 km off the coastline of Florida.

what happened to diego from blow

Colombian-German Carlos Lehder, 70, rose to prominence for establishing a base for cocaine trafficking on a secluded island off the Coast. He was apprehended in Colombia in 1987, deported to the US, and sentenced to life imprisonment with additional 135 years in prison. After he decided to assist the officials, it decreased. Lehder’s daughter Mónica informed the Colombian publication Semana that her father was diagnosed with cancer and that a German NGO would care for him because he had no family in the nation.

What Happened To Diego?

After being released from jail, George and Diego team together to launch a drug company, but as their venture increases, so do their dangers, and Diego is eventually imprisoned. Following his detention, George joins forces with Derek, and the two eventually develop into two of Pablo Escobar’s top successful business associates.

When Diego learns about Derek after being let out of prison, he becomes furious with George for concealing Derek’s existence. However, as time passes, we understand that Diego betrayed George by teaming up with Derek and excluding him from upcoming negotiations. Diego plays a significant role in the movie by demonstrating to George how harsh the drug trade can be and how a buddy today may become an enemy later.

what happened to diego from blow

In 1987, One of Pablo Escobar’s mobsters dared to call on Carlos Lehder Rivas’ doorstep when he was attending a Medellin Cartel gathering consuming cocaine and having fun with a prostitute. Lehder acted without hesitation. The man, who was also among the lady’s lovers, was shot by him. Compared to the current situation in Colombia, the Blow film Narco is a lighthearted joke with bullets, screaming, and a corpse in the backdrop of a celebration with loud salsa music.

Escobar received an apology from Lehder, the corpse was removed, and the celebration continued. Lehder, a Colombian-German citizen, believed the festival would go on forever, but drug kingpin Escobar had a new viewpoint that evening. In conclusion, nothing could be riskier than a mad dealer whose antics might endanger business operations. Escobar promised Lehder he would be secure there when he relocated him to a hidden location the day following the party. However, he turned on him by telling the US police.

what happened to diego from blow

Colombian police apprehended Lehder at a farmhouse, purportedly based on a lead from Escobar, and also was later deported to America, which was at the time in charge of an effort to combat drug cartels operating out of Colombia. After testifying about ex-Panamanian president Manuel Noriega, who already had intimate ties to the Medelln gang and permitted it to transit drugs via Panama, his prison sentence was lowered. After that, Lehder was enrolled in Florida witness protection. Lehder’s father, a Colombian immigrant, obtained German citizenship for him. According to German broadcaster DW, he hasn’t ever gone to Germany and won’t be subject to lawsuits since he already spent his jail term there.

According to Lehder’s attorney, Oscar Arroyave, the German government helped him move to Berlin since Lehder seemed to have no desire to return to Colombia.

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