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Are Bonnie And Esfand Dating? Rumors And Facts

Esfand is a full-time Twitch Streamer who was born in the United States of America. He was born on 3 September 1991. He is the owner and co-founder of Starforge Systems and OTK networks.

He has a Twitch channel named EsfandTV with over 1.2 million followers. He mainly streams games like GTA and League of Legends and also just general talks with his followers.

Along with Twitch, he is also an active Youtuber, where he uploads his clips from Twitch streams. On YouTube, he has over 260 thousand subscribers with a total of 50 million views. On Instagram and Twitter, he has around 103 thousand and 355 thousand followers, respectively.


Bonnie, also known as Bonnie Rabbit, is an American-Arab twitch streamer who has gained fame with her exciting streams and fan service. On Twitch, she currently has over 96 thousand followers.

Apart from Twitch, she is very active on Twitter and Instagram, where she shares her day-to-day activities. Whether it is meeting someone or traveling far, she makes sure to build a healthy connection with her fans. She currently has 60 thousand plus followers on Instagram and 78 thousand followers on Twitter.

She is also one of the most popular Onlyfans content creators. Onlyfans is a type of social media platform where in return for paid subscriptions, the content creator shares their private photos to please their fans. Her subscription starts from $5 per month.

Are Bonnie And Esfand Dating?

No, Bonnie and Esfand are not dating each other. This misunderstanding has arisen due to their close relationship with each other. Fans misinterpret the love and connection they had for each other as friends for a romantic one.

Bonnie and Esfand share the same roof as Twitch partners. In the stream, they often tell the audience about their moments as roommates. They have a good bond, and that’s why the followers started to ship them. The two streamers met each other via a twitch stream where Esfand was doing an IRL. As of now, they have made a lot of videos and streams together.

In a recent Instagram post, both of them posted their pictures taken together. Their post got a total of 17,300. In the comment section, fans couldn’t keep their calm and told them to start dating already. It’s becoming too irresistible for them since they look like such a cute couple together.

bonnie and esfand

Bonnie And Esfand Dating

Esfand is a 31-year-old tall and handsome twitch streamer. Probably earning millions every year. But what about his dating history? Which girl has he dated? Did he date Jinnytty? Did he sleep with Amouranth?

Esfand is one of the most popular twitch streamers. From March 2022 till Feb 2021, Esfand was living with his fellow twitch streamer Jinnytty. They streamed a lot of videos together, with many of them going viral. Below I’ve shared one of their stream clips. 

From the above clip, you can tell how close they are, but they never date each other. Just like the misunderstanding with Bonnie earlier, it was suspected that Esfand and Jinnytty were dating. These kinds of rumors make it difficult and awkward for celebrities. In many of their streams, they have often cleared up this misunderstanding.

Below is an emotional moment they shared. This was the last stream they did together.😭

Just like them, many other streamers live with each other to boost each other’s followings by making their presence in each other streams. One of the most popular groups is Offline TV which also operates the same way as Esfand and Jinnytty. 

In a stream, Esfand and Amouranth did together, in that they slept together in the same bed. This gets viral as fans start to interpret them as being in a relationship. Same with Emiru, all of the relations Esfand has with any girl are professional. Many times he and other related streamers have clarified this.

As for Bonnie, her private life is very closed. There is almost no information about her relationships other than those who are just like her, a twitch streamer. This is a personal opinion, and I don’t think she has any relations outside her work. Why? Because she is living together with another streamer and also she has an Onlyfans account. It is really hard to see her being in any relationship.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Have a great day ahead. 😉

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