What Happened To John Combe From Hometown?

The host of HGTV’s House Town, retired soldier John Combe, owned a home there. When Combe died away, he was 70 years old. His family’s residence in his youth was in Laurel, Mississippi. Combe vanished entirely on April 4, 2020, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a city that is located far away from Laurel.

Combe appeared in the “The Sky’s the Limit” episode of the Home Town television program. When Ben Napier and Erin, the presenters of HGTV, questioned him regarding his financial condition, he replied, “Money is not a problem for me, as well as the sky’s the limit.” He nevertheless made an appearance on the broadcast without a budget.

During his formative years, he had resided in various nations, but Belize had already been their home for the last ten years. He told Ben and Erin that he was tired of living in big cities and felt he would be able to unwind and enjoy life in Laurel.

What Was John Combe’s Hometown?

John, a retired soldier 70 years old, was seeking a lovely, significant, and peaceful holiday home in Home Town. Following a global upbringing, John lived his last ten years in Belize.

The HGTV celebrity had little money and desired to make his house his while still making it hospitable for visitors when he engaged Bento and Erin to renovate it. When he discovered the ranch-style home hidden in the old neighborhood, he knew it would be perfect for his relaxed way of life.

My lifestyle has been and is still excellent, according to Erin, Ben’s company, and Laurel Mercantile, he declared. I’ve been lucky my entire life. For over 30 years, my grandpa served in the US Air Force.

We moved seven times in the first eighteen years of my life, so I’m still restless. Pop was amazing. He gave me a lot of life lessons, including lessons on right and wrong and the value of honesty.

What happened to hometown resident John Combe?

One of the liveliest and most memorable individuals to have ever met the hosts of the American television program Hometown, Erin and Ben Napier, was John Combe, according to a Starcasm story.

The John Combe episode of The Hometown now, regrettably, serves as a farewell towards the 70-year-old John, who came to Mississippi, Laurel, after spending several years in Belize and a lifetime traveling before that. John Combe spent his life traveling, and he moved after that.

The series’ hosts, the Napier couple, restored peoples’ houses while also filming the entire process. When John Combe said that there was no budget for remodeling his property and that the host couple may spend as much money as they wanted, it set him apart from the other contestants.

He was likely the lone contender to take that action. He was blown away by the Napiers’ hard work and generosity, and he had the most amazing reactions to his brand-new bathroom and enormous shower.

John said it was nirvana when Erin compared his new back patio to the coastal comfort he’d had in Belize. Erin Napier, the presenter of the program, shared a few images from John Combe’s recently refurbished home and a memorial to him on her Instagram.

In her obituary, she wrote: “Although we had only the satisfaction of understanding him for a short period, we are devastated to inform you that our buddy Mr. John Dryer from another one of our all-time favorite episodes vanished completely Wednesday, April 4 here and in Laurel.

He made the most of every moment, and I feel privileged that we could make his final place on earth memorable. His heart will be sorely missed because even the strongest, most generous hearts don’t beat forever. Here is Erin’s message for John.

One individual noted, “He was such a delight to see, and it was great watching your expressions when money didn’t matter.” I hope he saw that house. Another person responded, “I’m so sorry. He was animated during the performance. An intriguing resident has left Laurel.

Did John Combe Have a Different Aesthetic From the Other Contestants?

While recording the entire episode, the Napier couple hosted it and restored peoples’ homes. The phrase “sky is the limit” distinguished John Combe from the other competitors. According to him, the guest couple can spend as much money as they like on maintaining his property, and there is no budget for maintenance.

The only contender who did so was him. His emotions toward his renovated bathroom and spacious shower, as well as Napiers’ work and goodwill, left him speechless. John gasped, “It’s heaven,” when Erin compared his new back patio to the seaside comfort he’d experienced in Belize.

Did John Combe Remodel His Home?

In “Home Town,” John Combe’s repair was highlighted. John, a retired man, asked Napiers for help to create a relaxing summer getaway. Unlike most of their prior customers, John didn’t have such a budget for rebuilding a ranch-style home in Laurel’s historic district.

Furthermore, it was one of the largest houses in which Ben and Erin had ever collaborated. Three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, 3,000 square feet, and a $199,000 price tag were all included in the listing.

Viewers adored John’s sense of humor and zest for life throughout the show. When the final words appeared on their television, “In loving remembrance of John Combe,” they were undoubtedly taken aback.

Ben and Erin Napier are the stars of the American television program Hometown, which debuted on HGTV on January 24, 2016, and is a husband and wife team. The married pair renovates Southern houses in Laurel, Mississippi.

Following their appearance in Southern Wedding ceremonies magazine and on the publication’s Instagram, HGTV approached the couple for the series Hometown. The story of John Combe of Hometown is revealed in the following paragraphs.

The Combe House could be for sale.

The Combe House will undoubtedly be put up for sale, according to confirmation. John’s closest friend and executrix of his estate, Kathi Jones, also announced that John’s home would be put up for sale. However, according to her, there are a lot of doubts about whether John’s Laurel home is currently or will eventually be put up for sale.

Kathi stated that although she had planned to preserve it, that has not been feasible, and as a result, she would be listing it for sale. She continued: I want to sell the property.

Who will like it any more than John did and accept that his memory will endure within its walls due to the distinctive design? She continued that the Laurel house should go on the marketplace the first week of July 2021 if all goes according to plan.

A frequent concern is if the house will still have the Home Town appearance that John adored. The answer is yes; much of the furnishings will be included in the sale. Yes, and the game room will still be an integral part of the house! Since their restorations, a few homes in Home Town have been on the market. 

The Kollar Home, built in the 1960s, is located in Laurel, Mississippi, and its owners, Matt Kollar and Rebecca, have listed it for $221,900. Then, a cottage originally renovated for married couple Jim Hurt and Mackenzie has been up for sale for 185,000 dollars.

The iconic “Sky’s The Limit” Home Town contestant John Combe went away at 70.

It’s been a while since Ben Napier and Erin met among the most intriguing and remarkable persons they’ve ever encountered. Now that John is 70 years old and has moved to Laurel after spending ten years in Belize and just a lifetime traveling the globe, the Home Town John Combe show also serves as a tearful farewell to John.

The fact that John was the first individual in Home Town’s history to provide Napiers an unrestricted budget immediately left a lasting effect on people. He could be the first person to accomplish this that I’ve ever seen on a home repair program.

The sky’s the limit, John stated during a live interview. He ignored the surprise from Ben and Erin and announced the official title of the show of Home Town John Combe. However, John’s episode also included a clip of the most crucial scenes.

John was so astonished when he first entered the brand-new primary bathroom that he exclaimed, “Holy crap!” Home Town’s first s-bomb was dropped here. The “party shower” was another name John gave to his brand-new, more oversized shower than any Ben and Erin had ever experienced.

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