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Is The Town Based On A Real Life Story?

The movie “The Town” was released in the year of 2010. It was a great American thriller movie, and it was directed by Ben Affleck. The Town movie is based on a book known as The Prince of Thieves. It was written by Chuck Hogans in the year 2004. Do you think this movie is based on a true story? We will have a look at it further in this article.

The movie is an extremely interesting Crime Drama that can get your attention from the very beginning itself and doesn’t let you go until its end. The Town is not just a story of a normal Heist. It mainly focuses on the character ers of the Heist and doesn’t reveal a lot about the effectiveness of the Heist. It mainly gives an interesting view of the Charlestown Scenario. That’s extremely simple to wonder whether or not it is based on the lives of true people and also how effectively the actors have played in the movie. Along with that, the scene of the movie where it was recorded was a wonderful place. “Charlestown” causes people to wonder if it is a true story or not.

The Town Poster Movie Credits: IMDb

The Plot of The Town

The movie starts with a Bank robbery In which there are four old friends from Charlestown, the district of Boston. Douglas is also named Doug in the movie. He is a team of 4 people in the movie. When Doug’s Intentions were refused, Jem caught Claire Keesey as a hostage. She was captured as a hostage. She tries and takes herself to freedom without any damage. At the time when Doug came to know that Clair lives in their Town, They started stalking her to find out how much information she gave to the FBI. Soon Doug starts to have feelings for her, and he tries to hide it from his team.

As with time, he gets closer and closer to Clarie. He told his dark secret to Clarie that he had lost his mother years ago. He then shows Claire his treasure map to find his mother. Doug believes that her mother went to Tangerine, Florida, to live with his aunt. Along with that, he was serious about becoming an ice hockey player, but Then he thought of becoming a World-class thief and started to robRobbnks. While talking to Doug, claire told him that she saw a tattoo on one of her partner’s hands, but she decided not to reveal it to the authorities.

Doug decides to give her a warning that Jem can and will kill her if he comes to know. Then Doug decides to tell her a plan. The plan was to tell the authorities that she knew everything and be the witness for the police. Due to this, she will get police protection and will be shifted to a new state. With this plan, Doug becomes successful, and the great part is that she decides to remain silent.

What Happened In The Ending Scene of The Town?

In the last part of the movie, Doug and Jem are surrounded by the police. As all of this was going on, Jem got a shot and was killed on the spot. Doug barely tries to escape from the police, and he successfully escapes from the police. He was wounded. After some time, he decides to contact Claire and tries to convince her to Stay with him and spend time together for the last time.

The Villain In The Town.

The villain in this romantic Thriller is Fergus Colm. His nickname in the movie was Fergie. Pete Postlethwaite played the role of Fergus in it. In the movie, he acts as a violent local person who wants to join Doug’s team as he wants to be a bank robber. We can see he was the most hated character in the movie. The most liked scene in the movie was when he showed his real face in the movie.

Is The Town Worth Watching?

The Town

The Town. Credits: Cinema blends

I will suggest that you watch The Town and it is a must-see for everyone. As we know, bel Affleck is a great actor and director and produced this masterpiece. His decision to focus on character proves to be a Great decision.

Is The Town Based On A True Story?

The movie ‘The Town’ is not based on a true event or story. This movie is a part of a book named The book of Thieves. This book is written by a person named Chuck Hogan, which was then used as a preamble for the movie. This book was published in the year of 1995 in the nation, as it is present in the preamble. All of this information is provided by the authorities at that time. This movie was a World Premiere. The Town was released in the year 2010 on 8th September. After that, in the united states, The Town was launched in cinema halls on n September 17, 2010. The Town was appreciated by the world all because of its writers, editors, and Acting skills of the actors. This film made a mind-blowing collection of 154 million dollars from all around the planet.

The Town filming Location

Most of the scenes of the movie the Town were shot in actual well-known places in Boston, Florida. On the other hand, the talking and chit-chatting parts were mostly filmed in the Charlestown location.

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