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Why Did BugAboo Disband? What Is The Exact Reason For This Group To Get Disbanded? Know Everything Inside!

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So, this is the article that is completely based on one of the most famous and very talented groups of singers. This is the group that is named BugAboo, and yes, this is a group of six members that are put together by very famous and talented producer Ryan Jhun and six girls is included in this group. Eventually, the names of the members of this group will be disclosed in one of the below paragraphs. So, start reading and learn something more about the BugAboo band and what is the exact reason for this group to get disbanded.

In the month of October 2021, the group made its debut, and later, it made its very first-ever comeback with POP that too in the month of June. This group made its debut with its very first album itself, named “BugAboo.” Recently, this group made a very smart and wonderful comeback that too with their second single that is titled ‘Pop,’ that too in the month of June.

This was the South Korean Girl Group, and this was the group that was eventually created and managed by A Team Entertainment. After two months after this group’s debut, it suddenly got disbanded, and the reason behind this is listed in the below paragraphs. The meaning of the group name BugAboo generally means a fearful and surprising existence that too in the imagination. This name also contains determination, and this eventually means to let us overcome the very fearful existence in our hearts together and realize our dreams.

Why Did BugAboo Disband? Know in The Below Paragraph!

So, we are here on one of the most important and informational sections of this whole article. This is the section that will usually talk and tell you about the exact reason why BugAboo disbanded and what was exactly of them to disband.


Eventually, on December 8, BugAboo’s label ATEAM Entertainment released or broadcasted the official statement that a very talented and very popular girl group would be now disbanded that too only a little over a year since they debuted. This was the group that debuted on October 25, 2021, and that too with their self-titled single album. The very first video that they made and which debuted was the music video that earned more than 10 million views that too in the very first week of its release.

After this, they had only one comeback, that too with the single album Pop, and yes, this was the time when it was released and broadcast on June 13, 2022. Unfortunately, this was the music video that earned only 700 copies, and this was the count or the amount that was very far away from their very first debut album.

In one of the official statements, the group usually announced or declared that all the members of the group that is BugAboo will eventually hold their activities and will now terminate their exclusive contracts with the label. Also, the group said that they eventually reached this choice that too after consulting with the group members and also with the agency.

So, here is the official statement of the whole group, and read below what it says,

Hello, this eventually is ATEAM Entertainment.

Firstly, we all together will like to express our gratitude to fans who loved and supported the very talented and intelligent girl group named BugAboo. Also, we wanted to inform you of our official statement that too regarding BugAboo’s several group activities.

A BugAboo is a group of members who have worked seriously and very hard since the time they debuted, and until now, they have loved very hard. This is the group that receives love from fans, and yes, from now, this group will be halting activities from today onwards. This is the decision that is taken by the members along with the agency to halt the group activities and hence, terminate all the members just to contract after lengthy consideration and discussions.

bugAboo disband

Last but not least, they told and expressed gratitude for all the support that the group got, and yes, the company, along with the group members, are sorry for this sudden news for all those who love this group and were die-hard fans of BugAboo group.

Who Were The Members of This BugAboo Band?

Eventually, six girls were part of this BugAboo band, and the name of group members was Choyeon, Yoona, Rainie, Zin, Eunchae, and Cyan. So, these were the girls who were part of this BugAboo band.

Let us shower our unchanging warm love and support for all the members ahead of their fresh new start. Wishing the members all the best in their future ventures!

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