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How To watch Lookism? – All You Need To Know About The Webtoon And Adaptions Of It

Lookism - South Korean Manhwa
Lookism - South Korean Manhwa

South Korean manhwas always provide fans with a unique storyline that never fails to motivate them, inspire them and bring changes to their lives. Lookism, the South Korean Webtoon written by Park-Tae-Joon, touches upon the topic of a society that treats ugly people brutally.

Like always, South Korean Manhwas gain the fame that inspires many around the world to make an adaption to it so that these outstanding creative pieces can reach a wider audience. That is why, Lookism which gained so much popularity, was then adapted into South Korean and Chinese animated and television series.

Though the story will nearly be the same in Korean and Chinese animated series, different adaptions with appealing characters with a bit of a change will give fans a worth watching experience.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Lookism’s various adaptations, as well as how to watch them.

Lookism – The Plot

The Lookism spoilers are safe with us, so don’t worry! But before you watch the show or read the webcomic, there are a few things you should know.

Lookism will take you to the world of Park Hyeong Seok, a high school student. Hyeong Seok struggles when he gets encircled by handsome boys and pretty girls. He lives in a world where society treats average-looking people poorly. As a result, all the outcasts get bullied by those gorgeous people around them.

Lookism Webtoon

Lookism Manhwa

Park Hyeong Seok is one of those not-so-good-looking outcasts who always gets bullied by the people around him, especially by the student in the school.

Traumatized, Hyeong Seok then asks his parents to change his school so that he can start anew at a different school, hoping to have new non-bully friends who will treat him well. But just before the beginning of his new school, Park Hyeong Seok switches into a handsome boy with a muscular body, whom any girl can fall for.

He starts living his dream life while understanding the problems that ugly people face in his society. However, even for him, things turn ugly when one day, he loses his power to switch to the handsome boy’s body.

Lookism (Webtoon) – How To Read

Lookism, originally written by Park – Tae – Joon, was first published as a Manhwa or Webtoon on the South Korean webtoon app Naver Webtoon in the year 2014.

When it was first published, every reader was so amazed by the plot that its popularity increased drastically, and many from South Korea started enjoying this wonderful Webtoon.

So, where exactly even people from non-Korean countries can read this astonishing Manwha?

Lookism - Naver Webtoon

Lookism – Naver Webtoon

If you are currently staying in South Korea and understand Korean very well, then Naver Webtoon will be good to go. Also, the one who cannot read and understand Korean can even read Lookism from the Naver Webtoon English Version app.

Naver made it easier for non-Koreans to access its services by providing the simplest English version of it. You can find the app the in any app store, and upon downloading, thousands of English-versioned webtoons will be available for you.

You can read those webtoons till the end, which are already published, and you have to wait for the ones that are still ongoing.

As Lookism was already published in the year 2014, you simply have to search its name on the search bar, and there you go! You will be able to start reading anytime, anywhere!

There are more than 400 episodes that have already been released, and each episode may take five to ten minutes to read.

Lookism (Chinese Television Series) – How to Watch?

Due to the worldwide fame of Lookism Manhwa, Chinese fans who wanted to see the characters on the big screen requested television entertainment companies to make an adaption of it. Considering those constant requests from admirers, Tencent, the entertainment production company, came up with the 38-episode TV series on Television channels all around China in the year 2019.

Lookism - Chinese Drama Adaption

Lookism – Chinese Drama Adaption

The series’ characters’ names were changed to Chinese names, such as changing the name of the protagonist, Park Hyeong Seok, to Wen Shuai.

Even Chinese adaption has not failed to entice fans and intrigue them scene by scene.

To watch Lookism, the Chinese adaption, you can simply download the WeTV app from the app store; after signing in, you can enjoy Lookism for free.

Lookism (Korean Animated Series) – How to Watch?

Just recently, Studio Mir, the prominent animation studio in South Korea, announced the animated series adaption of Lookism Manhwa. Lookism was first scheduled to release in the month of November, but due to a delay, Lookism is now released on the 8th of December.

As Lookism was originally set to release on everyone’s favorite OTT platform, i.e., Netflix, if you are having a subscription, you can watch the show.

Lookism - Korean Animated Series Adaption

Lookism – Korean Animated Series Adaption

Also, as Netflix is not free, you may have to pay $9.99 per month as a basic plan to watch the show on Netflix.

Apart from Netflix, the show is currently not available on any other OTT platform; however, considering the fame of Lookism, fans can expect Lookism to release on platforms other than Netflix.

Now that you know everything about how to watch all the adaptions of Lookism, including the original Manhwa, keep some time aside and enjoy your favorite show.

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