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The True Story Behind The “Dollhouse of the Damned” From The Haunted Museum

Zack in The Haunted Museum
Zack in "The Haunted Museum" (Credits: PEOPLE)

The second season of the horror franchise The Haunted Museum has been released. The first season was aired on October 31, 2022. The horror franchise has gained the interest of many horror movie and series lovers from around the world. But there are mixed opinions among many movie and series critics. The episode titled Dollhouse of the Damned has a very significant role in the success of the film because it is the first episode of this series.

This show, or rather series, stars Zak Bagans. Zak is one of the most famous and popular paranormal investigators. He is also a very famous television personality, actor, and museum operator. He also has been a significant part of another paranormal reality television show in America. Many people know him from his appearance in Ghost Adventures; this series was aired on Travel Channel.

Another filmmaker from the horror genre, Eli Roth, joined forces with Zack Bagans to create yet another supernatural and paranormal television series. You can stream all the episodes of The Haunted Museum on Discovery+. You can also buy the premium plan of Discovery+ in Amazon Prime Video, and you can start watching and streaming the show directly from the Amazon Prime Video app or website.

Now, let’s talk about the plot a little bit so that you can get an idea of whether to watch the horror show yourself or not. The next section will contain some spoilers, so if you do not want any of it, skip the next part, and you will be all good to go without spoiling a little bit of your viewing experience. For those who do not mind spoilers, feel free to keep reading.

A Little Bit of the Plot of Dollhouse of the Damned

Dollhouse of the Damned is the opening episode of The Haunted Museum. It was released on October 31, 2022. The episode was directed by Justin Harding. The interesting fact is that he is also the writer of the same episode. That alone can give you an idea of how good the episode will be. But nonetheless, the episode was very well presented, and it was required to be very well produced because it would set the tone for the show.

The episode features the family of Monty. Monty is a very generic common man who lives a miserable life. He has lost his wife, and he continuously mourns over her. But he does not forget his duties as a father of a juvenile daughter. Her name is Ava. He gifts his daughter a very pretty-looking dollhouse as a birthday present. In the meantime, Zak appears in the show and claims that the dollhouse possesses a demonic portal inside it.

The Dollhouse in Dollhouse of the Damned

The Dollhouse in “Dollhouse of the Damned” (Credits: Slash Films)

Monty also has a son named Oscar. He is the younger brother of Ava. Ava has been in the role of a mother figure to Oscar. As their mother, Kristin, died after she gave birth to him, Ava has to take the responsibility of being a mother figure to Oscar. And it was very clear that she was not very interested in her own birthday, as she was more focused on Oscar’s formula than her own birthday gift.

The story starts to get interesting when we are shown that Monty starts to make figurines that look very similar to his family members. The story was sane at this point. But after that, it starts to get very uncanny. Ava starts to notice some strange things about the figurines.

She notices that the figurines are continuously moving around the house, and they are even changing their expressions, which is not normal for figurines. Among them, one figurine stands out to be the creepiest of all. And that figurine resembles their dead mother, Kristin.

The True Story Behind The “Dollhouse of the Damned”

The Ghost in Dollhouse of the Damned

The Ghost in “Dollhouse of the Damned” (Credits: Slash Films)

The director Justin Harding and the paranormal investigator Zak Bagans did everything to create a creepy atmosphere, which is very vital for any project in the horror genre. But the ghostly atmosphere that has been created for the show is limited to fiction only. That’s right, and the episode does not have any relation with reality; it is completely based on fiction.

Zak has collected many paranormal things throughout his life, and he has built a very fictional story around them. And this is the reality behind the Dollhouse of the Damned.

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