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Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Spoilers: Season 1 Recap, Preview and Where To Watch?

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 is here. This Korean drama has managed to win the hearts of the public thanks to its intriguing plot, glorious visual effects, and the addition of the element of fantasy. Period dramas can turn boring after a point, but Alchemy Of Souls has managed to retain the interest of the audience for a long.

Season 1 ended in August and aired a total of 20 episodes. Fans have long been awaiting Alchemy Of Souls Season 2. The wait is over, as Alchemy of Souls: Light And Shadow started streaming on Netflix a few days ago. Season 1 left many loose ends, and fans are hopeful that all of those will be addressed in the new season.

We will discuss the plot of Season 1 in brief and then jump to Season 2 spoilers. Just like Season 1, the story takes us to the magical kingdom of Daeho in South Korea. The traditions, culture, and other aspects make us believe that the kingdom is from the Joseon era.

where to watch Alchemy of Souls

Alchemy Of Souls Season 1 Recap

Alchemy Of Souls is the creation of the Hong Sisters. If we talk about the first season, it was all about how Jang Wook rose to power as he beat everyone to become the most influential sorcerer of Daeho. He isn’t scared of anyone.

The second season takes a leap of three years and shows us how Jang has now become a soul-shifter hunter. There’s a lot of drama and suspense built up that will surely keep the viewers engaged till the very end. The first two episodes have already been aired.

Time to dig into a recap of what has already aired. Jang fails to look at Natsu’s face when she is born, so he doesn’t know about her at all. He asks her to go away. Bu-Yeon has got the ability to sense energy. A fisherman is busy fishing when he is taken into the lake and moves near Jiang’s home.

Bu-Yeon is stunned by it, but she is someone who isn’t scared at all. She makes up her mind to investigate the lake and moves inside. She ends up in a tub. The tub was the one that she would utilize to fill water. Bu-Yeon is finally able to locate the creature that had wreaked havoc all this time. The creature starts to drag her down.

Bu-Yeon struggles initially, and despite her best efforts, she starts drowning. But the charming Wook emerges and saves her. Bu-Yeon gets emotional as she is saved by Wook. Wook has never let Bu-Yeon get into any trouble. We love the beautiful moments they share as Wook takes care of Bu the whole night. He isn’t ready to leave her at any cost.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Preview

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Spoilers

Alchemy of Souls season 2 takes us three years ahead. Daeho seems to have undergone many changes. Jang, who was earlier an enthusiastic and charming young man is now a monster hunter. He is desperate to get the ice stone removed from his body and defeat each and every soul shifter.

Dang and Seo are also no longer the same. Dang has been appointed to lead Songrim. Seo comes back to Daeho as he no longer desires to hide anymore. But he is not ready to reveal his health issue. Bu-Yeon is upset. Gyeong’s daughter has been located after many efforts, but she cannot leave her room.

There are only two people- Ho Gyeong and Cheol who know the fact that she now has got Naksu’s spirit inside her. The intent is to keep her alive. Her wedding with Jang was to help her find some independence and all the memories she had lost.

Bu-Yeon is now confined in a small cell. She has no freedom as a tracking device beneath her skin is monitoring all her movements. But not everything has changed. Cheonbugwan’s leader is still Jin Mu, the prince still dislikes Jang, and maidservant Kim impresses anyone.

Some viewers might think that the makers introduced too many changes in Season 2 of Alchemy Of Souls. But the changes were essential. We are happy to see the focus shifting to Bu-Yeon. But we would have loved to see Jang more in the first two episodes.

Bu makes it clear that she has nothing to do. She has been trapped in that small cell, and she will interact with Jang if he can get her away from the cell. Now Dang has cleared it to all that he wasn’t the one who kidnapped Bu-Yeon.  Seo Yul testifies that Dang was with him, and hence he didn’t kidnap Bu. Now, this is a major problem as Park and Heo have come to know that the daughter of Jinyowon’s leader is not dead.

Alchemy of Souls Plot Recap

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Spoilers

There is no denying the fact that it is Jang will be the main force of the second season. Viewers have always been in love with Jang’s character. The young, immature boy has now become cold, heartless, and dark. At the same time, Bu-Yeon is being held in a small cell and away from everyone.

Jang now knows that Bu is not a soul shifter. He had his doubts earlier, but he has confirmed this now. He refuses to divulge any details about Naksu. How will he manage to help Bu-Yeon? We will see the answer to this question. The main focus will be on the changes that have occurred among the leads of the series.

Now the biggest question for us is whether Jang will get rid of the ice stone or not. But if this happens, he would lose his life in the desire to establish peace. Bu-Yeon has become very powerful. How will those powers be used? What will be Jang’s reaction when he faces the harsh truths? Daeho is looming with major threats. Will Jang manage to save Daeho?

Alchemy of Souls Summary

So all these questions will be answered in the next episodes of Alchemy of Souls. Lee Jae-Wook is getting lots of love for his excellent portrayal of Jang’s character. Ko Yoon-Jung, who plays Bu-Yeon, has managed to show the confusion of the priestess perfectly.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 3 & 4 Release Date

The third and fourth episodes will release on December 17  and  December 18, respectively, on   Tvn (9.10 pm KST). The episodes are released every Saturday and Sunday. The series will be released on Netflix after some time. Fans from other nations can watch the series according to the following time schedule-

  • Indian Standard Time: 5.40 pm  (December 17, 2022)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 11.10 pm  (December 17, 2022)
  • Philippines Standard Time:  8.10 pm   (December 17, 2022)
  • England Standard Time:  7.10 am (December 17, 2022)

Where to Watch Alchemy of Souls

If you wish to watch the new episodes of Alchemy of Souls, then tune in to Netflix at 9.10 pm in Korea. Fans across various countries will be able to watch the show as per the time schedule of their country. You need to purchase Netflix Subscription to watch the new episodes.

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