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Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun Chapter 97 Review, Plot, and Where to Read

Toilet-Bound Japanese manga author AidaIro has a series called Hanako-Kun. Since 2014, it has been published in Monthly GFantasy, a publication by Square Enix. As of August 2022, it had been gathered into eighteen tank-bon volumes. Yen Press holds the North American rights to the manga. In addition, from January through March 2020, Lerche’s version of an anime comedy series was broadcast.

The Seven Wonders of Kamome Academy and otherworldly events are the subject of widespread legends. The Seventh and most well-known Wonder, “Hanako-san of something like the Toilet,” is the ghost of a young woman who purportedly haunted the bathroom and can fulfill wishes in exchange for money, according to Nene Yashiro, the first student in high school who adores the occult and desires for a lover.

When Nene summons her, she learns that “Hanako-san” is a boy, not a woman who has been said to exist. In a twist of fate, she becomes Hanako’s helper after being spiritually bonded to him. She works with him to eliminate supernatural threats and dispel rumors to keep the spirit and human worlds in harmony.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun Chapter 97 Review

Most readers have undoubtedly already come across The Seven School Mysteries because they are such a mainstay of anime and manga. Common themes in horror and mystery stories with schools as the setting include the human-faced dog, the walking anatomy model, the haunting classroom, and Hanako-san, all those little girl phantoms in the lavatory.

We’ve all seen the concept of a famous person switching genders, albeit usually, that occurs to a warlord from the Sengoku Era or the main character in a romantic comedy.

Therefore, given these guidelines and any logical deduction, Aida Iro’s Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, and manga that uses the Seven School Mysteries and changes a well-known character’s gender, shouldn’t be all that remarkable. In the narrative, Nene Yashiro, a love-struck freshman in high school, is shown as falling for one unattainable boy after another.

She is fed up with her luck and ventures inside the mysterious third-floor girls’ restroom of the old school house in search of a supernatural fix.

However, she discovers a male approximately her age wearing an outdated school uniform, Hanako-Kun, rather than Hanako-chan, not the young girl with straggly hair and a red dress. Even while this series indulges in other, brighter genre conventions, its gloomy undertone is one of its most intriguing elements.

The shocks don’t end there, either: Hanako-Kun immediately starts attempting to resolve Nene’s issues without magic, which irritates her until the conclusion of chapter one.

At this point, she understands that he is genuinely trying to defend her. What makes this situation more intriguing is that Hanako-Kun has discovered something crucial about Nene’s wish: neither the boy she desires to help win, nor the first man she has a crush on were true loves of Nene.

Nene is in love only with the notion of falling in love, like many others her age. Therefore she might not have been ultimately satisfied if she had granted her wish. However, in contrast to most wish-giving supernatural creatures, Hanako-Kun appears to care enough about Nene not to want her to experience that. (Or perhaps he prefers it since he doesn’t would like to be granting requests in the first place.)

 Readers may wonder whether Hanako-Kun merely has a crush on Nene and loves spending time with her because a competitor character for Hanako-Kun—an aspiring exorcist—appears in the third chapter and isn’t happy with Nene and Hanako’s connection.

He admits to performing atonement for a crime and possesses a knife that he can pull out of his coat. He never contests the accusation of murder and acknowledges that the solution to another School Mystery is the ghost of a teacher who was allegedly slain during what seems to be the Meiji Period.

The manga’s visual aesthetic makes the combination of cheerful school romance/comedy and deeper horror themes more effective. The backgrounds are packed with details that could or could not show out to be significant, and the lines lean on the side of someone being thick and strong as if painted instead of drawn.

(The book’s final two chapters are a case in point.) Even though faces may be expressive, we can’t always determine what characters think, which works much better than you might imagine. However, there is a tendency for pages to be cluttered, the broader lines that make up the standard assist in organizing the content for better reading.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun Chapter 97 Plot

The mythology surrounding Kamome Academy’s Seven Wonders and unusual events are well known. For example, a girl known as “Hanako-san of the Toilet,” who is rumored to haunt bathrooms and can grant wishes for a fee, is summoned by Nene Yashiro, one first student in high school who adores the occult and yearns for a partner. She is the Seventh and most well-known Wonder.

However, Yashiro discovers that “Hanako-san” is not the woman the stories claim she is when he summons her.


Hanako is a boy. She joins Hanako through a spiritual relationship to help him maintain the harmony between the spiritual and material worlds by destroying evil supernatural beings and reshaping rumors. In addition to learning about Hanako’s sinister past, Yashiro also learns about her connection to the spirit realm. They may find Hanako-Kun manga through their official website and on websites like manga art but also manga impact.

What Happened in Chapter 97 of Hanako Kun?

When Kou and Nene become imprisoned in the cursed home, Aoi instructs Teru to save them. In contrast, Teru claims they can solve their problems independently and do not need help. Meanwhile, Nene shows up for the first time. Since there is water nearby, she is aware that she is outside the permitted range. She wouldn’t be allowed to do it either because of the severance.

A bunch of corpses then approach her and start to try to murder her. However, just when she is going to be defeated, a mysterious stranger makes an appearance and saves her. Whether a female arrived before Nene is a question that she poses, he declines formally and mentions that Tsukasa, a young man, was the most recent guest. Nene instantly realized that Tsukasa could transfer from here to the cursed mansion.

She asks to be accompanied to the last place the unidentified man saw Tsukasa. Nene manages to escape that bizarre dimension through a fish-shaped opening in the wall, surprising both Kou but also Tsukasa in the process. The second-eldest son of the powerful exorcist Minamoto Clan, who believes that all supernatural beings are intrinsically evil, Kou Minamoto is a third-year middle school student at Kamome Academy.

He wields the Raiteijou, a spear that the Minamoto family has used for generations to expel demonic beings by turning the wielder’s spiritual might into lightning.

Where Is This Manga Officially Available To Read?

It’s a wise decision to watch Toilet-Based Hanako-kun, and if you want to do so, you can locate the series on Amazon Kindle, which is the only official website other than, which is an unofficial one.

Hanako-Kun Manga Characters Who Are Toilet-Bound

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun is a terrific manga story with unforgettable characters, including Kou Minamoto, another Kamome Academy student, Nene Yashiro, a high school student, and Hanako-Kun, the spirit that haunts the school’s toilets. Hanako-Kun, the seventh mystery in Kamome Academy’s series of seven secrets, is the most well-known rumor in the school.

Hanako is said to be able to be called by knocking on the third stall on the third floor of something like the girls’ restroom inside the old school building. He is said to be able to grant desires to those who call him in exchange for a reasonable payment.

What Can We Look Forward To From Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun?

What characterizes Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun is fascinating. As its name suggests, this manga series is not your typical shonen fare. Therefore, this manga series is a call if you want to ingest something wholly different from what you have been reading in the manga.

Only 92 chapters make up the current length of the recently started series. This manga has a lot of scary teenage humor and horror stuff mixed throughout, and it has a nice twist that makes you want to read more. So, if you’re looking for something special in horror manga, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun is the comic for you.

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