The Callisto Protocol: Ending Explained, Plot And Plot-Credit Scene

Striking Distance Studios created and Krafton released the 2022 psychological horror action game The Callisto Protocol. Glen Schofield, a co-creator of the Dead Space series, was in charge of directing it.

The game’s narrative centers on Josh Duhamel, played by Jacob Lee, who has been incarcerated in a facility somewhat on Jovian moon Callisto and must battle inmates afflicted with an unidentified sickness while learning the facility’s sinister secrets.

Players explore several levels while collecting resources and fending against infected inmates throughout gameplay. In June 2019, Striking Distance Studios was established, which is when the game’s development started.

It was first created as a video game based in the world of PUBG: Battlegrounds, but it eventually became a unique piece of intellectual property. The survival-horror action game “The Callisto Protocol,” created by the co-creators of “Dead Space,” is unquestionably one of the most anticipated to be released towards the end of 2022.

When Jacob Lee, a freight carrier, gets imprisoned in Black Iron Prison on the cold, a primarily empty moon of Callisto, the player is sent there. Soon after being taken to his cell, Jacob discovers himself in a terrifying nightmare wherein an unexplained pandemic has turned those affected into vile monsters. Initially, it’s possible to mistake “The Callisto Protocol” for “Dead Space,” yet it leaves its distinct impact.

What’s the ending of The Callisto Protocol?

The escape pods in the jail are where Jacob and Dani run, but they are shocked to see that only one is left. Dani is brought in with a sample of an alien larva by Jacob, who gives her all the information she needs to reveal the UJC’s research and put an end to this. Dani hopes Jacob may find peace in his passing, but it’s not to be. Black Iron’s reactor has stabilized, and Jacob is still alive.

While still in Black Iron Prison, Jacob battles his way past hordes of diseased monsters. Until Dr. Mahler gets in touch with him again, all hope appears to be lost. She states that the self-destruct procedure has been momentarily halted and that they have a way out, but they must cooperate.

Ferris, who appears to still be alive under his pre-Alpha form, attacks Jacob, interrupting her hologram as she continues. In the climactic scene from The Callisto Protocol, Jacob scrambles to find a remedy while Dani steadily deteriorates due to the bio page.

The enigmatic Dr. Mahler, who has brought Dani to the hidden lab at the center of the jail for treatment, is his only remaining chance. When Jacob finally gets together with them all, Mahler explains how the only option to create a cure for Dani is to use a sample from Cole’s Alpha while connecting Jacob’s and Dani’s CORE.

Mahler then explains the whole text of the Callisto Protocol. A colonist successfully formed a symbiotic relationship with the bio page during the first outbreak in Arcas. In the Callisto Protocol, of the kind that Warden Cole and his shadowy cabal seek to use to clone Subject Zero to become Subject Alpha, this “Subject Zero”—who was murdered during the sterilization—served as the inspiration.

Furthermore, because of Jacob and Dani’s relationship, we ultimately learn the real reason for the events on Europa: there had been no terrorist strike. Before the experiment started at Black Iron, Jacob and Max had tested the bio page by sailing it to Europa on the UJC Charon. The carnage that followed and the passing of Dani’s sister, Lili, were both Jacob’s fault since he had uncovered the alien larvae but also ignored them. This was much worse.

After learning this information, Jacob is energized to help Dani and right his wrongs while also looking for a solution. To speak with Warden Cole, Black Iron’s logical leader, he enters the conference chamber at the top of the tower.

Cole engages in conversation with three masked entities projected into the conference room’s walls and addresses Jacob as “Vir Solitarius,” or Lonely Man. The Callisto Protocol, Cole explains to Jacob, isn’t about putting mankind to death but rather about ensuring that it can endure in the outer reaches of space.

In Cole’s opinion, the bio page is the next stage in evolution. Therefore he chooses to test this theory by having Jacob compete against his Alpha subject, Ferris (who else? ), in a game. Dr. Mahler appears as a hologram and approaches the man, telling him there is hope for escape. But she needs Jacob’s assistance.

Ferris and Jacob engage in combat, with Jacob coming out on top despite Ferris’ terrifying metamorphosis into a massive monster. Cole explains that the Alpha sample he has taken from Ferris, a successful fusion of humans and bio page, is the result of his hard work.

However, when Jacob administers it to her heedlessly, Dani instantly starts to recuperate from the effects the bio page has on her. Cole leaves Jacob and Dani to compose themselves as he teases a tantalizing hint of a future sequel.

The information obtained during the decisive confrontation between Ferris and Jacob will launch phase two of something like the Callisto Protocol. But, unfortunately, Cole’s image vanishes, and thus the reactor core begins to self-destruct after sarcastically bidding them farewell.

When Jacob and Dani reach the escape pods, just one remains. Despite her protestations, Jacob forces Dani into it and explains that doing so will help him face everything he did at Europa. The data transmission between Dani’s CORE and Jacob’s CORE is finished as Dani’s escape pod leaves Black Iron prison.

Additionally, she learns that she has one of the larvae that Jacob had been carrying, giving her all the tools necessary to reveal the truth about Black Iron and Europa. While the season pass’s sudden finale may have you worried, Striking Distance has assured you that other story content will be available in the summer of 2023.

But for now, we can only speculate. What’s most likely to happen? The Callisto Protocol Kallipolis, a mysterious organization, will not wait for Dani to reveal their secrets. Regarding Jacob, we anticipate that whatever Mahler has, something in store will help him on the road to atonement.

The Callisto Protocol: What is it?

As soon as Jacob catches up, the Warden reveals that perhaps the Callisto Protocol was an effort to replicate the original Alpha. However, Duncan gave the order for a second outbreak in the jail, comparable to Arcas’s.

He sought a person who would work with the alien virus, his so-called “Alpha.” In Captain Ferris, Duncan Cole seems to have discovered it. Jacob prevails in a battle with Warden’s new Alpha and takes the DNA he requires.

Jacob rejects the Warden’s efforts to persuade him to give it to him. When Dani arrives, she shoots Duncan numerous times, but sadly, all of the bullets pass right through Duncan. He is a hologram. Due to Jacob’s decision to provide the antidote, Dani is healed.

Furious at this betrayal, Duncan starts the prison’s self-destruct countdown and declares that he has enough information to perform the Callisto Protocol once again before vanishing from sight.

What exactly is going on at Black Iron Prison?

New disappointments result from a failed trip to Jacob’s ship with Dani. Dani is convinced that Jacob transported bioweapons onto the planet, but when she searches the cargo hold, she only discovers medical supplies. Don’t worry. We’ll bring this up again.

Soon after, the two explore the ancient colony of Callisto, which was constructed below the present-day Black Iron Prison. But, unfortunately, the UJC wiped out the whole colony while concealing what had happened. The Arcas miners had accidentally discovered a deadly alien species with hundreds of larvae.

How did Jacob get out of his prison?

Fortunately, Dr. Caitlyn Mahler, the prison doctor, frees Jacob from his confinement. She leads Jacob to her lab and claims that she can heal Dani’s illness and connect him with Duncan Cole, the Warden. But, instead, Mahler has escorted Danir to her private laboratory in the center of the jail. The same doctor first implanted the Black Iron chips into Jacob and Dan.

Ferris, Duncan’s “alpha” subject, whose DNA may be used to create an antidote, is the only means to save Dani, and her DNA must be extracted. Then, through their brain implants, she gives Jacob access to Dani’s memories, revealing the entire story behind what Jacob has been hiding all along.

In The Callisto Protocol, what happens? Explain plot

Contract workers Jacob Lee and Max deliver goods from Jupiter’s moon Europa to the adjacent moon Callisto. Unfortunately, Jacob’s spacecraft eventually crashes when snared by a faction known as the Outer Way. Max perishes in the collision, and as a result, Captain Ferris, with Black Iron Prison, captures Jacob and sends them both to the prison.

Another person who dies is Dani Nakamura from the Outer Way gang. A disease there compels Jacob to leave, and while doing so, he befriends Elias, a young prisoner. As our intrepid hero gathers new equipment and weaponry, Elias leads Jacob through the institution using his understanding gained from serving a lengthy sentence.

Following several roadblocks, Elias and Jacob can finally get together, get ready, leave the underground facility, and attempt to escape via Callisto’s surface. But during the following escape, an incident narrowly saves Jacob’s life; he subsequently finds Elias, whose suit has broken and who has passed away from Callisto’s unbearable circumstances.

Dani runs into Jacob simultaneously, but she tells him she’ll meet him at a nearby hangar since she doesn’t trust him and won’t go with him. Once there, they locate transportation to take them to a vessel that can remove them; nonetheless, while traveling, they find Jacob’s demolished spacecraft.

Black Iron’s Warden Cole emerges as they are ready to get away and destroy the spacecraft, separating Jacob and Dani. The two finally come face to face with Captain Ferris, who had been presumed dead following an attack by the beasts, after the latter has navigated the region and made his way through Midtown.

The Callisto Protocol: Post-Credits Scene

Would you want to know more about how The Callisto Protocol ends? The finale of this new survival horror game by Striking Distance Studios isn’t particularly obscure, but some critical story details could need explanation.

So if you’re not buying the game but want to know those delicious spoilers, you’ve come to the correct spot. The Callisto Protocol’s explosive conclusion will be broken down in this guide, along with its implications for the remaining show episodes.

Aside from that, we’ll also examine if the post-credits sequence is compelling enough to warrant staying. There are significant spoilers down below, as you might imagine. If you’re here, you’ve made the right choice, seeking alternative games to play while waiting to play The Callisto Protocol. See our tier lists for the popular gacha games Genshin Impact and AFK Arena. If you’re a lover of shooters, we also have a list of the finest weapons in Apex Legends.

The Callisto Protocol: Dani And Jacob

Through the narrative, the bond between Dani and Jacob strengthens. At first, they are hostile to one another and are the ones who lock each other up inside Black Iron Prison.

Then, however, Dani starts being more understanding of Jacob as she questions his involvement in the pandemic on Europa. Jacob also begins to feel sympathy for Dani as he learns that she and her guerilla organization, The Outer Way, have been blamed for the previous epidemic.

They eventually bond and become close friends. Jacob is so desperate to find a treatment for Dani that when she contracts the virus, he becomes determined as well. He creates one using a Dr. Mahler-provided syringe and DNA taken from Captain Ferris’s defeated body.

However, when Dr. Mahler establishes a connection between their memories, another significant event occurs between the two protagonists in this period. Jacob is now able to witness what happened on Europa. However, it goes beyond that.

The two hurry to leave the facility as soon as Dani is healed and the self-destruct process is initiated. Given that there is always one escape pod, Jacob places Dani inside, gives their daughter a sample of something like the virus to show what Cole seems to be doing, and then launches her into space.

The connection between Jacob and Dani is now fully synchronized. Therefore, she inherits his memories, which means she is aware of his involvement in the Europa breakout and everything he heard or saw during the trip, including The Commonality’s goals.

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