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Where Is ‘So Help Me Todd’ Being Filmed? Know Everything Here

So Help Me Todd

What are So Help Me, Todd, filming locations? Where was the show filmed? The CBS crime comedy-drama series “So Help Me Todd” is produced by Scott Prendergast. The story revolves around Margaret Wright, a fastidious attorney who recruits her smart but irritable son Todd to work as an internal investigator for his legal practice.

He is the family’s black sheep and a shrewd, perceptive, and gifted former detective whose license was suspended for being too lenient with the law while on the job. When Margaret and Todd collaborate on a case, Margaret is incredibly impressed by Todd’s skills and strategies for gathering crucial case material.

As a result, Todd’s mother devises a plan to persuade him to join her legal practice and lead a steady financial life in order to help him get back on his feet. The mother-son team solves crimes, and the comedy that is woven throughout each episode keeps viewers interested in the show.

So Help Me Todd

So Help Me, Todd

Additionally, one could ask where “So Help Me Todd” is shot, given the utilization of many locales throughout the series, including Margaret’s legal office. You might be curious about how these odd companions are solving crimes as the drama is set in a bustling city. Let’s talk about the So Help Me Todd filming locations.

So Help Me Todd Plot

The show centers on Todd, a private detective with keen intuition who lacks concentration and stands out among his family. Todd unwillingly accepts to serve as an internal investigator at his mother Margaret’s legal practice at her persuasion. Todd tends to break the law to get out of tight situations, which is completely at odds with Margaret’s rigid adherence to the law.

The Cast Of So Help Me, Todd

Before learning more about the So Help Me Todd filming locations, let’s take a closer look at the key characters of the show and their roles. 

Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright, a fastidious lawyer in a reputable legal practice, is portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden. She enjoys abiding by the law and the norms, and she never accepts anything less than the best. When her wayward son seems out of sorts, Margaret engages him in an attempt to improve his life.

Skylar Astin, as Todd is the only child of Margaret, the other part of the mother-son team. He is unfocused, relaxed, and thinks that the law should be bent—exactly the reverse of his mother. He mostly depends on his humor and street smarts, which, although not always legal, have frequently kept him out of trouble.

Allison, Todd’s sister, and Margaret’s daughter, is Madeline Wise and frequently bails Todd out of the problems listed above. And Susan, who is portrayed by Inga Schlingmann, was Todd’s ex-girlfriend before joining Margaret at her legal company. While “Girl Friday” for Margaret is played by Rosa Evangelina Arredondo, aka Francey.

At Margaret’s legal office, Lyle, a certified investigator, is played by Tristen J. Winger. The cast also includes Anthony Scardera, Mark Moses, Andrea Brooks, Clayton James, Manny Hernández, and Thomas Cadrot.

So Help Me Todd Filming Locations

Vancouver in British Columbia serves as the primary location for the whole filming of “So Help Me, Todd.” From March to April 2022, the pilot was supposedly recorded. Then, in late July of the same year, the first iteration’s main photography began.

British Columbia is a province in western Canada that is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. It is a good setting for shooting several projects, like “So Help Me, Todd,” due to its large and varied scenery. Let’s move right along and explore the exact places that are featured on the CBS episode!

Vancouver, British Columbia


Vancouver, a significant city in western Canada, is where the majority of crucial scenes for “So Help Me Todd” was mostly shot. In place of Margaret’s legal practice, Crest, Folding & Song, the TD Tower at 700 West Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver is purportedly used. Cast and crew from the comedy series were seen filming many significant sequences on Vancouver’s 3000 Block Main Street in August 2022.

Additionally, they established a camp within the Vancouver Art Gallery, located at 750 Hornby Street, for the purpose of filming a few episodes of season 1. Vancouver, the most populated city in the country as well as one of the livable cities in both Canada and the globe, is located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Along with serving as a site for “So Help Me Todd’ filming locations,  the city has also played host to the production of a number of other films and  “Look Both Ways,” “Quantum Leap,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid ” and Devil in Ohio,” are just a few examples of TV shows.

The filming location was a bit disappointing for the author, who adores Portland. According to Scott, his family has been in Portland for as long as he can remember. His relationship with Portland is very important to him.

He went on to add that he attempted to have the series shot in Portland but was unsuccessful. The allure of the Canadian dollar was overwhelming. However, we are aware that refusing government incentives might be difficult. But Scott worked hard to accurately portray Portland in his CBS show.

We think of Oregon Health & Science University when The Oregonian reports that Todd’s sister is a physician and works at a Portland hospital. “So Help Me Todd” in addition includes The Portland Sentinel, a newspaper, and the Portland Trail Blazers, a sports franchise.

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