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Tajwid Cinta Episode 33 Recap- What Happens Next In This Popular Indonesian Soap Opera?

The latest episode of Tajwid Cinta dropped on 16 December 2022. The viewers are in store for a lot of surprise and excitement. This popular Indonesian soap opera has been winning the hearts of viewers. It airs weekly on SCTV.

The show that started last month has managed to gain a loyal fan following. Dafri has to get engaged to Alina, and he comes back to  Indonesia for the same. But he is forced to marry Syfia as her husband runs away just before her marriage. Dafri doesn’t love Syfia, but he is married to her as Syfia’s parents have been very helpful towards Dafri’s family.

Tajwid Cinta cast

Tajwid Cinta Episode 32 Recap

In Tajwid Cinta  Episode 32, we see how Alina’s mother gets upset when she sees Dafri and Syfia together. He needs to spend time with Alina, but he is busy with Syfia. Alina is going to get married to him, but he is still trying to get closer to Syfia.

Nadia is quite furious and confronts Syfia. She tells her to swear on the Quran. She tells her to take an oath that she is not with Dafri, But Syfia is in doubt when asked to do so. Alina is not aware of the truth that Dafri is already married to Sophia.

Alina feels quite distressed. Alina feels that nobody is even considering her. She feels very isolated and says that even after the marriage, who knows if the relationship turns out to be terrible; she is ready to marry Dafri, but she’s scared that things might now turn out exactly the way everyone is assuming.

Tajwid Cinta latest episode

Dafri had promised to strengthen Syfia and handle all the problems together. But Nadia is keen to take on both of them and trouble Syfia. Will he manage to handle Nadia? Well, Episode 33 threw the spotlight on the same.

Tajwid Cinta Episode 33 Recap

So in this episode, Indri surprises everyone when she rejects Nadia’s request. Basically, Nadia asked Indri to allow Dafri and Alina to marry.

Nadia is basically hellbent on getting Alina married to Dafri. While Rizky’s condition is getting severe day by day, Nadia is all focused on getting the marriage done. Indra is quite upset due to Rizky’s poor health.

Uncle Rizky is still in a coma condition and was admitted to the hospital. Now Indri’s rejection is quite surprising for Nadia. Indri is someone who has always listened to Nadia, but her rebellion is unexpected for this cunning lady. Indri, Dafri, and Syifa all are together. Indri hugs Syifa tightly.

popular indonesian dramas

Nadia starts shouting at Oki when he makes fun of the marriage proposal. But Nadia is immediately scolded by Rahmat, who asks her if she is scared that Syfia will take Alina from Dafri. Indri tells Syfia that Nadia should not be making the decisions for both of you. She wants Syfia to decide things on her own. Nadia is continuously trying to incite Alina.

Now Nadia begins his mind games. She starts accusing Syfia and says that she has been attempting to put the wrong things in Indri’s mind. Indri is someone who has accepted the decision of Nadia. If she is rebelling this time, it must be because of Syfia’s planning and plotting. Nadia also makes it clear that Syfia is the one who is unhappy with Alina’s and Dafri’s marriage and is trying to create the hurdles.

Tajwid Cinta new episode

Nadia is trying to put all the blame on Syifa, but the truth cannot be changed. Dafri is also in confusion as he tries to tell Alina that he doesn’t love her anymore. He has already entered into a relationship with Syfia and now cannot commit to marrying Alina. Dafri is unable to muster the courage to tell the truth to Alina clearly.

What To Expect from Tajwid Cinta Episode 34?

Episode 33 threw the spotlight on the confusing relationships among the cast. It will be interesting to see how Alina manages to handle the outburst once she comes to know about the reality.

In the next episode, we will see how Nadia will play more mind games as she is quite upset and furious because Indri, who had always trusted her, is now finally rebelling against her. Alina will surely come to know the reality soon that Dafri is no longer in love with her.

Tajwid Cinta by SCTV has gained a lot of attention and love among the public. Tune in to SCTV  at 5:00 Pm to watch Tajwid Cinta.

Tajwid Cinta Episode 33 Release Date

Fans will get to watch the new episode of Tajwid Cinta next Friday, i.e., 23 December 2022.

Where To Watch Tajwid Cinta

Tajwid Cinta airs on SCTV at 5:00 PM. For fans from other countries, the time schedule is as follows.

  • Indian Standard Time- 2:30 PM
  • England Standard Time- 10:00 AM
  • Philippines Time –  6:00 PM

The episodes are also uploaded on Youtube and other streaming sites, so fans can also watch them there. Right now, Tajwid Cinta is not available on any major OTT platform

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