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Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

Revenge Of Others
Revenge Of Others

The K-drama that is making headlines nowadays, Revenge of Others, has finally come to an end. Fans who have been craving the happy ending discovered the shocking conclusion, but all fans seem more than satisfied with the ending.

Chanmi’s brother, Park Wonseok, commits suicide which totally breaks her heart, but instead of falling into trauma, she decides to know the truth and take Revenge. She then meets another protagonist of the series, Soohyeon, and things start taking twists and turns in her life.

The last two episodes of Revenge of others were full of thrills and shocks, and fans were, as always, eager to know everything that was hidden behind the truth for the last 11 episodes. So here are the answers to all of your questions and details on the ending of Revenge of Others.

Who is Wonseok’s Killer?

Soohyeon, who suspects Jaebum as a killer, follows him through the dark and discovers Wonseok’s phone with him; at this moment, Soohyeon becomes pretty sure that Jaebum is the real killer, but things change in a minute when Oh Sung hits Soohyeon with a rod, making him totally faint.

Oh-Sung makes several excuses for his sudden appearance in the middle of Sooheyon and Jaebum’s feud, but when he discovers his own phone in Jaebum’s possession, Oh Sung, who is angry at Jaebum, becomes a reason for discovering the truth about Wonseok’s death.

Oh Sung From Revenge of Others

Oh Sung From Revenge of Others – A Still from episode 11

Because of Oh Sung, it was made known that Jaebum lost all memory of what had happened to him before the accident. Oh, Sung, seize this chance to pit Jaebum against Wonseok. Oh- Sung blames Wonseok for Jaebum’s accident and provokes Jaebum to kill him.

Jaebum, who holds Wonseok responsible for his deadly accident, kills him, believing the convincing words of Oh Sung.

Chan- Mi Revenge Against Her Brother’s Killer

Since episode one of Revenge of others, Chan-Mi is shown seeking Revenge for her brother’s murders with answers to many questions. When she gets to know that Jaebum is the real culprit, she gets shocked and feels betrayed because he was the one who was helping her find the culprit.

While looking for answers, she discovers that Oh-Sung is involved in the killing alongside Jaebum, completely unaware that Oh Sung was responsible for the death of Chan-Mi’s brother.

Chan Mi from Revenge from others

Chan Mi confronts Jaebum for killing her brother.

Chan Mi then finds Jaebum, who sneaks from the place where Soohyeon was hit by Oh-Sung, and then he is shown on the boat, dropping Wonseok’s phone in the sea.

Chan Mi discovers Jaebum’s location and takes a gun, and goes to the place to confront Jaebum. However, Chan Mi discovers something else about Jaebum that leads him to kill her brother.

The Truth About Jaebum’s Split Personality Disorder

Jaebum has always shown forgetting about what has happened to him in the past and finds himself getting awake in unknown places. In this way, he also forgets details about his own accident and Wonseok’s murder.

It was later revealed that Jaebum had been suffering from a split personality disorder. Jebum, who is sweet and charming suddenly turns into a ruthless and merciless man, Jaejun, Jaebum’s late brother.

While accepting all the crimes that Jaebum has done, including killing Wonseok in front of Chan Mi, Jaebum hits Chan Mi badly and makes her faint. When she wakes up, she finds Jaebum in a very different condition and discovers that she is not talking with Jaebum but dealing with Jaebum’s version of Jaejun instead.

Jaebum From Revenge Of Others

Jaebum turns into Jaejun due to his split personality disorder

Jaebum, who couldn’t handle the trauma of his brother, is dead. Unfortunately, he finds himself in mental suffering and soon after gets caught in the terrifying split personality disorder.

Chan-Mi, who uncovers the truth of Jaebum’s mental condition, tries to convince Jejun that he is dead and that he should leave Jaebum. Hearing the convincing words of Chan-Mi, Jebum returns to his original self, feeling guilty, and later turns himself in.

Oh-Sung then fights with Soohyeon for putting a tracker in his bag with Jihyeon’s help; in the feud Soohyeon, to save himself accidentally pushes him off of the school building.

Later, Soohyeon is protected from the police by his schoolmates.

Chan-Mi and Soohyeon’s Happy Ending

Even though things did not go as planned, Chan-Mi and Soohyeon’s romance is everything fans have been craving for a long time. Good News, then! In the end, Chan-Mi and Soohyeon get together.

Soohyeon and Chan Mi from Revenge of Others

Soohyeon and Chan Mi holding hands at the end

Chan-Mi was depicted holding Soohyeon’s hand as the two exited the school after graduating at the end of the drama. The drama concludes with a lot of happiness and satisfaction because Chan Mi works hard to find her brother’s murderer and then finds the love of her life.

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