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Sonic Prime Season 1 Epiosode 8; Release Date, Watch Guide And Season 2 Updates

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix
Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Sonic the Hedgehog is a very famous animated character that needs no introduction. Sonic Prime is a series that is based on this famous character. The first episode of this series was released on 15th December 2022. The show premieres on Netflix.

Sonic the Hedgehog was created by Sega. It is a Japanese video game series that gained immense popularity in the 90s. The main premise of the story is that Sonic is a hedgehog fighting an evil, mad scientist called Doctor Eggman. 

The video game was first released in 1991. It was released as a competition for Nintendo’s mascot Mario. Sonic became so popular that it helped Sega to become one of the leading Video game companies during the 1990s. This game became a part of the culture in the ’90s inviting many spin-offs and related items.

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Sonic Prime premiered in 2022 and is one of the many spin-offs of this video game. It is co-produced by Sega of America, WildBrain Studios, Netflix Animation, and Man of Action Entertainment.

When Will Sonic Prime Episode 8 be Released?

Sonic Prime season one has a total of 8 episodes. These eight episodes were released on the same day that is 15th December 2022, and are available for streaming. The Episode heading in details are

  • Episode 1 – Shattered
  • Episode 2 – The Yoke’s On You
  • Episode 3 – Escape from New Yoke
  • Episode 4 – Unwelcome to the Jungle
  • Episode 5 – Barking Up The Wrong Tree
  • Episode 6 – Situation: Grim
  • Episode 7- It Takes One to No Place
  • Episode 8- There is No ARRGH in “Team”

Sonic Prime Episode 7 recap

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

The Penultimate Episode of the series is titled “It Takes One to No Place.” In this episode, we see a flashback of Shadow chasing sonic. Doing this, he gets caught in a void between the shutter space. Meanwhile, at present Sonic lands in deep seas, which is part of Shutterspace. 

In the deep seas, he meets Batten, Black Rose, Sails, and Catfish. He becomes a part of this crew and fights Dread’s former crew. His speed is an advantage to the crew, and he helps them defeat Dread. After the defeat, Dread makes Sonic the captain. Sonic insists that the Paradox be shared. As they voyage, an unexpected attack hits them; It is Rusty Rose and the main villain, Eggforce, attacking the ship.

What To Expect For Episode 8 of Sonic Prime?

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Episode 8 is the final episode, and it will wrap up this season. The battle for Prism will continue. The Devil’s lighthouse is another shard of the paradox prism. And both Sonic’s crew and Eggforce’s crew will be fighting to possess its power. It is a battle to get the Paradox Prism and go back to the original universe. Will Sonic be able to make it? This is a question that we need an answer to, and for that, you need to watch the Episode and find out.

Will There Be a Season 2 for Sonic Prime?

Episode 8 ends with major information about the original world. A second season is a must to wrap up the plot and get answers to all the unanswered questions. Season 1 is praised for voice acting, but there are slight criticisms for its writing. Apart from that, it is well received by the audience. Since the ending leaves us on a cliffhanger, it is important to have a second season to tie things up.

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

Sonic Prime Credit: Netflix

To answer the question, will there be a season 2? Yes, there will be a season 2 for this show. The show producers announced that the Netflix deal was to deliver 24 episodes, out of which only 8 were released, so there will be 16 more episodes before the deal is completed. The next season will be released in 2023. The writers are still working on the script, so an exact date is not announced but stay tuned for any further updates.

Where to Watch Sonic Prime?

Sonic Prime first aired on Gamefam’s Roblox game on December 10. Then it was released on Netflix on 15th December. All eight episodes are available for streaming on Netflix. Since Netflix is a subtraction-based platform, make sure you have a subscription to the streaming service so you can easily access the show.

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