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How Does The Canadian Prison Movie Dog Pound Ends? Know Here

Dog Pound 2010
Dog Pound 2010

The fan-loved film of 2010, Dog Pound, depicts the ruthless prison world. When three teenagers get imprisoned in the juvenile detention center, their lives start taking deadly twists and turns, and they soon start living in misery.

Dog Pound will take you to the world of prison system in the world and what situations the prisoners and the authorities have to deal with. The intriguing plot of the movie will keep you hooked till the end, and the conclusion will surely leave you in big tears.

So let us know what the legendary jail movie Dog Pound is all about and how it ends.

The Story Of Three Teenage Friends

Dog Pound, the whole movie depicts the story of the lives of three teenagers, Butch, Angel, and Davis, who have committed minor to major crimes and are now in detention to go through the punishment period.

Butch is known as the leader of a group of three friends who are transferred from another jail to Enola Vale Juvenile Detention Centre, 17 years old. Then he becomes close friends with Angel, and a thirteen-year-old boy detained for the first time in the case of car robbery, and Davis, 15, a Drug dealer.

Main Cast of Dog Pound 2010

Angel, Davis, and Butch from Dog Pound

As they get detained in the juvenile center at the same time, the three of them start living in the same room and soon become best friends.

Among the three, Butch is the one who easily loses his temper. Even before his transfer, he is shown attacking the eye of the jail guard, making him completely blind. Butch’s anger becomes the reason why he always gets trapped in difficult situations.

However, he constantly tries to take control of his anger, and with the help of his two best friends, he starts living an annoyance-free life until things start getting ugly in jail.

Feud Between Butch’s Group And Banks’s Group

When the most violent inmates, Banks, Looney, and Eckersley, learn that Butch, Angel, and Davis have just joined the prison, they decide to bully them so that they will comply with everything that Banks makes them do.

When Banks and his two flatterers start harassing three recently admitted prisoners and brutally beat Butch one night, Butch remains silent in front of the jail guards.

Banks from Dog Pound

Banks Bullying Davis

Even Butch beats up their bullies to exact revenge, and he does so with the help of his friends Davis and Banks. However, even bullies remain silent in front of the jail guards, and Banks is taken to the hospital as a result of the brutal beating. Officer Goodyear confronts Butch despite knowing he is to blame for Banks’ predicament and is already aware of his guilt. However, Butch maintains his demeanor and says nothing.

Dog Pound – The Tragic End

After the deadly fight between Bank’s team and Butch’s team, everything gets back to normal. Butch gets caught in several problems but manages to solve them. Butch then decides to control his anger and leave the jail as soon as possible because he gets to know that if he behaves well in the jail, he will soon be out of detention in only 10 months rather than four years.

One day, Davis, Butch, and angel get allotted the duty of painting the second floor of the Juvenile center, which is different from the tasks they usually accomplish. While enjoying their task, Angel makes a picture of a nude woman on the wall with paint.

Angel from Dog Pound 2010

Shocking Death of Angel in Dog Pound

Officer Goodyear, who is already frustrated with all that is happening in jail, gets annoyed over the boy’s talks and discovers the nude cartoon woman. He then grabs Angel’s neck, and in a struggle to save himself, Angel bites the officer. Feud starts to increase, and then the officer pushes Angel, who dies in seconds. Butch, who witnessed everything, gets into solitary confinement.

While Angel’s dead and Butch is in confinement, Davis starts to live alone and again gets bullied by Banks’s friends. One day Davis gets brutally raped by Looney and Eckersley as a result of Bank’s revenge.

Traumatized, Davis, who does not even tell what happened to Butch, commits suicide. Before committing suicide, he also asks jail guards to connect himself with his mom, but the guard denies his request.

Dog Pound The End

Dog Pound The End – A still from the movie

All inmates who get furious about happening two deaths in two days go on a hunger strike. Guilty Butch, who was unable to save two of his close friends, again loses his temper and throws the chair into the glass wall. As a result, every other inmate starts throwing tables and chairs in a mess, and the prison riot begins.

Guards and officers, to take the situation under control, bring tear gas and start firing everyone with rubber bullets. Inmates start running aimlessly to save their lives and take the opportunity of the situation, and Butch sneaks to the terrace of the prison. He, then again, gets caught by the guards and put to jail with a bigger sentence.

The movie concludes with a message that one should always control the temper and handle the situation calmly. Additionally, viewers got to see the horrific life that inmates are living behind bars and why everyone should fight, even for prisoner’s rights.

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