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A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Ending Explained: All You Need To Know

Since gamers became exposed to a plague environment of 1300s France, “A Plague Tale: Innocence” is now a surprising success, and the successor, “A Plague Tale: Requiem,” got confirmed two years later following the game’s debut in 2021.

A Plague Tale: Requiem attempted to expand on the original game by becoming a more special edition of the horror dread stealthy gameplay with plenty of action, higher resolution graphics, and extensive and highly substantial environments.

It continued the narrative of both the “de Rune” children, Amicia and Hugo. Following the disclosures in A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia, Beatrice, and Lucas take Hugo to the South of France to discover a treatment for his harmful blood ailment.

This is done upon abandoning their native homeland of Guyenne in A Plague Tale: Innocence. While Amicia urgently attempts to save her brother, circumstances are not going well for the gang, and A Plague Tale: Requiem does have its fill of unexpected developments. According to the creator, the franchise’s culmination for the moment is A Plague Tale: Requiem, making the game’s climax all the more fascinating.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

It is an exaggeration to say that A Plague Tale Requiem is rich in material. Some arcs continue from A Plague Tale Innocence, other narratives that are crucial to the overall storyline, and legend breaks that, if you miss anything, can render you clueless. Because of this, we’ll provide a thorough summary of the plot and ending of A Plague Tale Requiem, written in a manner that must make it simpler to grasp.

‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’: Plot

Following the initial tale’s incidents, Amicia, with her brother Hugo is returned directly to plagued 14th-century France, where the second narrative occurs. The two attempt to lead regular lives by traveling to the very south, but Hugo’s plague prohibits them from accomplishing this.

Amicia and Hugo, together with their buddy Lucas and mother Beatrice, were resolved to attempt to bring a stop to Macula for good at last. Can they locate it in Marseille, though? Or will they seek sanctuary upon that odd island known as La Cuna?

a plague tale requiem ending explained

The relationship between Hugo and Amicia is the fundamental aspect of the video game that connects it all. The entire game demonstrates the inner tension Amicia is experiencing. The title has overarching concepts of death, retribution, and justice.

Amicia is experiencing much over the entire drama as she must choose between urgently trying to halt the harm and turmoil her brother is inflicting and aiding and embracing her brother. Let’s look at it in depth because it’s the ideal illustration of how to make a complicated, psychologically conflicted character in a game.

‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’: Ending Explained

Hugo and Amicia’s relationship is the binding force that keeps the entire tale intact, so chaos ensues when they eventually become apart toward the plot’s conclusion. But before getting there, Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia make shocking discoveries as they arrive on the island of La Cuna. The expedition, commanded by Count Victor and Countess Emilie, discovers that perhaps the locals revere a god known as the Child of Embers.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

Hugo is persuaded to use his rat abilities to poison the Count when Arnaud sees a chance to do so because they still have unresolved issues. Amicia thwarts his schemes, and Arnaud is taken into custody.

The couple is invited to stay in the castle by the Count and Countess, who discover that the duo had revered a Macula bearer who people refer to as the Child of Embers. Their tale is an example that uncannily parallels Hugo’s present situation.

Additional proof indicates that the primary bearer was a boy named Basilius, revealed through exploring and engaging with various things within the castle. The first bearer of Prima Macula, dating from approximately the year 541 AD, he was accompanied by his defender, Aelia.

Hugo and Amicia discover that Aelia was confined upon defying the Order in a church where several ritual sacrifices are being performed outdoors. The Order confined Basilius in a basement jail far under the catacombs to confine the Macula. However, considering how depressed and terrified he was, Basilius caved into the Macula and brought about the Justinian plague.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

Following the escape from cruel Slavers, Count Victor confronts Amicia within the castle and kicks her down a staircase, lacerating her shoulder. He is determined to remove Hugo. He is carrying out the instructions of Countess Emilie since she believes he is the Child of Embers.

Victor admits that he made up the whole tale to preserve Emilie’s mind. She was mistreated by her family and transferred her suffering onto the residents of La Cuna. She adhered to the legend of the Child of Embers.

Amicia is ultimately apprehended and ridiculed by Victor, who then challenges her to a duel. Amicia receives many cuts for her attempts and is hit on the head. On display, Emilie sacrifices Beatrice by killing her.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

Hugo goes berserk when he discovers what has transpired after waking up and moving to the amphitheater site. He conjures rats, who eat Emilie and many of Victor’s warriors. As Macula gradually consumes Hugo, he uses all of his might and the strength of the rats to destroy the troops.

The Count, though, can escape. The group, which includes Lucas, falls into the dirt and must climb their route back home. While there, Amicia makes a diversion and sobs uncontrollably in a secret chamber. They finally meet up with Sophia again and are successful in fleeing.

However, the Count pursues Sophia’s vessel; consequently, the company is captured and drowned. Hugo is knocked out by Victor, who then drags him to Marseille, although aware that his abilities are useless underwater because he can’t conjure rats.

Anyone can speculate why he didn’t simply decide to construct Hugo an underwater jail and imprison him at sea. Hugo sees Amicia receive an arrow in the abdomen while trying to strike back with Arnaud just before he is whacked out. She faints, but he thinks she’s already passed away.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

Despite having gone haywire, Lucas and Sophia both make it through the confrontation on the ship. Arnaud is involved in a brawl that finally moves from the deck towards the sandy wreckage coast west of Marseille.

Hugo has been transported to the city by Victor, who is likewise on a vendetta and desperate to accomplish tasks. He ultimately defeats Arnaud and kills him instantly. Arnaud removes Victor’s headgear, though, and urges Amicia to fire as he moves on. She does it, murdering him by striking him in the forehead with her sling.

‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’: Amicia’s Ending

Many gamers will most likely see this conclusion. Hugo explains to Amicia that she has to murder him to end the Macula and the expanding rat plague that is destroying their residence. Amicia is made to watch as Hugo’s body fills with Maculas and dies due to his illness.

Hugo may be killed with Amicia’s sling, which will cause Amicia to finish the game. After you murder Hugo, a cinematic with Sophia and Amicia wandering across the forest will start the year afterward.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

Throughout their chats, Sophia mentions that she is now selling quite legally and inquires if Lucas would accompany Amicia on her voyage. Amicia swiftly emphasizes that Lucas appears to be secure and healthy while he is away training to become a chemist.

This conclusion suggests that Amicia is likely prepared to encounter circumstances comparable to those from earlier games. Amicia and the Macula might not be the last we have seen of them.

‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’: Lucas’ Ending

Avoiding Hugo’s slingshot in A Plague Tale: Requiem will get you to Lucas’ ending. If you stay long enough, Lucas will take out his arrow and murder Hugo for her, which causes Amicia to have a below than favorable response. The last sequence will start similarly and proceed in a precisely identical fashion.

a plague tale requiem ending explained

The sole exception will be Sophia’s inquiry concerning Lucas. Sophia responds to Amicia’s hurried statement that Lucas won’t be coming and that she can still see him acting this way by saying that she can see him doing it.

Hugo and Lucas appear to split ways into poor aspects and don’t cross paths for some time if you allow Lucas to kill Hugo. A Plague Tale: Requiem’s secret ending may be found if you wait patiently until the credits roll. Study both rounds of endings patiently. After doing this, the closing cutscene’s hidden location will be disclosed.

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